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Wicker furniture options, model overview

Wicker furniture options, model overview

For the design of various garden plots, special furniture designed for outdoor use is used. Wicker furniture is considered to be an excellent choice, which has numerous advantages, and is also presented in different forms. In the process of its manufacture, different materials can be used, depending on which it has certain parameters.

Advantages and disadvantages

Wicker garden furniture has many advantages, although it is not without certain drawbacks. Positive characteristics include:

  • small mass, allowing without significant effort at any time to transfer objects from one place to another;
  • the convenience and comfort of using the wicker design provides, since it is not required to provide it with specific care to extend its service life;
  • even wicker furniture for dolls is allowed, so children will be delighted with such acquisitions;
  • weaving such structures is quite simple, so this process can be performed on its own, which will allow you to get structures that fully meet the needs of future owners;
  • they possess such a beautiful appearance, and also fit into different styles, therefore they often act as decoration of sites;
  • Wicker furniture in the interior looks interesting, so it is often installed not only on the street, but even in residential premises.

The disadvantages of such structures include their low resistance to moisture. Therefore, if country furniture is purchased or made independently, then it must be installed under awnings or constantly brought into residential premises. It is not allowed to place wicker furniture in a bathhouse or sauna, as it will not last too long, and will also quickly lose its positive parameters. In winter, indoor structures are certainly stored.

Also, the material should not be allowed to dry out, so it should not be located all day under sunlight.

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Wicker garden furniture is presented in many forms. Designs differ in the material of production, dimensions, arrangement and other factors. In accordance with the materials used in the process, the following types are distinguished:

  • completely wicker, and in this case special attention is paid to weaving furniture from willow, it is carried out exclusively with the use of various plant materials, without the use of any additional inserts from other materials;
  • combined, during the creation of which a frame is created from plastic, wood or other material, further braided by plant elements.
Fully wicker furniture
Completely wicker
Partially Wicker Furniture
Partially wicker

It is allowed to purchase both single products and a set of wicker furniture, and in the latter case, it is possible to obtain various items that have a similar appearance and are perfectly combined with each other.Wicker furniture can be represented by all kinds of chairs, stools, chaise lounges, sofas, whatnots, tables, couches or other designs that are highly comfortable and attractive.

Making such products, different materials are used, but the most popular are designs:

  • from willow - weaving furniture from high-quality willow is a complex process, but as a result it is possible to get really interesting and unusual designs. In the process, willow sticks are used to create a frame, as well as stems;
  • artificial rattan - as a result of the manufacture of a wicker design, plastic furniture is obtained that has all the positive parameters of plastic products, and at the same time differs in an unusual and pleasant appearance. A variety of wicker plastic furniture can be created with one's own hands even without relevant experience;
  • natural rattan - this material is most in demand. From it is created not only ordinary furniture, but even dolls;
  • products from newspaper tubes - are used exclusively for decorative elements that fit well into different styles of interior.
Furniture from newspaper tubes
From newspaper tubes
Furniture from willow
From willow
Artificial rattan furniture
Faux rattan
Natural rattan wicker furniture
Natural rattan

The most popular are structures made of willow or rattan, since this raw material is easy to use, and also furniture with a unique appearance and high parameters is obtained.

What is combined with

Photo wicker furniture can be viewed below. These designs are polynomial, so it is possible to fit them into different styles of interior or exterior. Country furniture is considered the most popular, since in nature it is most important to use objects made of natural materials.

Before purchasing wicker furniture, Italy or other countries, you should study the recommendations of professional designers:

  • it is not recommended to use wickerwork for classic interiors or retro-style rooms, but refined designs from newspaper tubes are well suited for them;
  • a set of wicker furniture fits perfectly into different southern styles, for example, marine or colonial;
  • such products are well combined with other similar designs made of natural materials;
  • if they are purchased for the living room, then this room should be intended solely for relaxation, but storage should be arranged in another room.

Such furniture is combined with various other interior items made of various materials. A set of items looks great, as all the elements combine well with each other.

Wicker furniture for the street is most often chosen, as it provides the comfort of being in the territory, and also goes well with other elements on the site.

Living room interior

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Ideas for decorating balconies

Accommodation options

You can install wicker home decoration in various ways, and for this, it is taken into account where exactly they will be:

  • on the street, structures are mounted next to the recreation area;
  • for the living room, a wicker sofa and several armchairs are installed, installed next to each other, and between them there is a table;
  • wicker chairs used for eating are mounted for the dining room;
  • a lot of such furniture can be used for the bedroom, which will ensure the creation of a comfortable and cozy environment, and for this a rocking chair is mounted, next to which a bedside table or a table made of willow or other similar materials is installed.

Thus, the competent arrangement of various furniture depends on what kind of room and operating conditions it is selected.You should take into account not only the rules of designers, but also your own preferences in order to use any room or territory was really nice. The pictures below contain the main points of the competent arrangement of wicker furniture, which allows you to create a truly unique interior.

How to add grace to the interior

Furniture set

Wicker furniture sets

Artificial Rattan Designs

Armchairs Papasan

Care Rules

Wicker structures need some care, ensuring their long service life. It is not considered too complicated, so simple and affordable actions are implemented:

  • in winter, structures are certainly stored indoors;
  • dust is removed with a vacuum cleaner or a damp cloth;
  • it is not allowed to leave structures in direct sunlight or in the rain, since exposure to ultraviolet radiation or moisture leads to their destruction;
  • it is advisable to keep the constructions at optimal humidity, and if, nevertheless, because of the different actions of the product, they get wet, then they will certainly be properly dried;
  • to significantly extend the life of such items, it is recommended to periodically cover them with special protective agents, for example, varnishes or paints;
  • Do not use gasoline or other aggressive substances to clean structures from different stains, since the surfaces will quickly peel off, so the whole structure will become unattractive;
  • it is not allowed to install different hot objects on the surface of wicker furniture, and it must also be removed from open flame;
  • paper products are cleaned of dust only in a dry way.

Thus, wicker furniture for a summer residence is considered quite interesting and attractive. They are represented by numerous species and have many advantages. Suitable for different styles, and also have an acceptable cost. Created from environmentally friendly materials. If desired, such furniture is done with your own hands, and at the same time it can become a highlight of any room or open area.

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Wicker furniture in the interior of a house or apartment

Wicker furniture in the interior

Wicker furniture in the interior design

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