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DIY manufacturing of furniture from pallets, photo examples

DIY manufacturing of furniture from pallets, photo examples

Pallets are special wooden structures designed to transport various goods. They are distinguished by environmental cleanliness, reliability and durability, therefore they are often used to create numerous interior items. And making furniture from pallets with your own hands step by step, the photo is considered a simple task. With the help of these elements, it is possible to realize original and unique ideas, therefore, designs will be obtained that fit perfectly into different styles of the interior, as well as having a beautiful appearance.

Selection and preparation of pallets

Making furniture from wooden pallets requires prior preparation of the pallets themselves. They usually weigh up to 20 kg, but the dimensions can be standard or European.

You can buy inexpensive products at construction sites. Furniture made of wooden pallets is quite practical.


In the process of selecting pallets, factors are considered:

  • Before buying, all elements are carefully inspected, since it is important to make sure that on their surfaces there are no cracks, fasteners or other elements that impair the process of their use to create furniture;
  • in terms of length and other parameters, pallets should be suitable for those conditions in which the structures made will be used;
  • if pallets that were previously used for any purpose are purchased, they must be thoroughly washed and cleaned of dirt, and wet cleaning should not do any harm to them;
  • in order to get high-quality products from pallets, they should be sanded well, which will completely remove various roughnesses, irregularities and burrs from them, and for this sandpaper or a grinding machine are used;
  • if you plan to install furniture from a euro pallet on the street or on the balcony, then it is certainly treated with a special moisture-resistant primer so that it has excellent resistance to moisture.

Grinding and washing products is recommended to be carried out on the street, and if there is no such possibility, then after chemical treatment in the room it is necessary to ensure its high-quality ventilation.

Euro Pallet Dimensions

What furniture can be made

Do-it-yourself furniture from pallets, created step by step, can be represented in many ways. It can be used outdoors or in living quarters. The most popular are the designs:

  • sofas or armchairs, as well as other products intended for a comfortable stay, and they can be hard or equipped with a soft place;
  • tables, both dining and coffee, with different shapes, heights and other parameters;
  • shelves or racks, as well as full-fledged cabinets designed to store a variety of small items;
  • decorative elements that do not have any functionality, therefore usually usually act solely as a decoration of the territory or premises.

Thus, a variety of objects can be made from wooden pallets. They have many differences, however, in any case, they are easy to create, therefore, all actions are easily performed with your own hands.

Comfortable table

Furniture on wheels

Furniture for a summer residence

Pallet bed

Furniture Ideas

Tools and materials

Do-it-yourself furniture from pallets is shown in a number of ways in the photo. If you plan to do it yourself, then a lot of attention is paid to the preparation of tools and materials. By all means during the work you will need:

  • a saw or a grinder, and these tools are necessary in order to evenly and efficiently cut wooden boards having a sufficiently substantial thickness;
  • hacksaw, hammer and jigsaw;
  • either sandpaper or a grinding machine is used to grind wooden elements;
  • standard tools - a screwdriver or screwdriver designed for use with different fasteners;
  • fasteners themselves, which include corners or nails, screws or screws;
  • special means for processing wooden products, including a primer, varnish or paint, as well as brushes, rollers and other tools for coating pallets with various protective compounds;
  • materials for creating upholstery and stuffing, if you plan to make upholstered furniture.

If different drawers or headsets are made, then for their effective and comfortable use, convenient and attractive accessories are certainly bought.

Furniture tool

Manufacturing steps

How to make furniture from pallets with your own hands? This procedure completely depends on what kind of design is being created. Before starting the formation of any object, it is necessary to make drawings, according to which the process will be carried out. Schemes can be made independently, if you have the appropriate skills, and you can also use special computer programs or even contact the appropriate organization.


Most often, a comfortable and roomy sofa is made from pallets. It can have different shapes and sizes. Before the immediate process of its creation, you should decide on its dimensions, configuration, the presence of additional elements and other basic issues. It is advisable to make it soft, so the material for stuffing and upholstery is selected.

After solving many preliminary questions, the direct assembly process begins:

  • high-quality pallets are purchased in the optimal quantity, and no cracks or molds are allowed on them;
  • pallets are cut in accordance with the scheme, and a hacksaw is usually used for this, and after this work the back, seat and legs should be obtained;
  • all made parts are certainly well polished, which allows you to get a frame without different protruding elements and burrs, and for this it is best to use a high-quality grinding machine;
  • after the completion of high-quality grinding, all parts are covered with a suitable varnish or special paints intended for wood, and in addition to them it is allowed to use other compounds that protect the material from rotting, exposure to insects and other factors;
  • products are thoroughly dried;
  • direct assembly begins, for which the individual elements are fixed to each other on the basis of a pre-made scheme, for which self-tapping screws are used;
  • the resulting design is decorated, for which a mattress or pillows are laid, and the sofa can also be lined with various other fabrics.

It should be especially careful when working with a grinding machine and various paints and varnishes, since the processes should be carried out only in protective clothing, as well as in the presence of goggles and a respirator.

Thus, making a sofa using pallets is quite simple. This process is done by yourself without the use of specific tools.If a structure is used that is used in the open, then by all means all elements are treated with special moisture-repellent agents that increase their service life and protect against water.

Sofa of pallets

Stages of making a sofa


The master class on creating a chair is considered even more simple. The resulting design will look good on any site, and also with a competent approach to the creation will be of high quality and convenient. The whole process is divided into stages:

  • a wooden pallet is sawn, with 4 crossbars left in one side and 5 in the other;
  • the long part will act as a seat, and the short part is used to create the back;
  • the back is fixed in an upright position between the crossbars of the seat, located at its edges;
  • for ease of sitting, it is recommended to tilt it slightly;
  • another pallet is dismantled, from which it is necessary to make legs and armrests, ensuring comfort and safety of use of the chair;
  • it is important to securely fix these additional elements so that they withstand different high loads;
  • the resulting design is covered with different pillows, upholstered with printed materials and trimmed with upholstery, as well as decorated in other different ways, allowing you to get a really beautiful product.

Thus, making furniture from pallets is quite easy. It can have different parameters, so you can get a design that fits perfectly into one or another style of interior.

If you pay enough attention to the competent decoration of such a chair, then it will look great even in an apartment, and at the same time you will not have to spend a lot of money on its creation.

Necessary tools
Pallets are sawn
We saw pallets
Material must be prepared
Material preparation
Pallets must be sanded
Finished item
Parts fixing
Assembly parts
Fixture of elements
Backrest mount
The back is attached to the seat
Ready product


There are various manufacturing of furniture from the pallet. Popular products formed using pallets are various benches designed for use by several people at once. They can have different sizes and shapes, so it is possible to get a design that looks good in a certain area.

Every person who made benches from pallets knows that this process does not require specific skills, so it’s enough to perform only certain simple steps in the correct sequence:

  • pallets are cut into two parts to make a bench not too wide, and the correct ratio of parts is determined by future users independently;
  • the wide part will act as a seat, and the narrower one will be used to create the back;
  • these two parts are connected at the right angle, for which corners and screws are used, for which suitable holes are made in the workpieces in the necessary sections;
  • the screws are tightened firmly and securely, which will ensure the long service life of the entire bench;
  • if a long construction is required, then another such large workpiece is made;
  • preparation of the legs begins, for which elements of the desired size and design are cut out from the bars;
  • it is advisable not to make the legs excessively high, but they must be wide, which will positively affect the reliability of using the bench;
  • legs are fixed to the bottom of the seat, for which the use of metal corners is considered optimal;
  • two large workpieces are connected on the sides;
  • after the assembly of the main structure, it can be supplemented with various functional or decorative elements, which include a soft seat, armrests, ottomans or other parts that increase the comfort and attractiveness of the bench;
  • the finished product is varnished or a special coloring composition.

Thus, it is quite easy to get a bench using pallets, so this procedure is often performed on their own.

Preparation of materials
We saw the pallet
Foot assembly
We screw the legs with corners
Corner Adjustment
Corners fit tightly
Back fixing
The back is fastened with metal brackets
The surface is ground
Primer process
Surface painting
Finished bench


Another interesting solution for the use of wooden pallets is the creation of a rack with good capacity and functionality. With proper decoration, it can be used to store various items even in residential premises. To create it does not have to spend a lot of money and effort. If the work is done for the first time with your own hands, it is recommended that you preview the training video in advance to take into account the many nuances of this process.

The whole procedure is divided into easy stages:

  • pallets are exempted from boards;
  • the height of the created rack depends on the number of pallets used;
  • in empty spaces of the resulting structure, boxes are inserted that are made in advance from plywood or other similar material;
  • the resulting rack is painted or decorated in other ways suitable for the particular room where it is planned to be installed;
  • to increase the stability of the rack, it is installed on level ground, and can also be enhanced by different elements.

To get a high-quality, attractive and reliable rack using wooden pallets is quite simple.

Preparing pallets
Material preparation
Pallet handling
Pulling out nails
We remove all unnecessary
Rack assembly
Assembly of elements
Finished product painting
Ready product
Ready shoe rack


Another interesting solution is to create a table of pallets. This process will require only one pallet. To create a structure, the following actions are performed:

  • a pallet is used as the basis of the table, and it is important to make one plane of this element perfectly even, so there should not be any gaps or other problems on it;
  • gray hair is cut out on the second side;
  • on the upper plane, every three bars are connected by a board;
  • legs are prepared, for which wood bars are used;
  • they are certainly covered with a high-quality primer, after which they are painted with a special protective paint intended for wooden surfaces;
  • the resulting table is decorated, and for this you can use different design ideas.

With a competent approach to this issue, a truly high-quality design with excellent appearance is ensured.

Pallet Selection
Details for the table
Foundation preparation
Connection parts
Assembly parts
Foot assembly
Foot fixing
Wooden triangles
Triangles for stability of legs

Ready product

Glass installation
Ready table
A table of pallets

Decorating Ideas

Pallet designs can be decorated in many ways. For this, numerous design ideas are used. Most often used for these purposes:

  • staining in different shades;
  • the use of upholstery and printed materials;
  • the creation of all kinds of hangers, shelves, coasters or other functional elements;
  • use of painting;
  • application of pasting finishing materials.

Thus, the creation of furniture from pallets is a simple process that allows you to get attractive, multifunctional and interesting items. They can be installed outdoors or in residential premises. With proper decoration will fully meet the tastes of users.


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