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Artificial rattan furniture review, selection tips

Artificial rattan furniture review, selection tips

Beautiful wicker furniture made of artificial rattan is gaining more and more popularity. It can be found on the terraces of cafes and restaurants, in bars, on suburban areas, in living rooms. This furniture has many fans, but just as many skeptics. Wicker furniture is handmade. This process is very painstaking, requires patience, skill, and therefore such a piece of furniture is expensive. Interior items are made both in workshops, design studios, and at home, having mastered the technology, purchasing material, and this can be either a kit or a single option.

Material Features

Polyrotang, unlike its "natural counterpart", makes the cost of the material a little more affordable in price, while the furniture is more resistant to weather conditions. If the natural rattan mainly pleases with a golden-straw range, the techno-rattan can have any colors that are pleasing to the manufacturer. Coloring of the material can imitate natural shades or be painted in ultra-bright colors. Outdoor furniture made of artificial rattan can withstand all seasonal climatic changes without compromising performance. Natural rattan, even a premium class, having spent a year on the outdoor terrace, can seriously reduce its operational life.

If you look carefully at the furniture made of artificial rattan, you will see that the frame is wrapped in plastic tape. It is also called "Hularo." It can be of different widths, imitating a diverse texture. Get polyrotang by extrusion from rubber, polyethylene using various additives. To increase the attractiveness of the appearance of the material, in the production of ribbons various decorating substances can be used, which are absolutely harmless to humans and animals. Forms of rattan release may include:

  • several types of cross-section rod (round), crescent, flat ribbon;
  • the texture can imitate the bark of a tree, a different pattern or remain smooth.

If you want to make furniture yourself, an artificial rattan will be delivered in bays in the form of circle segments, threads or ribbons. Techno-rattan, if it is of high quality, will be elastic, flexible, which will allow you to create the most complex weaving patterns.

It is believed that the plastic rattan is inferior to the natural one in terms of service life. The judgment is based on the warranty periods that manufacturers give when producing a set or set of furniture. For a polyrotang, it is 10 years, while for furniture made of natural material, they give 20-25 years of a guaranteed service life.

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Durable rattan furniture

Garden furniture designs

Furniture for the cottage

Advantages and disadvantages

Let's say you got the idea to buy a set of furniture made of artificial rattan.What are its advantages and disadvantages that you may encounter? In the photo, armchairs, sofas and even beds look openwork, airy and very impressive. Nevertheless, many, especially men, believe that such garden furniture is designed exclusively for lightweight young ladies, and under a strong man the chair simply breaks down. And this is not the only myth about wicker furniture. So, before you decide on a purchase, you need to compare the list of positive and negative characteristics.

Manufacturers praise the material, promising almost unlimited operation. What really is good in the polyrotang. Unlike natural, polyirotang is heavier. Garden furniture will not overturn with strong gusts of wind, however, artificial wicker furniture is still lighter than traditional options:

  • even repeated exposure to rain will not affect the appearance and characteristics of garden furniture. It can be safely left in the open air - nothing will happen. On artificial rods, scratches are invisible. You can not be afraid of chipping paint. Since Procras goes in bulk;
  • dirt from furniture is easily removed with a soap solution. With persistent stains, you can use alcohol - the material will not suffer. Vacuuming, washing, wiping with a damp cloth - all methods can be used;
  • Polyrotang can be made from recycled materials. The purchase will contribute to the preservation of the environment;
  • by aesthetic standards, the polyrotang is in no way inferior to the natural counterpart. Moreover, the techno-rotang is much stronger and quietly can withstand a person’s weight of 120 kg.

Based on the list of positive qualities, we can conclude that rattan furniture is a very attractive acquisition. It is much more convenient in terms of care than the usual sofas and armchairs, it is easy to clean.

But is everything so rosy? Now consider the shortcomings of the polyrotang:

  • rearranging furniture will require some effort, the material will be heavier than natural fibers;
  • new synthetic material may have a specific gasoline smell. It disappears after a couple of weeks of airing, but can reappear with strong heat. This is especially true of rattan pvc products;
  • Due to its high weight, synthetic rattan can be more expensive to deliver. Cost will be affected by shipping costs.

Artificial rattan furniture objectively has a lot of advantages. As practice shows, what is attributed in the form of shortcomings is often of a temporary or insignificant nature, which means it is not worth it to be taken seriously. For example, delivery is carried out once, if you do not plan to move. Rearrangement is also carried out not every day. What about the smell, you need to choose high-quality material.

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Wicker furniture


In the manufacture of such furniture gets a frame. It can be made of aluminum or steel profile with anti-corrosion treatment. Covers and pillows are made of high quality polyester or Teflon with special impregnations that prevent pollution and moisture. Wicker furniture can be seen on terraces, in living rooms, bars, by the pool. Armchairs, tables, sofas, whatnots and even lamps. Rattan furniture is universal.


Artificial rattan furniture sets have long ceased to be a privilege of tropical bungalows. They can be seen in country houses and city apartments. And this is not only chairs and sofas.

  • for the bedroom, beds, dressing tables, chairs, banquets and poufs are relevant. The interior will look very harmonious and combines with almost any textile;
  • in the living room it can be a set with pillows and covers made of natural cotton;
  • for cabinets there are shelves, desks for telephones and cabinets, even rocking chairs;
  • Polyrotang is a real find for furniture in bathrooms, because it is not afraid of high humidity.

You can choose furniture from artificial rattan in a wide variety of designs. Armchairs alone can be of either a classic look, or hanging or cozy papasans. No need to worry about the fragility of weaving, furniture is made with the expectation of an adult with a good margin. Even the owner of a large build can comfortably sit on an armchair or on a sofa. Nevertheless, families with children still need to keep in mind that it is not worthwhile to purposefully check the strength of wicker furniture by jumping on it.

Some housewives fear that such interior items will be difficult to care for. Nothing like this. A vacuum cleaner or a damp cloth is enough. Furniture for a long time will look like new.

Beautiful rattan furniture

Sofa and Klesla

Wicker furniture in the bedroom

Stylish furniture in the living room

The design of the living room of a private house


Very often, furniture for the street implies that in case of bad weather it must be urgently taken into shelter so that it does not deteriorate. Artificial rattan furniture does not need this. Moreover, some do not even clean it for the winter:

  • the frame is protected by a corrosion-resistant coating;
  • Polirotang perfectly tolerates temperature extremes, high humidity, UV rays. It does not swell, does not crack;
  • Pillows and soft seats are made specially from synthetic materials with water-repellent impregnations that will not dampen from the dew and keep all the qualities. An artificial rattan for furniture is an interior that will withstand the weather, because in the summer it can be very changeable.

Garden furniture, in addition to armchairs, sofas, tables can be represented - swings, hammocks, even gazebos woven from this material. Such furniture is easy to install on the terrace and even under the trees in the garden.

True, you need to make a reservation: the above characteristics relate to high-quality polirotang. If you are dealing with a PVC version, then such garden furniture needs to be cleaned from direct sunlight and in severe frosts, otherwise the service life will be significantly reduced.

Garden beautiful furniture

Table with chairs

Light rattan furniture

We choose furniture for a summer cottage

Elegant white furniture

How to determine the quality of rattan

The seller must have quality certificates for raw materials and dyes used in the production. It is not necessary that the artificial rattan will be delivered to you directly from the warehouse, it is often made to order, the desired color and texture. Production technology is standardized according to ISO 4892.

There is a five-point scale for assessing the aging of the polyrotang (ISO 4892). 5. Grade 5 material has better quality. Cheaper species age faster and will have a lower score.

For high-quality artificial rattan, commercial grades of plastics are used, based mainly on polyethylene and special additives to give great elasticity and strength to the material. Rehau, Viro, Hularo - these are the brands of raw materials that guarantee the quality of the polyrotang. Raw materials are expensive, and therefore wicker products from it can not be cheap. This polyrotang is guaranteed to be resistant to mold, severe weather conditions, the hot sun and can withstand temperatures from -60aboutFrom frost to +70aboutWith heat.

Registration of the seasonal dacha

Wicker furniture with soft seats

Upholstered comfortable rattan furniture

Original furniture


The nuances of choice

Weaving furniture from artificial rattan or buying ready-made products oblige you to understand the differences between the brands of polyrotanges. The fiber is made of primary granules PND (low pressure polyethylene), polyurethane and polyvinyl chloride (hereinafter PVC). Each material gives the final product its own characteristics, which must be taken into account if you decide to purchase fiber and weave interior or decor items.

Type of polyrotang Material characteristics
  • recyclable, considered environmentally friendly material;
  • made of thermoplastic resin;
  • more rigid in comparison with polyurethane and pvc;
  • resistant to temperature fluctuations, UV rays, moisture.
Polyurethane Elastic material, resistant to cracking. Best suited for furniture that will be used extensively. Resistant to mold and ultraviolet.Polyurethane during processing loses its properties, therefore it is unsuitable as a recyclable material.
Pvc rattan For the manufacture of polyvinyl chloride is used in combination with additives that provide the material with elasticity. Of all species, this artificial rattan is less suitable for wintering at low temperatures. In addition, with strong UV exposure, it can also be affected. Such furniture must be cleaned or protected with covers.

Carefully study the characteristics of the material before placing an order. Otherwise, you run the risk of not getting what you need. We remind you: a high-quality polyotang has a rating of 5 on the aging scale of the material!

It is necessary to choose a polyrotang, proceeding from the qualitative characteristics of furniture of interest. Will it be used often or from time to time. The cost of faux wicker furniture can vary greatly, so it’s important to understand how much you are willing to spend and whether it is necessary. It makes no sense to give large amounts if you come to the country only on weekends exclusively in the summer. But if you take furniture to the house where you constantly live with the whole family, you just need to think about the quality of materials.

Who may be interested in a set of furniture made of polyrotan? First of all, these are the owners of country houses and summer cottages. Such furniture will allow you to design terraces or living rooms, creating a characteristic light color. Artificial rattan goes well not only with textiles, but also leather, glass, metal. It can even be seen in offices where stylish headsets adorn reception rooms and meeting rooms.

The second on the list, of course, the owners of cafes, restaurants and other entertainment venues, who need a quality interior that can endure intensive use. In this sense, artificial rattan is the best way to invest in the interior. Visitors like this setting, which means it will attract customers. Particularly spectacular are openwork hanging chairs, furniture such as papasans and mamasans - large sizes, which allow an adult to accommodate it with a child. A set of wicker sun loungers by the pool will turn a summer cottage into a tropical beach. And the counter in stores is also decorated with artificial rattan - it is very effective and at the same time furniture that meets sanitary requirements.

Techno-rattan furniture is even becoming a business item. Not only sales, but custom-made or rattan production. Now they are engaged not only abroad, there are domestic firms working on high-quality raw materials.

Artificial rattan garden furniture

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