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Rattan furniture options, hallmarks

Rattan furniture options, hallmarks

The trend of recent years is the use of natural, environmentally friendly materials to create the interior decoration of city apartments and country houses. For this reason, the attention of customers is increasingly turning to rattan furniture, which is characterized by high performance and unique aesthetics.

Material Features

Many people have often seen wicker furniture with their own eyes of amazing beauty, but not everyone understands that it is made of rattan. What? Rattan is a type of palm tree creeper, which is famous for a very long stalk. The three-layer stalk sometimes reaches 300 m in length and has a layered structure. A strong crust covers the porous middle layer, and behind it is a strong core. Thanks to cleaning and subsequent treatment with hot steam, the stem can be made incredibly flexible. This property also learned to use humanity for the manufacture of furniture of different sizes, shapes, purposes.

Rattan is a natural material, environmentally friendly and completely safe for human health, so it is actively used to create a variety of furniture. This material does not provoke the development of allergic reactions, does not contain any components harmful to human health.

In the exhibition halls of shopping centers and furniture stores you can find very beautiful, durable, reliable pieces of furniture made of natural rattan. They are relevant for many design styles and help to create very original, comfortable and cozy residential interiors. Although such furniture is also actively used for decoration of street cafes and restaurant bars.

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Beige rattan furniture

Choosing rattan furniture

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Advantages and disadvantages

Modern manufacturers, in truth, create unique sets of rattan furniture with a huge number of advantages when compared with furniture made of other materials. We describe the main of these advantages further:

  • Rattan furniture is being manufactured on a large scale today. Manufacturers successfully use the positive properties of this natural material, creating objects with a minimum of joints. This provides rattan furniture with high strength, resistance to negative factors;
  • we also note the ideal smoothness and smooth bends, undemanding care that are characteristic of this plant material. Interiors with a similar decor are distinguished by elegance and subtle charm;
  • rattan furniture in the interior has another indisputable advantage: amazing aesthetics, sophistication, smoothness of lines. Thanks to these rattan qualities, it can be used to create original-looking residential interiors;
  • Today, we learned to weave rattan furniture by different techniques, so the choice of shapes and sizes of such products is very diverse.You can pick up large armchairs, miniature coffee tables, air chests, roomy chests of drawers;
  • the level of comfort of such products is very high. They are able to provide the body with relaxation, restoration of strength.

The disadvantages of such interior items are their tendency to scratches, chips under the influence of sharp objects.

Also, hot objects should not be placed on the rattan surface, so tables made of this material often have a glass or plastic tabletop. Also, rattan is often combined with other materials, which allows you to diversify the selection of such interior items.

Furniture set

Beautiful rattan furniture

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Rattan furniture in the interior


Rattan has become a fairly popular material for furniture production. It is actively used as the main material, and in combination with glass, metal, plastic to create original interior items of different styles.

Today for your home you can pick up original wicker furniture made from rattan. Among them there are such species as:

  • dining groups;
  • dressers for storing clothes and shoes;
  • comfortable sofas;
  • chests for storing small accessories;
  • headsets for a bedroom;
  • dressing tables;
  • bedside tables;
  • coffee tables;
  • living rooms.

All these wicker interior items are distinguished by original aesthetics, naturalness, environmental friendliness, high resistance to negative environmental factors. In other words, they have a huge number of positive qualities, which is why they are relevant in a city apartment, in a country cottage and in a summer cottage, therefore buyers are worth the attention.

Cushioned furniture

Unusual furniture

Living Room Set

Wicker furniture

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What style is suitable

Many people are sure that wicker pieces of furniture look great in any style of interior, but there are such style directions in which it is most relevant:

  • country - this style is characterized by a cozy, romantic atmosphere of a rural house. Wicker chairs, a sofa, table lamps and coffee tables, chests and baskets - all this organically fits into the country. The colors of the furniture will be determined by the ethnic color of the design: for the Latin American or African country, olive green, light yellow shades should be preferred, and white, brown, gray tones for Provence and English country;
  • colonial style - interiors in such a design solution combine light shades of furniture with carved floral patterns, wicker and twisted details. Chests, baskets, rattan wicker tables are suitable for the colonial style;
  • eco style - the main advantages of rattan are the best fit for the eco style, which is characterized by the use of exclusively natural materials.
Colonial Style Rattan Furniture
Eco Style Rattan Furniture
Eco style
Country Style Rattan Furniture

What to look for when choosing

If it was decided to choose a beautiful wicker set of furniture for your home, it is important to familiarize yourself with the main selection criteria. Experienced experts will tell you: in order not to buy a fake or poor-quality wicker product, you need to pay attention to the number of joints, the integrity of the weave, the surface feature, the country of manufacture of the product.

Selection criteria Characteristic
How many joints of vines does a piece of furniture have First-class rattan wicker furniture has a minimum number of vine joints - 1 pc. The more they can be counted, the less confidence in the product is worth showing.
How holistically is furniture weaving High-quality rattan products are characterized by smooth, neat weaving. Heterogeneity or breaks indicate a violation of manufacturing technology and a short service life of the structure.
What color rattan furniture set to prefer There are only five colors for rattan items for the terrace: honey, coffee, cognac, olive, walnut. If the chair has any other color, is poorly stained, has color differences, then most likely it is of low quality and will not last long.
Does the product have any defects Inspect natural rattan furniture for any defects: chips, cracks, glue smudges. If they are, refuse to purchase.
Where is the selected rattan furniture made? Such products are manufactured by a small number of countries. Among them are the Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, whose products are famous for not poor quality, but limited forms. Better quality products are made in Germany, Italy, Spain. Domestic manufacturers create furniture from twigs. This is a cheaper alternative to rattan.

Rocking chair

Dark-colored rattan furniture

Rattan furniture

Wicker chair

Rattan garden furniture

Care Rules

Thanks to modern production, rattan furniture can now be purchased in almost every furniture store. If you purchased a set of rattan furniture, you should read this article to the end. We will talk about how to properly care for such an interior item. After all, the better and better the care, the longer the product will last:

  • regular removal of contaminants, dust from the surface will avoid the early repair of rattan furniture. To do this, you can use soft textiles soaked in soapy water. And with severe pollution - with a brush. Soap solution can be replaced with salt or ammonia. These compounds also effectively remove contaminants from the surface of the rattan. But aggressive chemical detergents should be flatly abandoned, as they can corrode the lacquer coating;
  • The rattan is not afraid of humidity, but it is not recommended to wash it in the shower. Hot objects must not be placed on a rattan surface, otherwise it may change color. Also, do not leave such a piece of furniture near an open flame, a heating element. It can ignite;
  • on rattan furniture the photo of which is presented below, chips and scratches from mechanical impact with sharp objects may remain.

The video below discusses how to care for your rattan structure. This will significantly extend the life of such products.

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Outdoor rattan furniture

Light furniture

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A photo

Bright upholstered furniture made of rattan

Black rattan furniture

Outdoor rattan furniture

Comfortable rattan furniture Stylish, modern rattan furniture

In eco-style, wood and rattan fit perfectly into the modern design of the apartment

Big rattan swing

Wicker rattan swing

Natural rattan kit

Wicker kit

Living room furniture

Small rattan table

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Wicker furniture in the interior

Wicker chair

Wicker hanging chair to the ceiling

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