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How to make plywood furniture with your own hands, a description of the processes

How to make plywood furniture with your own hands, a description of the processes

When buying various interior items, people are faced with the fact that they have considerable value. Therefore, they prefer to do the work with their own hands. In this case, different materials can be selected. A process such as do-it-yourself plywood furniture is an excellent solution for forming a variety of designs. If you correctly handle the material, as well as provide it with good care, then it can even be used to create kitchen sets.


Before the direct use of plywood, in order to get furniture with your own hands, you should study all the parameters and features of this material to guarantee a long service life of the products received. Plywood is considered to be an easy-to-use material, therefore it is not required to use any unique tools during its processing and use, therefore it is ideal when it is planned to manufacture furniture from plywood.

The main features of this material include:

  • low cost, allowing at low cost to get multifunctional, convenient and attractive furniture in the kitchen or in other rooms, so kitchen sets, cabinets or even sofas are created;
  • To create furniture from plywood with your own hands, you do not need to have specific skills, so this process is implemented by any person who does not have experience in this field;
  • it is allowed to place such structures in the children's room, as they are environmentally friendly and safe, therefore they will not be able to cause any damage to the body of children;
  • For decorating, different methods can be used to obtain a really attractive design;
  • the furniture is durable, with good mechanical resilience and resistance to moisture;
  • with proper processing of the material, it will be resistant to fire.

The main condition for obtaining a high-quality design is to create a scheme, and furniture drawings can be made independently or using special computer programs that allow you to easily obtain the desired scheme.

Plywood is created from veneer produced using birch wood or pine needles. The most popular is coniferous plywood, which has a fairly attractive appearance, and is also considered the ideal solution to make furniture from plywood with your own hands.

Do-it-yourself plywood furniture

A set of a table and two chairs

Small plywood chest of drawers

Plywood bed

Plywood chairs

Materials and Tools

If you plan home-made furniture made of plywood, it is necessary to prepare in advance all the elements used in the work process, these include:

  • plywood sheets - their thickness depends on what loads will affect the structure, as well as for what purposes they are used. If you need to make a high-quality and durable frame, as well as shelves, then the thickness of the material should not be less than 18 mm. If facades are made, then material with a thickness of up to 12 mm is considered optimal. For doors in hanging cabinets that are fixed using stiffeners, it is enough that the plywood has a thickness of 6 mm;
  • fasteners - in the manufacture of any furniture from plywood, special fasteners are surely used that provide an effective and reliable connection of individual elements of various designs. Often, production involves the use of only screws, since durable sheets do not undergo delamination or crumbling. Minifixes can be used to make structures attractive and to obtain reliable joints, but they are considered quite difficult to use, since markings must be correctly applied to create holes. In addition, for the reliability of fasteners, it is recommended to purchase glue or silicone sealant, which should process the most problematic areas of products, as well as those parts that will be exposed to moisture;
  • accessories - it includes different handles, hinges and a variety of closers. These elements facilitate the process of applying any design for its intended purpose;
  • decorative elements - they can be represented by putty and various decorative films. Often furniture is varnished, various paints or stains;
  • used tools include a screwdriver, which can be replaced if necessary with screwdrivers, a drill with different drills, a hammer, chisels, tape measure, a square, an electric jigsaw, a plane, a hacksaw and some other elements found in almost any home.

After preparing the necessary elements, the direct process of creating kitchen furniture at home begins.

Furniture Making Tools
Plywood sheets
Plywood sheets

Stages of the production of kitchen furniture

Initially, you should decide which kitchen furniture will be created, what dimensions it will have, and also what other parameters will be. It is recommended to make a special scheme, according to which all stages of work will be further performed.

Particular attention should be paid to calculations so that there are no distortions or other defects on the furniture.

How to make measurements
Nesting card
Nesting card will help to make a kitchen with your own hands from wood
Drawing kitchen headset
Drawing of a kitchen set

Parts preparation

The assembly process begins with the creation of individual parts that are the main components of a complete design. For this, sequential actions are performed:

  • marking is shown on plywood sheets bought in advance, showing all the details of the future design. It is important not to make a mistake with the size, since incorrect preliminary actions will lead to a skewed design;
  • a cut is performed, for which it is necessary to use suitable tools;
  • For each blank made, it is necessary to ensure optimal preparation. To do this, the elements are initially cleaned with the help of a skin. Then they are polished, and especially carefully it should be carried out from the ends of the elements.

If it is planned to use different decorative films as a decor, it is recommended to putty in two layers, and only then grind the base, and processing can be completely eliminated if laminated plywood is used.

Marking plywood sheets
Material cut
Plywood cut

Material preparation

Headset manufacture

Plywood is a fairly dense material, therefore it is allowed not to use a timber bar to obtain a high-quality frame. A kitchen set is made in several successive stages:

  • markings are made on the parts made, which determines the location of the holes for confirmates or screws;
  • holes are made, and for this it is recommended to use a special step drill, as this will make it possible to obtain holes with or without threaded parts;
  • if holes are required for a standard screw, then for this, countersinking is considered optimal, for which a drill with a significant diameter is used;
  • it is recommended to use fasteners using minifixes on the front side of the sheets so that decorative caps are not required.

Before a bunch of parts should be treated with high-quality silicone sealant, ensuring the tightness of the resulting compounds.

No frame required
Rigid material does not need an additional frame
Self-tapping screws will require plugs
Plugs for screws
Parts preparation
After the kitchen details are ready, the assembly of the structure and installation of the headset follows
Furniture drawers
Assembly of furniture drawers


As soon as all the parts are completely ready, the kitchen headset is directly assembled. To do this, the following actions are implemented:

  • doors are hung, for which suitable hinges are used, providing the desired angle of opening of the elements;
  • shelves, drawers or other compartments and elements are created and fastened, ensuring the ease of use of the headset for its intended purpose.

Doors are preferably made using plywood sheets, the thickness of which is 6 mm. To give them stability, it is recommended to use stiffeners. To create shelves, it is advisable to use sheets with a thickness of 18 mm, and bevels should be carefully removed from the front edges, and the resulting sections are covered with putty. After drying, they are sanded, after which they can be decorated with different paints, films or other finishing materials.Finishing the resulting structure can be performed in different ways, and photos of the finished results are located below.

If a self-adhesive film is chosen for finishing, it is advisable to use expensive and high-quality material that has an attractive appearance, while having good strength, resistance to various factors and a long service life.

Kitchen frame
Installation of facades by level
Installation of facades
Cabinet assembly
Kitchen cabinet assembly diagram
How to dock parts
Scheme of joining of horizontal and vertical plywood blanks
Screed scheme
Scheme eccentric three-element screed plywood blanks of the kitchen


A good solution for countertops is the use of laminated plywood. The creation of such a design is easily implemented with your own hands. To do this, the following actions are performed:

  • high-quality laminated plywood of the optimum size is acquired;
  • marking is applied that determines the dimensions of the future countertop;
  • the design is cut out;
  • edges are processed;
  • the countertop is attached to the lower drawers of the headset;
  • covered with protective compounds, varnish, sealant or other means;
  • the joint between the walls and the worktop is closed by the baseboard.

Thus, to obtain a high-quality and reliable design is quite simple.

Solid wood worktop will become a spectacular accent and practical decor for a wooden kitchen
Worktop Elements
Protective and connecting strips for countertops


The resulting furniture made of plywood, made by yourself, must be well decorated so that it looks beautiful. For this, different methods are used, involving the use of certain materials. The most popular methods are:

  • the use of different colors that are perfectly suitable for the color scheme of the room;
  • installation of LED lighting for cabinets and drawers, not only improving the appearance of the headset, but also providing ease of use;
  • applying varnish, while maintaining the natural appearance of wood;
  • the use of a variety of self-adhesive films produced in different types, and at the same time being easy to apply.

The choice of finishing method depends on the wishes of the owners of the premises.

Paint spraying can quickly paint wooden parts


Rules for working with plywood

When working with this material, certain requirements are taken into account:

  • thin sheets are cut with a sharpened knife, medium ones with a hand jigsaw, and sheets of considerable thickness are cut with an electric jigsaw;
  • sheets are not joined by nails or screws until the holes for fasteners are created in advance;
  • the material is not cut across the fibers;
  • Before gluing the elements, they are certainly cleaned.

Thus, with the exact following of the instructions and certain rules, the production of truly high-quality and reliable furniture from plywood is ensured. It can have different sizes, shapes, colors and other parameters.


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