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Overview of pine furniture, what to look for when choosing

Overview of pine furniture, what to look for when choosing

At home is a place where a person not only spends time with his family, but also rests, restores strength. Therefore, it is very important to create a cozy interior, for which pine furniture is suitable, which is characterized by high environmental friendliness, aesthetic appearance, a variety of patterns and colors. It is suitable for both the classic living room and the kitchen in the country. The durability and strength of the material allows the use of such furniture for many years.

Advantages and disadvantages

Distinctive features of pine furniture are determined by the characteristics of wood. It has a pronounced texture, light color, which takes on a dark yellow hue when exposed to sunlight. The density of the material depends on the location of pine growth. Karelian pine has a small-layered structure due to the short growing season in harsh climates. The density of pine in Karelia exceeds the density of wood from the middle strip by about 1.5 times.

The close arrangement of the annual rings provides maximum strength and durability of the material.

The benefits of pine furniture include:

  • wood emits special volatile substances - volatile, with anti-allergic properties;
  • the air in the room furnished with such furniture is clean, has a weak coniferous aroma due to the released essential oils;
  • high eco-characteristics of the material; when heated, it does not emit harmful substances;
  • simple maintenance, regular dry cleaning and polishing are required;
  • high resistance of the material to rotting, changes in the level of humidity and temperature;
  • furnishings last a long time. In the event of chips or cracks, the surface is easily restored;
  • pine perfectly combines with other materials in the interior;
  • many options for surface treatment: it can be varnished, painted in the desired color, treated with "white wax";
  • the flexibility of wood allows you to create various pieces of furniture from it, decorate them with patterns, carvings;
  • it is possible to decorate furniture with fabric, leather, braid, painting, panels. Interesting examples can be seen in the photo;
  • these products can be purchased at various prices, from the most budgetary to exclusive options;
  • pine furniture can be assembled and disassembled several times, unlike chipboard products;
  • manufacturers provide a warranty period during which all defects are corrected.

When choosing furniture from pine, a few disadvantages are also worth considering:

  • many products are quite massive, which is undesirable in houses with old wooden floors;
  • if the drying technology and processing of pine wood are not observed, the service life of the products decreases;
  • decorative furniture from Karelian pine (for example, white) is expensive;
  • the need for the location of products away from heating appliances, direct sunlight;
  • cheap low-density pine wood is easily damaged. Chips, scratches, dents form on the surface.

The cost of a running meter of unpainted pine furniture is 15-20 thousand rubles. White, aged, decorated furniture costs more than 20 thousand rubles per meter. When combining a hull with birch facades, the cost rises to 35 thousand rubles, with oak facades more than 40 thousand rubles.

Solid pine sideboard


Double wardrobe

Interiors with pine furniture

How to arrange a country house

Varieties of pine products

The high strength and suppleness of pine wood allows you to create a variety of furnishings from it. They can be divided into several groups:

  • cabinets - products can have 2-3 leaves, they can be decorated with mirrors, carvings, paintings, painted in various colors, varnished. Wardrobes are designed for installation in a bedroom, dressing room, living room. Their internal space is divided into several parts by shelves, a section with a bar for hangers stands out. Bookcases with glass inserts will decorate the library, study, living room. Inside there will be an optimal microclimate, which is important for the storage of book publications;
  • beds and sofa beds - products are installed in the bedrooms, children's rooms, living rooms. Models for the living room are decorated with carvings, have soft backs, armrests. Beds are made in all sizes, 80-180 cm wide. Bedside drawers are used to store things. Children's models are characterized by increased requirements for smoothness. Before coating them with varnish, the surface is thoroughly brushed. Bunk products are made, with stairs, tables, cabinets;
  • racks, cupboards, sideboards, chests of drawers, cabinets for storing dishes, textiles, necessary trifles. Products have open and closed shelves, doors are decorated with an infill, glass;
  • decorative products represented by mirrors in pine frames, a unique system of wall storage - engravers, chests;
  • pine garden furniture includes various tables, stools, chairs, benches. The design of the products provides for a quick drain of water from the surface, good ventilation. The use of special protective coatings increases the useful life of headsets. When used in the garden, furniture is often scratched and damaged, but pine products are easily restored;
  • hallway furnishings: open and closed cabinets with hooks, shoe racks, mirrors, floor hangers, bench chests. Such a headset will not only be convenient to use, but will also become a decoration of the corridor;
  • kitchen sets, including various tables, wall cabinets, dining groups, eco breadboxes. Furniture facades from pine have a beautiful texture, their fittings are fastened securely.

A separate category can be distinguished furniture for the garden of pine. The naturalness of the wood ensures optimal eco-characteristics of indoor air. The models have the simplest design, are made of durable materials, covered with several layers of varnish to protect, extend the life of the product. Country furniture can be white, green in the style of Provence or classic, covered with a tint of clear lacquer.

Pine sideboard
Pine bed
Pine kitchen
Kitchen set
Frame and pine
Mirror frame
Garden furniture made of pine
garden furniture
Pine shelving
Pine chest
Pine cabinet


Actual are furnishings made in the Provence and classical styles:

  • classic products have simple, clear shapes, their angles are rounded or straight. Furniture looks solid, reliable. Products can be a little aged, which gives them extra chic. For upholstery of soft parts, high-quality plain, striped fabrics or fabrics with vegetable prints are used. The legs are straight in shape, similar to columns. Coniferous board in production is used only after brushing. Finished products are tinted with varnish, coated with wax. For the manufacture of exclusive furnishings, high-strength Karelian pine is used;
  • Provence furniture is most often used in country houses. It helps to create an atmosphere of peace, relaxation, comfort. An unusual effect is achieved by aging, patination. Models have soft color shades reminiscent of the nature of the south of France: light green, blue, beige, terracotta, lavender. The backs of beds and sofas with a smooth contour, the casement of cabinets and chests of drawers are decorated with carvings. The soft part of sofas and headboards is made of plain textile or fabric with a small floral print.

The most popular white furniture is Provence. It is suitable even for small rooms, creating a feeling of spaciousness, discreet chic, sophisticated simplicity.

The delicate pine aroma of the pine tree contributes to relaxation. Provence-style rooms can be seen in the photo.

Classic style furniture
Classic style
Provence style furniture

Where is used

Products are versatile. They will be appropriate both in luxurious living rooms of country cottages, and in modest city apartments. Amber pine looks expensive, over time, the visibility of the texture only increases. Wooden headsets are perfectly combined with textiles, forged elements, high-tech decor. Examples can be seen in the photo.

High eco-properties allow the use of products in social and medical institutions: kindergartens, schools, clinics, hospitals, libraries. Often this environment is used in children's rooms, bunk beds are especially popular there. Most often, furniture for children is white, blue, green, pink.Pine furniture is used even in the bathroom. Despite the increased humidity, which reduces the service life of products, many appreciate the aroma of coniferous essential oils and are often ready to update the bathroom.

Pine kits for offices are also produced. They are usually painted in dark colors, have a simple stylish design, increased strength. The photo shows office sets of solid pine.

Furniture collection

Solid pine chest of drawers

Pine chest of drawers

Chest of drawers

Bed and chest of drawers

How to choose a quality product

The service life of furniture items and their ease of use directly depend on quality. You need to purchase products only from reliable suppliers. They provide certificates to guarantee the safety of furniture. Varnish and paints, which are used for decoration, must have a sanitary and epidemiological report with a number and date. Optimum use of organic varnishes with a high flash point, polyurethane coatings.

For the life of the products, it is important that the board used in the boards have a moisture content of not more than 10%. In this case, the furniture does not dry out and does not change its geometric parameters.

Reliable suppliers use only high-quality pine for furniture, so you should not give preference to little-known manufacturers and cheap products.

A new piece of furniture must fit into the interior. Whether it is green pine or wood with colorless varnish, it is important not to violate the overall style of the room. Brushed furniture has a more pronounced texture, the most natural color.

If there are children in the house, then you need to choose safe furniture with rounded corners, stable and heavy. Then it will be more difficult to overturn or damage it. If you buy a wardrobe, chest of drawers, sideboard, then give preference to models with a wall and shelf thickness of at least 20 cm. The strength of such products is higher, which means they can accommodate heavier objects.

Before going to the store, accurately measure the maximum furniture parameters. Keep in mind that pine furniture should not be placed in direct sunlight and near radiators. The pine board darkens when exposed to UV rays. The product should not interfere with free movement inside the room.

Simple rules for caring for new furniture help to extend the life of:

  • dry the side parts regularly. Work surfaces can be cleaned with a damp sponge with soapy water. After cleaning, the furniture is wiped dry;
  • if scratches occur, they must be polished and varnished. Furniture with brushing is more resistant to damage.

Furniture made of pine is deservedly in high demand. It is suitable for the decor of any room, goes well with any interior decoration. Colored products in the Provence style are suitable for cottages, bedrooms, nurseries. Classic models, covered with dark varnish, installed in the living room, study, library emphasize the good taste of the owners. You should not save and purchase cheap products, they will not be durable. It is better to choose models from well-known manufacturers with all the necessary certificates. In this case, you can not worry about your health.


A photo

Kitchen set

Material - solid pine

Furniture for the nursery

Furniture in the kitchen

Hallway furniture

Furniture in the bedroom

Bedroom furniture

Solid wood furniture

Pine furniture for home

Pine furniture

DIY solid pine furniture


Furniture panel and pine furniture

Modular headset

Living Room Set

Registration of the country house



Pine furniture

Pine buffet

Bedrooms from Karelian pine

Bedroom set


Bedside table

Corner wardrobe made of pine

Nice furniture made of natural material

Shoe cabinet

Drawer cabinet

Eco-friendly furniture

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