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What bed is better to choose for two children, popular models

What bed is better to choose for two children, popular models

Proper design of the nursery allows you to create a comfortable, attractive interior, where there is space for a healthy sleep, study, games. If you have to save free space, an ideal solution would be a bed for two children, where both children can comfortably accommodate. Separate beds in a small room create a lot of inconvenience, taking up usable area. Modern two-tier or withdrawable models are comfortable, convenient to use, and have an interesting design.

Requirements for Cots

Beds for two children must comply with the established quality parameters. Suitable furniture has the following characteristics:

  1. Environmental Safety. Of great importance is the composition of the raw materials from which the furniture is made. Upholstery is better to choose natural. Environmental friendliness is confirmed by certificates. It is important that all materials are hypoallergenic and non-toxic.
  2. Strength. All components must be reliable. To test stability, just shake the crib and visually assess whether the geometry of the product is broken.
  3. Comfort. For comfortable use, double baby beds should have suitable dimensions. The size depends on the age of the children. For example, for children aged 3-6 years old, models with parameters of 60 x 120 cm or 70 x 140 cm are suitable. The optimal distance between tiers is from 75 to 90 cm.
  4. Ergonomics It is convenient when the bed is intended not only for relaxation, but is also equipped with additional lockers, drawers for storing clothes and toys, a work area. Such designs are practical to use, they replace several pieces of furniture at once.
  5. The mechanism of transformation. Beds for two children take up little space if there is a possibility of transformation. In the daytime, the furniture turns into a comfortable sofa or work area, at night - into a full sleeping bed. The ways to change the design of such furniture are different: the sleeping surface can be folded down, laid out from the wall or pulled out from the side.
  6. Design. The beds for two children, decorated in an original style, will decorate any children's room. For the room in which the kids and parents sleep, it is better to choose a neutral design, then the model will not get out of the general interior.

If a separate room is intended for children, you can give free rein to imagination. Usually, gray, blue and other cool shades are selected for boys, girls prefer warm pastel colors. When choosing furniture, you should consult with the children, because it is they who will use it daily.

Furniture for two children

Children's room for two children

Bed with a slide for two

Children's room for two

Retractable structure

Popular models

Modern furniture manufacturers create a variety of products that will appeal to all children, regardless of age and gender. Consider the main features of the most popular models:

  1. Retractable.Such products when folded are no different from traditional beds, only slightly higher. Using a special mechanism, the second berth is put forward. This procedure can be done even by a child.
  2. Chest of drawers. Outwardly resembles the previous view, it is distinguished by the presence of boxes located at the bottom of the product. The model is practical to use, because it allows not only to relax, but also to store many things. It is not recommended to put heavy objects in the boxes, this will lead to quick wear of the mechanisms. The tiers of these beds are fixed or independent.
  3. The bed is the podium. Original models fit perfectly into a room with a high ceiling height. A podium is an elevation that occupies about 1/2 of the room. Often there is a work or play area. There are also small podiums that slightly exceed the parameters of the sleeping bed. Then, shelving for books or cabinets can be put on the structure to free up space for gaming activities. The podium bed is suitable for children of all ages. Beds can be hidden under the elevation in the daytime and put forward at night.
  4. Folding. This small bed for a small room is an ideal option. During the day, the sleeping place hides in the closet, freeing up space, and at night it unfolds, forming two separate beds.
  5. Double. This bed for two children differs from traditional options in its dimensions. The width of the mattress in such models varies from 140 to 160 cm. Double models are suitable for same-sex babies. Installed in spacious rooms. Under the bed there are many pull-out sections for storing things.
  6. With the second tier. Models are suitable for moving children. The beds are supplemented with all kinds of shelves, drawers, as well as sports equipment: stairs, rings, ropes. The product combines a sleeping place and a playing area, therefore it saves space on the room.
  7. Corner They have an interesting design. The upper floor is parallel to one wall, and the lower is parallel to another, at right angles. The design is suitable for small rooms. Additionally, models are equipped with all kinds of shelves, drawers, cabinets, allowing you to use a berth for storing various items.
  8. Bed pencil case. A pair of berths is equipped with a spacious wardrobe or two pencil cases. The model does not clutter up the space, allows you to remove excess furniture from the room. An option with several sections for storage is preferable, then each child will have a separate locker. 

There are several varieties of retractable models:

  1. A bed with fixed tiers. The lower module extends sideways or forward, but does not separate from the upper. In the absence of special steps, the child sleeping on top will have to step over the baby, which is placed on the lower level.
  2. Bed with separate beds. In this case, the tiers do not join each other, and the retractable element can be placed anywhere in the room.
  3. A berth with an equal arrangement of levels. Such modules will be at the same distance from the floor, so when unfolding the product turns into a double bed.

Folding, bunk, folding and sliding beds for two children have certain advantages and disadvantages. When choosing, personal preferences are taken into account, as well as the tastes of young furniture owners.

Extendable bed to the nursery
Bunk bed
Double folding
Chest of drawers
Chest of drawers
Bed-podium in the nursery
Podium bed
Bed pencil case for a nursery
Bed pencil case
Folding beds
Corner beds
Level layout
Equal level arrangement
Separate places
Separate sleeping places
Bed with fixed tiers
Fixed tiers

Production material

Of great importance is the material from which children's beds are made for two children. Furniture should be strong, reliable and safe, therefore it is often used:

  1. Array of wood. Apply beech, pine, birch, oak. Designs are distinguished by environmental safety and high strength.The presence of elements from other materials is acceptable, but there should not be a lot of them.
  2. Metal. Light cots are characterized by their original design, they are often painted black and look stylish. Often, iron is used in tandem with wooden elements.
  3. MDF. The basis of the design is made of boards or timber, other parts are made of MDF. The edges of the furniture are processed with special self-adhesive tapes. It is important that there are no nicks, chips or bumps around the edges.
  4. Chipboard. High-quality laminated material is resistant to mechanical damage. When choosing children's furniture, it is necessary to check the quality certificate. Not all chipboard products are safe for children.

The best option is a small and compact bed for two children, made of wood. Natural material does not emit toxic substances. The constructions are very durable, withstand heavy loads, have a smooth surface. Upholstery can be made of textile.

From chipboard
Metal construction
Solid pine beds
Solid wood
From MDF

Selection rules

In the process of selecting the optimal furniture, it is necessary to take into account the age, gender and interests of children. In addition, you need to pay attention to the following factors:

  1. Be sure to pay attention to the brand. Well-known brands take care of their own reputation, therefore they carry out strict quality control of products.
  2. Any furniture for children should be durable, environmentally friendly and safe. Preference is given to natural materials.
  3. A model with an original design will become an interior decoration, allowing the child to feel comfort and coziness in his own room.
  4. The presence of additional elements. Beds for two children are very comfortable, equipped with drawers, cabinets, shelves, work areas. A soft sofa will be comfortable for both the child and parents.

When choosing, one should not forget about the individual needs of the kids. One-story models are suitable for preschoolers and schoolchildren. Sliding beds for children from 3 years old should have a bed from 140 x 70 cm. The optimal distance between the tiers of two-story models is up to 90 cm, this will be enough for a comfortable stay. Beds of different sexes or teenagers can be folded into 2 independent modules. When two children with a large age difference live in one room, they will have to separate the room into two zones, and they will need separate beds.

Among the listed furniture models there is a suitable option for any room. When choosing, it is important to consider not only design, but also functionality, convenience, safety, as well as the views of children. Particular attention is paid to the mattress and the bed base, on which the quality of sleep of the child depends.

Beds for children

Extendable tier

Folding bed

Bunk bed

Rollaway beds


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