The most popular children's red beds, and how to combine in the interior
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The most popular children's red beds, and how to combine in the interior
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The best recognized bed in the form of a ship, because of a number of advantages

The best recognized bed in the form of a ship, because of a number of advantages

Often, the parents of the baby are faced with the task of arranging the interior of his room on their own and without the help of a professional designer. Not everyone succeeds in doing this successfully, but if you use simple design solutions, it will be much easier to create a beautiful, functional and practical room for a child. The ship’s bed, which will appeal to every child, will give special originality to the design.

Popular design

The popularity of a pirate ship bed among boys of different ages is understandable. Such furniture looks bewitching and causes a lot of associations. What kind of boy does not dream of traveling on the open sea on a magnificent ship? It is for this reason that many parents prefer the marine theme in furniture design to other options. In addition, psychologists say that blue and blue colors perfectly affect the psyche of a growing organism, calming it.

As for the design of the bed itself, it is most often made of natural wood, particleboard, MDF or plywood. It has an elongated shape, sharp stern, additional decorative elements in the form of portholes, a beautiful steering wheel.

The ship’s bed has a fairly wide berth, under which a drawer or several drawers are often located. Also often manufacturers to beds of a similar design offer other components: cabinets, tables, shelves. With their help, you can quickly and without additional difficulties create a harmonious and holistic interior for the boy’s bedroom.

If the room has two children, you can pick up a bunk bed yacht. This is not only a beautiful design solution, but also a good way to provide two children with a comfortable berth in a limited area. The main thing in this case is to take into account the safety requirements:

  • the bed should have a side on the second floor in order to prevent the baby from falling;
  • fastenings, connections must certainly be performed efficiently;
  • the staircase to the second tier should be safe and convenient.

Note that the bed of a sailboat often takes up a lot of space, so it is better to choose it for spacious rooms. The disadvantages of such furniture include the fact that children grow up quite quickly and the relevance of such a design is lost.

Two tiers

Bunk bed

Wooden models

Children's room in a pirate style

Children's room

Decor and remodeling options from the regular model

A bed in the form of a ship often has a streamlined rectangular shape with a narrowed stern, so the furniture looks like a real ship. In order for the kids to play and relax on such a piece of furniture as comfortable and interesting as possible, the designers complement the frame with special details.This can be an original steering wheel with a rotation effect, movable anchors, sails that can be raised or lowered, a pirate flag. Some large models have one or two masts that a child can climb.

If you can’t find the finished model in a furniture store, you can make a bed in the form of a ship yourself from the most ordinary bed or other furniture items, for example, a closet, a game complex. The phased implementation of the work is described in the table.

Work stage Description
Making room measurements Measure the parameters of the room with a tape measure to determine the actual dimensions of the future bed.
Frame design, drawing up drawings On paper, draw all the elements indicating their exact sizes.
Cut Decorative elements can be cut with your own hands from plywood sheets or ordered by professionals.
Assembly assembly It is necessary to assemble structures with a screwdriver and screws.

For work you will need some tools and materials:

  • sheets of plywood, from which decor for the ship’s bed will subsequently be cut;
  • fabric for tailoring sails, a pirate flag, decor for window openings;
  • acrylic paint or varnish for the decoration of the helm, portholes, other elements of the boat bed;
  • rope or rope;
  • jigsaw or hacksaw for wood;
  • screwdriver or screwdriver;
  • hardware, nails;
  • hammer;
  • measuring tape, level for checking the deviations of the frame;
  • sandpaper for sanding the surface.

To reduce the cost of designing a pirate-style children's room, all textile decorations (sails, a pirate flag) can be sewn independently. The grid for the decoration of window openings can also be woven independently and without the help of experienced craftsmen. A handmade decor for a child in the style of a pirate ship will surely please the boy.

The floor in the room should be decorated with parquet or laminate, which imitates the design of the appearance of a regular deck board. The main thing is to abandon excessively dark tones, as they visually make the room even narrower. It will not be superfluous to use a small rug near the bed. And the walls of the room in a pirate style should be done using liquid wallpaper. On the surface of the walls you can depict pirate maps, atlases, distant islands, ship silhouettes. If there is no experience with decorative plaster, use pirate-style wallpapers or plain blue-and-blue canvases. Then you can use paintings depicting ships, souvenirs in the form of a compass, anchors.

The bed itself is complemented by a puff or chest of drawers in the form of an old chest. At the same time, you can sit on a pouf, read books, and in a chest of drawers you can store toys or things of a child, which is very convenient and practical. If the room is spacious, you can use a hammock made of ropes, and hang a net on the window curtain. The chandelier is decorated with an original plush parrot.

Children's bed - ship

Children's bed ship - calm even the most mischievous child

Children's bed-ship for the boy in the interior of the room

DIY ship bed

Children's bed ship

Useful features

Living space for a small child must certainly be functional, interesting, safe. There should be a minimum of furniture in the room, but it must cope with many functions, then the baby’s room will be filled with coziness, comfort and provide the child with harmonious conditions for growth and development. For this, it is important to select highly functional pieces of furniture, arrange them in such a way that several important zones are formed:

  • for sleep and rest;
  • for games and fun;
  • for study.

The ship’s bed is very suitable for organizing a child’s recreation area. Often, it has a wide berth, and if you select an orthopedic mattress for it, the child will be provided with the most comfortable sleeping conditions. To increase the functionality of such a piece of furniture, you can choose a model with drawers for storage. They store bedding, bedspreads, pillows, underwear or socks of the child. The stern of the ship, side shelves can be used to store toys, books and other items.

If there are two children in the room, then you should pay attention to the bunk bed, a yacht with a staircase to the second floor. The main thing is that the stairs are safe and securely fixed on the bed. Then it will be safe for kids to play and sleep in such a bed.

The original illumination of LED strips, spotlights, and pirate-style lamps will help increase the functionality of the yacht's bed. Extra light can be used with or instead of the main light to create a relaxing environment. A chandelier in a room in a pirate style should be selected in the form of a dome with a lampshade made of mesh or other original materials.

Do not forget the fact that such furniture should not have sharp corners, excessively small decorative details that a child can easily remove and, for example, swallow. Do not use glass or mirror elements to decorate the bed of the yacht, if the mirror is absolutely necessary, it should hang on the wall or closet so that the child could not break it.


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