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Features of choosing a car bed, an overview of popular models

Features of choosing a car bed, an overview of popular models

To diversify life and cheer up a small impressionable child is, first of all, to decorate “his world” with his favorite things. The focus is on the room. Here he spends most of his time. This is his fortress, his place where he can retire, his personal space. And it, first of all, should be comfortable. It’s a great idea if instead of an ordinary berth there will be a car bed. Going to bed will become much more interesting for the child, because he will go to bed in a car where you can go on various adventures, into a new world of fairy tales. So, which car bed should you choose so that both the baby and the parents are satisfied?


The bed in the shape of a car has become so popular that designers have to rack their brains on how to make each look special in its own way so that the demand for goods does not decrease. Such beds appeared a long time ago, so for all these years you can collect a collection of completely different non-repeating models. Progress has come to the point that a sleeping place can be combined with a game house or a desk, or even all together. A bunk bed is also very common.

Beds are distributed according to such criteria.

Criteria Specifications
According to the plot
  • Bed car 3d with various functions, close to the real model, with sound effects, flashing lights;
  • Bunk bed with a ladder machine for one and two children;
  • In the form of a racing model.
  • There are drawers for linen or toys;
  • The presence of backlight, with remote control;
  • With a sliding mattress, a bed machine for two children.
The presence of a lifting mechanism
  • With a simple manual lift - this is a cheaper model, operation only with the help of an adult;
  • There is a special device on springs - a more expensive model, but a child can use this design on their own.
  • The mechanism on gas shock absorbers.


It is divided into two types:

  • Two joint beds - vertically arranged one above the other, connected by bases and a ladder for the future owner of the upper bed. Designed for two children;
  • The upper bed is located on the second floor of a small but strong house - a kind of loft bed, designed for one child.

The second type of bunk model is very comfortable in that it takes up little space in the room. Under the bed can be set a desk or play area. The interior looks very impressive. On average, a two-level bed machine has a height of 1500 - 1800 mm. It is very convenient to repair or strengthen the staircase, as it is open from all sides.

Machine beds for children are very practical, comfortable and safe.The edges of the beds are reinforced by the sides of the machine, which will not allow the sleeping child to fall from either the first floor or the second. Mattresses are most often orthopedic. The short flight of stairs to the second floor is installed very firmly, but, despite this, it can always be strengthened additionally. This is a real help to parents, because with such a crib the child does not have to be forced to go to bed at the right time. Of the expensive models, a backlit car bed can be selected.

Bunk bed machine with two identical cars

Two-tier car bed

Bright red bed

School Bus Bed

How to arrange a room for two children


It is very important that the child's dreams come true, and this is one of the main tasks of parents. The kid dreams in the future to become a policeman, an astronaut, a racer - the assortment of desires is very large. For children who dream of becoming a firefighter in the future, a fire truck will serve as one of the best gifts.

Convenient cartoon model will serve for many years. There are children's beds close to real cars, with voice acting and even a signal blue and red lamp.

There are small models, they are designed for children from 15 months. They have high sides on the sides for safety, as well as a small height so that the child can independently climb into bed. Mattress and bedding not included. A two-story children's bed is a fire truck designed for two children - a remarkable saving of space in the room. Climbing stairs, children will develop physically - and this is another plus. Attributes depicted on the side walls of the product, as well as signal lamps, voice acting, will help to feel like real lifeguards. It is important to consider that in order to put a voluminous bed in a car, you need a spacious room.

Of the minuses - a bright color may not fit the children's room, you will have to change the whole design. Also, such a bed is not cheap, it costs between 10,000-15,000 rubles.

Children's bed in the form of a car

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The interior of the children's room

Blue beds for a boy

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With lifting gear

The model, in which the mattress is equipped with a lifting mechanism, inside contains a niche for toys or linen. There are more affordable types with manual gear. To raise the mattress, adult help will be needed, the child will be hard to do it on his own. More expensive options have a hinged design on springs or with gas shock absorbers. With such a bed, the baby can cope on his own.

A good option is a car bed with a driver lifting mechanism, with spinning wheels and a decor in the form of ORACAL stickers. A wide variety of colors, including for girls. Young fashionistas will be delighted with such a truly royal gift. A beautiful colorful car will become a decoration of the nursery, as well as a favorite vacation spot. The bed is a pink car - a beautiful and comfortable model that little racers will like very much.

Bed with lift

Modern car bed

Wheelbarrow Furniture

Lifting modern bed

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Popular topics

Any boy’s dream is to have a baby bed in the form of a car. There are a lot of options. Manufacturers produce models for different tastes and colors, from cartoon characters to copies of real racing cars. A children's room with a car bed looks gorgeous, but you should be prepared for the fact that buying such a toy will have to change the entire design of the nursery.

Let's move on to the models that are most popular and in demand.

  • A plastic bed is a BMW car - usually, older children prefer that their bed is not with painted parts, but with real wheels that spin, with luminous headlights. They are made of plastic, sizes from 170/80 and more. When purchasing a bed made of plastic, make sure that it is made of quality material and does not smell of paint;
  • Bed car EVO - a young race car driver will like his realistic forms. Volumetric details will please the baby, who will surely be satisfied with such a gift. The car has a 3d bumper, glowing headlights, and optionally you can install spinning wheels. The uniqueness of the model is that instead of a lifting mechanism, an orthopedic base with slats is used. The car bed with a mattress is equipped with one of the product options: single-layer, three-layer and five-layer.The model lights fog lights, a soft spoiler is provided. And one more plus - you can order a personal number. Manufacturers took care of the safety of children: all forms are streamlined, soft finish on the edges of the parts, the material is hypoallergenic;
  • Bed car white GT-999 - this model of white color will appeal to young lovers of speed. The car will appeal to both boys and girls from the age of 3 years. The place to sleep is equipped with bumpers so that the baby does not fall down in a dream. Its uniqueness is that the doors are made opening, as in a real car. The model is equipped with luminous headlights, mirrors and wheels with backlight. Realistic design will delight any kid, and sound effects that can be turned on with the remote control will complement the impression;
  • Bed car racing company Fifth Point - The company "Fifth Point" offers unique beds for children from 3 to 5 years. Images on the case are applied using 3D printing. Thanks to this method, a bright image is obtained, which is very attractive. The corners of the structure are covered with a special rounded edge, which makes it safe. The bed of a car made of solid birch is strengthened with an orthopedic base so that the child has a correct posture from early childhood;
  • Car bed with drawer Rainbow The fifth point - for comfortable use in small rooms, the design can be equipped with two drawers under the mattresses in which you can put things, toys or linen. For convenience, each mattress is packed in a separate case. Each type of bed is special. Some models with realistic plastic wheels, others have LED backlighting, more expensive models combine all the additions;
  • Bed car racing green Fifth point - the design uses durable European materials, strong, resistant to moisture. Drawings on plastic and fabric, even after a large amount of time, will not be washed off. Easy assembly design, has a one-year warranty. In the event of a marriage, the company will quickly replace the product. Age limits of use: from 2 to 12 years;
  • Race yellow car bed. Fifth point - this pattern differs in the pattern and color from the previous model, equipped with plastic wheels. On any of these beds you can put a backlight;
  • Racing red bed car The fifth point is a bright model with an orthopedic mattress 160x70 cm. A safety rubber edging is responsible for safety. A set of 13 lats can withstand more than 120 kg, which means that you can, without fear, lie down and relax with your child. Plastic wheels give a volumetric realistic look to the model;
  • Bed car rainbow Fifth point - the model has a different set - with drawers and without them. If necessary, they can be purchased, as well as an orthopedic mattress. There is a bottom illumination colored with a remote control, white with a switch, at the choice of the consumer. An optional set of two wheels. The edges are coated with a special edge for safety. A car in bright colors will delight a little fashionista;
  • Bed car Princess Fifth point - this option has the same equipment as the previous model, can also be with drawers and without. It will be a great gift for little princesses;
  • Bed car Cilek - a real hit from the Turkish company Cilek. A bed in the shape of a sports car will be the best gift for a child. Models of different sizes - small economical and dimensional, with luminous headlights, sound effects. Age category from 2 years. The design has small sides that are responsible for the safety of the child. A durable model designed not only for sleep, in which you can play without worrying that something will break. All protruding parts without sharp corners. The main advantage of Chilek children's bed for cars is that they are made of environmentally friendly material, high-quality chipboard with a coating that does not scratch and is well cleaned;
  • Romack sportline - the model is very common, made of plastic and MDF, safe for playing and sleeping, equipped with sides. The whole structure has no sharp corners, parts with rounded shapes. Children's furniture can be of various configurations. LED lights are integrated into the headlights and wheels. You can order the bottom lights, but only complete with headlights. Bed car Romack sportline has a backlight with different options - you can set one color or arrange a multi-colored light show by turning on the light music mode. White headlight illumination is used as a night lamp; it is switched on remotely using the remote control. A box for things is located at the rear of the machine, the size is equal to half the bed. Includes orthopedic mattress. Spoiler with headrest function, soft. The wheels do not spin. Great color choice;
  • Сalimera - bed car jeep will appeal to young lovers of large wheelbarrows. The bed of this model has a height of 107 cm, a length of 220 and a width of 126 cm. The mattress will have to be bought separately (190x90). Safe sides will not allow the child to fall from a height. The colorful model will be an adornment for any children's bedroom. The realistic bed of the caliper machine has a side staircase with which the baby will climb on his bed. For the correct development and formation of posture, there is an orthopedic lattice. On the side panel is a pocket for toys. Luminous headlights complement the design;
  • In the form of cartoon characters - a wonderful surprise for the child will receive as a gift one of the main characters in the cartoon "Cars" - Lightning Makvin. The colorful model will become an adornment of a nursery and a favorite berth. The machine bed Makvin is suitable for ages 2 to 12 years old, there are models for boys and girls, equipped with small sides. It has a large drawer for storing things. Additionally, you can order wheels, lights, bedding on the bed of a car and furniture decorated in the same design. The Red River lightning machine at the foot has a high side that goes into the bumper. It has installed headlights that can be used instead of a nightlight;
  • Lambo "Cosmos" is a unique model that has an age category of one year, but it will be interesting for a teenager. Bright detailing makes the car realistic. Spinning wheels, headlights, night lights, low lights, turn a berth (170 cm) into your favorite toy. There is another feature near the bed of a Lambo machine - a bumper, made in the form of a step for the baby, on which the baby can easily climb into his bed. There is a lifting mechanism, a base with the ability to change size. It is made in 3 sizes: S - 50 cm, M - 54 cm, XXL - 64 cm.

The selection of models is huge, for every taste:

  • Ferrari Nitro Monza - in red and white color will appeal to both boys and girls. Having all the advantages of previous machines, there is another plus - USB output. You can connect a tablet or music and enjoy the game while lying on a chic bed. Ferrari nitro monza will become your baby's favorite toy;
  • Police - if the baby wants to become a law enforcement officer, there are models in the form of a police car. A wide variety of choices and the imagination of the manufacturer can make any buyer confused. You need to decide which model your child may like, what he dreams about: in the form of a jeep, a racing car, cartoony or realistic. Your child will surely remain pretty. And with the motto "the police do not sleep" will fall asleep with a sweet sleep;
  • A mini car bed is a more economical option, at a price cheaper than others. Moreover, it saves space. If other beds of the car with drawers were opened vertically, then here the drawer is pushed out from under the body horizontally. The box is larger and more spacious. The frame, facade and main berth are made of laminated particleboard. The mini car withstands 150 kg of load. This means that even dad can sit next to a child without fear of spoiling an expensive bed.The stickers are protected by a special coating that is safe for the child. The warranty is given for a year;
  • Car sofas - another type of such bed, a sofa machine. The model is convenient due to its compactness and multifunctionality, suitable for small rooms. Before putting the child to bed, the structure must be laid out in a berth.
Race car bed
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Sleeping furniture model Romack sportline
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Bed car racing green fifth point
Green Fifth Point
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Rainbow Fifth Point

Additional functions

Manufacturers produce a variety of bed cars with different equipment:

  • There are models with music, sound effects. In some types, using the remote control you can turn on the headlights;
  • LED backlight can be used instead of a night lamp;
  • Some designs have wheels that spin, lift and are used as ottomans;
  • Convenient models with drawers where you can store linen or toys, your favorite things;
  • You can buy sports equipment for an attic bed on your own. Only for this you need to install the bracket, after which you can hang a ladder or a rope, rings on it.

You can attach any sports equipment at the discretion of the parents, corresponding to the age category of the child.

Children's bed car Griffin Style

Children's bed machine

Race car bed

White furniture in the form of transport for the child

White bed in the form of transport for the girl

Selection rules

To choose a good bed, it is advisable to take into account some nuances:

  1. The berth should be made of natural materials, therefore more practical and environmentally friendly models of wood with a hygienic certificate. A longer period of operation is precisely wooden furniture;
  2. The size of the bed. The iron rule is this: the more the better. A width of 70 cm is the standard for a cradle. For an older child, it is better to take a model 80 cm wide and 200 cm long;
  3. It is worth paying attention to the height of the structure. If the child is still very young, it will be difficult for him to climb on her own and, moreover, get off;
  4. When buying, consider the maximum weight of the load on the structure;
  5. Also note if the mattress is removable.

The necessary equipment can always be purchased:

  • Decorative wheels for beds;
  • Backlight;
  • Children's textiles;
  • Mattress.

It is advisable to purchase car beds from well-known manufacturers with a good reputation. The company Advesta (advesta), produces certified furniture from environmental materials. The decoration uses acrylic paint, harmless to babies. Beds-cars Avtobed ​​(auto-bed) from the manufacturer MK "Massmebel" are very popular. Beds are offered cars for racing, car sofas for any age from 3 years to a teenager. Bed car favorite home formula 880, is also a product of a well-known manufacturer, which does not cease to please its consumer. Be careful when choosing a product, ask for a quality certificate so as not to purchase a fake.

A children's bed the car will become not only a favorite bed, but also a play place, where you can invite friends and go on an imaginary journey. Usually one of the most comfortable places for a child is the floor, but a baby bed in the form of a car will add more joy and the ability to fantasize into his life, which is very useful for the development of the baby.

Furniture Machine Lightning 3D

Red furniture Ferrari

Bed car black and red

Bed car black Fast and Furious

Bed in the form of a modern BMW FSB car

A photo

Boxes inside a berth

Black model of a sleeping bed for the child the Fast and the Furious

Headlights at the baby's bed

Blue themed bed for a boy

Blue beds for baby

Illumination of cabinet children's furniture

Shades of the thematic model

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