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Options for an ottoman crib, the main advantages of the product

Options for an ottoman crib, the main advantages of the product

The convenience of a bed is very important for quality sleep and the health of the body as a whole. To form a healthy spine in childhood, it is necessary to correctly select furniture for relaxation. One of the best options for a berth is a children's ottoman bed. This is a long-known piece of furniture that fully complies with modern requirements for the design of the room.

Main advantages

To understand how the ottoman differs from the classic version of the bed, you need to pay attention to the mattress. The ottoman does not have a removable mattress, it is an integral part of the design. This is a compact product, multifunctional and outwardly attractive.

The main advantages of the ottoman are:

  • The lack of a removable mattress (which allows you to save on the purchase);
  • Lack of armrests (they are replaced by a thin back, upholstered in fabric);
  • The ability to transform the sofa into a berth;
  • Use as a playing place;
  • Variety of shapes. Special attention is paid to decorative design in order to custom-design a children's room;
  • Several options for lifting mechanisms;
  • Functionality;
  • Safety (with proper operation);
  • Universality. Any model can be used both as a sofa in the daytime, and as a bed at night;
  • Compactness (space saving);
  • The ability to choose dimensions for the height and age of the child.

The ottoman also has a flat surface due to a solid plate. The absence of seams and joints on the bed as much as possible limits the child from rubbing and improper body position. With a careful selection of upholstery, the operation of the ottoman will be as comfortable as possible.

Sofa for sleeping baby

Children's bed ottoman

Children's bed ottoman blue

Wooden home furniture

White crib

Popular models

There are a number of basic models used to design rooms for adults and for children:

  • With a back in the form of a corner. This model is compact and can be installed even in small rooms;
  • Orthopedic ottoman, characterized by a curved berth, exactly repeating the healthy position of the spine, neck and head (such models are quite expensive);
  • Models with armrests are more like a hybrid of a sofa and a sofa. This is a non-standard version of the ottoman;
  • Transformer in the form of vehicles. It is very popular in children's versions of the ottoman. A children's ottoman bed in appearance can resemble a car, plane, steam train, house. Such models not only visually have an attractive appearance, but also have a convenient folding design;
  • With extra storage space. In order to be able to place the necessary bedding compactly, the design often provides drawers that can be used to store toys.They save free space. Reliability of the design can provide additional legs.

Single comfortable bed for a child

Handmade furniture for a child

Ottoman bed with comfortable drawers

Bed for a child with large drawers

Alder cabinet furniture


Depending on the destination and age of the child, you can choose an ottoman of certain sizes and shapes. The product can be single and double, angular. The choice of model largely depends on the child’s habit of sleeping: someone wants more free space, and someone needs a standard. Manufacturers produce ottomans of the following sizes: 70 * 190, 80 * 190, 90 * 190, 100 * 190, 70 * 200, 80 * 200, 90 * 200, 100 * 200 cm.

The height of the product largely depends on the design. If the couch is folding, then when folded, the height is much higher due to the thickness of the mattress. When unfolded, it becomes much lower, but wider.

Since children's models are usually performed in artistic images, decorative details can significantly increase the dimensions of the product. This must be taken into account when planning a place for a new piece of furniture. Moreover, the increase in size can be both in length and width, and in height. This is important to consider if the room has wall shelves.

Comfortable sleeping place for a child

Classical ottoman

Single bed

Overall dimensions of furniture for sleeping

Built-in berth in a bed for a child

Types of mechanism

Comfort and reliability of operation largely depends on the type of lifting mechanism used in the design. Depending on the direction of rise, it can be:

  • Horizontal
  • Upright.

It is worth noting that in single models there are two types of lifting a berth, and in a double - only vertical. Due to the mechanism, the width of the berth increases.

The horizontal option significantly increases the width of the berth. Depending on the type of mechanisms are divided into the following groups:

  • Manual (on hinges) are considered an obsolete version of the mechanism. This option does not require additional springs and shock absorbers;
  • Spring - in this case, the main load falls on the coil springs. The advantage of such models is simplicity and reasonable price. A disadvantage is the gradual loss of elasticity by springs;
  • On gas shock absorbers - such models are an order of magnitude more expensive than the others, however, they have a number of advantages: high carrying capacity, convenience and reliability of the design. This type of ottoman is usually equipped with a springless mattress, and therefore has a long service life.

The latter option provides easy lifting even of a heavy berth without any effort. Before buying an ottoman for a child, it is necessary to weigh all the advantages and disadvantages of the mechanisms so that the operation of the product is as safe as possible.

Ottoman gas lift
Gas lift
Spring mechanism of modern furniture
Spring loaded
Vertical mechanism for sleeping furniture


The appearance and duration of operation of a children's ottoman largely depends on the type of upholstery of the product. For these purposes the same materials are used as for the upholstery of sofas. Three groups of materials are commonly used:

  • Woven;
  • Non woven;
  • Imitation leather.

Each material has its advantages and disadvantages.


Woven upholstery is a classic option. These are warm, soft fabrics. Particularly suitable for an ottoman crib with a soft back. Fabrics have many advantages:

  • They are pleasant to the touch;
  • Air microcirculation is provided;
  • High resistance to mechanical damage;
  • Heat regulation.

Upholstery can be easily chosen for the interior of the room, so that the ottoman becomes a decoration of the room. In a huge assortment of diverse fabrics and bright colors, you can choose the optimal color scheme for each interior.

Pine bed for baby

Pink pieces of furniture

Ottoman prints for baby

Choose the right sofa

Original decor of a sleeping bed

Non woven

A feature of such materials is their method of production. Pile is applied to the substrate using an electrostatic field. The advantages of such upholstery are:

  • Wear resistance;
  • Hypoallergenicity;
  • Attractive appearance;
  • Affordable price.

The main disadvantage of the material is the lack of free access of air, which can cause sleep disturbance. In this case, it is important to take care of a blanket or coverlet made of natural material that will compensate for the artificial origin of the upholstery.

Drawers in bed

What is the difference between an ottoman

Functional Home Furniture

Comfortable bunk model of a modern bed

Should I use yellow beds in the interior

Faux leather

Artificial leather is commonly used for upholstery as a quick-clean surface. Such models are durable and easy to use. Positive characteristics are:

  • Lack of static electricity;
  • Resistance to dust (which simplifies cleaning);
  • Ease of purification;
  • Spectacular appearance;
  • The brightness of the shades does not fade during operation even when using household chemicals.

Such materials are produced on a fabric basis. Most often, cotton acts as the base layer. Such material can be used to simulate race cars, since any kind of pattern can be applied to them.

Original leather ottoman

Single bed for a child with bookcase shelves

Home furniture model

Brown home ottoman

White pieces of furniture for a nursery

Functionality and Security

The ottoman is considered a functional piece of furniture. Typically, the design provides boxes for linen, which in children's models can be used not only for pillows and blankets, but also for placing toys in the evening.

These beds for children save space. This is especially true for small apartments. Even with minimal space, the child will have his own corner in which you can sleep and play. Children's couch sofas are considered more comfortable, but also occupying a lot of space. They are usually used as a place for games. Some models have a small removable table, on which it will be convenient to place a cup with a drink or a small toy.

There are a number of factors whose implementation to ensure the safety of the ottoman:

  1. When choosing an ottoman for a child, you need to pay attention to the material from which it is made. The main criterion is environmental safety and hypoallergenicity. The most popular materials are: chipboard, MDF, natural wood and metal. The last two from the list are the safest in terms of the use of chemicals in production. They will not cause toxic poisoning or skin reactions in contact with the sofa;
  2. It is better to choose “breathable” upholstery so that the child’s body does not feel discomfort at night. Natural fabrics provide normal thermoregulation, and a pleasant to the touch surface makes the stay on the couch pleasant. For kids it is better to choose bright fabrics, but not annoying. In this case, the child will be interested, and problems with falling asleep will become less;
  3. It is important to consider the age of the child to whom the ottoman is intended. If the baby is less than 5 years old, it is better to choose models of rounded shapes using a minimum number of sharp details. If this is not possible, you can ensure the safety of the child by using special soft nozzles. They are installed on sharp corners and protect the child from various injuries;
  4. It is worth paying attention to the lifting mechanism used in the model. It should be inaccessible to the child, but at the same time allow to quickly transform the sofa into a cot. It is better to choose a more expensive but powerful mechanism.

High-quality ottoman will decorate the room, make the dream strong and comfortable. The main thing is to choose a model in accordance with the purpose, and take into account the quality of materials and the design itself.

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