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The advantages of playpens beds, an overview of popular patterns for sleeping and playing

The advantages of playpens beds, an overview of popular patterns for sleeping and playing

As soon as the baby begins to roll on its tummy, leaving it unattended becomes dangerous. A wonderful way out is to purchase a playpen bed. A place where the baby can sleep and play at the same time. The bladeless sides will not let him fall, and multifunctional transformers will become a real find for a young mother.

Distinctive features

There are a lot of varieties of playpens. There are models that are created only for the game. For example, the playpen mesh is a lightweight portable version, the walls of which are made of mesh, and the bottom is covered with oilcloth. Game models can be different in shape, material and design. But these species are not meant for sleep.

The playpen bed is much more durable and comfortable. In them, the baby can play and sleep. The most common models are similar to children's beds with a side, usually multifunctional, have two levels. The upper one is for newborns, the lower one is for older babies who are already starting to climb their legs.

Compared to regular beds, playpens have several advantages:

  1. Playpens are functional. You can immediately purchase a changing table, a cradle for a newborn, a suspension bracket, and later, transformers are rebuilt into a desk, a curbstone, some models also into chairs;
  2. It is safer, high sides will not let the baby fall out;
  3. The height of the bottom is adjustable;
  4. Lightweight and mobile version on wheels, without problems moving around the room;
  5. If you need to take to the street or go on a trip, to fold and after to lay out the arena will not be difficult.

Despite the safety of such furniture, the baby should not be left unattended for a long time.

Blue shades of a crib for sleeping

Playpen option for children’s games and sleep

Beige shades of the interior in the children's room

Types of construction

There is a huge variety of playpens, differing in type of construction and functionality.

There are simpler models that have two levels of bottom height. One side wall lowers and rises at them, and if necessary it can be removed. This is convenient when the child grows up and he no longer needs the sides, he will climb into the crib on his own.


This model is designed for families with young children who like to travel often. With such a bed, you should not worry that the baby will have to be laid only on an adult bed and worry that he does not fall down, put pillows around. The folding playpen bed is easy to fold out and assemble.

Its advantages:

  1. No additional tools are needed for assembly;
  2. No need to worry about how to disassemble it, just get it out of the bag and it will automatically decompose. The mattress is laid and the berth is ready;
  3. It has a solid base;
  4. The baby will sleep in his usual place, he will not have to get used to the new environment;
  5. Walls from a grid through which parents will clearly see the child;
  6. Easy to care for. The cover is removable and machine washable.

Such a bed will fit into any room without any problems and you can always take it with you on a trip. The compact transformer does not take up much space when disassembled, folds into a special bag, weighs only 5-6 kg. Such a playpen bed for traveling will be a real find for families who like to travel out of town to the country, breathe fresh air and relax from the city bustle.

Folding bed playpen

Folding bed for baby

How is children's furniture

Baby playpens

Folding bed


A multifunctional design, which provides everything you need for the convenience of mom and baby. There are models in which there is a changing table, linen boxes, pockets for the necessary things that should be at hand during swaddling and daily care of the crumbs.

What is a playpen

Wooden pieces of furniture for a child

Pros of using furniture - a transformer in a nursery

Original wooden crib for a child


Transformer Light

This universal model designed for children from 0 to 12 years. It will be relevant for a baby and will not have to change furniture until the child is 12 years old.

Its features:

  1. There is a rectangular cradle with two levels and a pendulum mechanism;
  2. Orthopedic foundation, which positively affects the development of proper posture;
  3. Changing table-bedside table for things that can be rearranged;
  4. Under the bottom there are boxes for storing linen;
  5. Further, it can be reformatted to a school desk, a curbstone and a children's bed;
  6. The design has rounded corners;
  7. Made of hypoallergenic materials.

Such a playpen transformer for a child and a young mother will be a great gift, practical and convenient, as well as compact even fit in a small room and save some space.

Bed arena transformer

Comfortable crib

Choosing a practical crib for the baby

Furniture for sleeping and playing baby

Transformable bed


A popular model that transforms from a crib into a playhouse. It is convenient, especially when the family has young children of different ages.

Playpen for games and sleep

Crib with play area

For twins

There are different types of such arenas:

  • Some cradles are located across the bed, but the main part is solid, separated by a partition or roller;
  • 2 separate beds, which are separated by a changing table. In the process, they can be shifted and arranged;
  • Two-tier, integral and extendable;
  • Oval playpen for twins.

It is important when choosing a joint arena for twins to ensure that the sides fall on both sides. It is convenient when feeding. Access to babies should be free.

Wooden bed for games and sleep, designed for two children

Furnishing a room for two children

Manege for two children

For dolls

There are toy designs designed for children. Bed arena for dolls, very similar to a natural model, only much smaller. The kit may include pendant, pillow, blanket, and cover for assembly.

Models can be made in the style of a lullaby, a cradle with a canopy. A huge variety, like real models. The playpen bed for dolls is a good start in the education of young mothers, during the game they learn the skills of daily care for the baby, independence, attentiveness, a feeling of love and affection for children develop.

Doll furniture

Doll playpen

Original toys for a child

The form

The most common rectangular shapes, they are almost the same in size and size as a baby bed. The advantage of the arena is that it is designed not only for sleep, but also for games. There are models of square shapes (sizes 80/80 or 100/100 cm), but they are more used for games. Oval species are also popular among consumers. Pluses in the safety of the design, they have no corners.

For example, in the oval transformer there are round and oval cradles with a changing table, playpen for games. When the child grows up, you can fold the sofa, 2 chairs and a table, an extra bed. The mattress is also a transformer. Wonderful multi-functional model, like any mom.

Oval bed transformer Rastishka is a very convenient and compact model:

  1. For babies it is used as a cradle complete with a pelenator;
  2. After being rebuilt into a crib, playpen;
  3. Further, as the baby grows up and can climb onto the bed on its own, it is laid out in a sofa on which the child can sleep up to 10 years;
  4. If desired, the design is assembled in two chairs and a table.

In Europe, popular hexagonal, square shapes made of wood.

The playpen should be convenient for the crumbs, it is undesirable to buy small playpens. First of all, take care of comfort for a small miracle and try to choose a convenient model for yourself and for the baby.

Round items of furniture for sleeping
Rectangular pieces of furniture for sleeping
Arena for 6 sections with wheels

Board material

A highly appreciated playpen bed made from environmentally friendly materials, such as solid birch, ash, and oak. Wooden models are not cheap. When choosing to pay attention to the manufacturer, his reputation, so as not to acquire a fake. Properly processed wood is covered with a special varnish or paint that is harmless to children. This design will serve more than one generation.

Pluses of wooden arenas:

  • There is no load on vision, the sides made of rails, there is a good overview;
  • Strong construction;
  • Stable, you can not be afraid that he will roll over with the baby.


  • Heavy construction, problematic to move to another place;
  • Usually take up a lot of space;
  • If a child falls, it may hit the reiki;
  • Inconvenient to care for. Each rail must be cleaned daily from dust;
  • High price.

But, despite all the disadvantages, it is a strong, durable design and most importantly environmentally friendly. The option, with side walls covered with material and mesh, is not so durable. The term of operation is 3-5 years.


  • Lightweight construction, moves around the room without difficulty;
  • The frame is rigid, with fixed angles;
  • Safe if the child falls, is not injured, the side walls are covered with material ;.
  • It’s not scary if it gets dirty, the material is easily removed, machine-washed;
  • You can vividly decorate - a child will definitely like flowers or a boat made of bright fabric.


  • Bright colors have a bad effect on a child’s sleep, it’s good to play and stay awake in such arenas;
  • The child, lying in the playpen, constantly watches others through the net, his eyes tighten;
  • Dust gathers quickly.

For prevention, it is often necessary to wash the material.

Children's pieces of furniture

Children's tourist bed

The foundation

The bottom in wooden structures is solid and even. It is advisable to purchase an orthopedic mattress, for the correct formation of posture in a child. In models with fabric walls, it is important to ensure that there is a strong bottom. Usually it is made of multi-layer fabric with moisture-resistant impregnation, in cheaper versions - with oilcloth. There are models in which the base is made of plastic. This option is convenient to care for, but requires additional equipment in the form of a blanket or mattress.

It is advisable to purchase an orthopedic mattress in the playpen bed. Especially if the design is designed not only for games, but also for the child’s sleep.

Brown shades of playpen for baby's room

How to make a baby sleep calm

Green shades of modern furniture for the child

Folding type

The folding model is easily transformed into a working position and is assembled. No tools required, just remove it from the carrying case. Next, you need to straighten each handrail of the sides. After pushing in the middle. Disassembly also occurs, only in reverse order. First you need to raise the bottom, and then, having pressed on the side handrails, fold the structure. When choosing such models, be sure to check the condition of the latches to prevent unexpected folding of the structure, as well as the presence of latches on the castors.

Mesh models are often equipped with a folding mechanism that works like a “book”. If you need to fold such an arena, a series of actions will be required:

  • We remove the mattress or developing mat from the bottom;
  • We remove all mounted toys, pockets, mobiles;
  • We open clamps of side racks;
  • Fold the body and bottom;
  • We click latches.

Assembling a wooden model will take longer. You will need tools (wrench, screwdrivers, hexagons).For complex structures, such as transformers, you need an instruction with a step-by-step description of the actions. For each model, the stages of work are different. It is important at the end of the work to check whether all the fasteners are fixed securely.

Manege and changing table

Baby crib with playpen

Picking options

Each model involves its own complete set, the mattress is not always included in this list. Bed linen, pillows, mattress cover is purchased separately, usually in the same store as the playpens.

Modern playpens for children are available with various additions:

  • A toy pendant will soothe the baby. Helps in the development of attention, but on condition that the toys will be no closer than 40 cm from the eyes;
  • The changing table, which is mounted on the side walls, is very convenient and does not take up too much space in the room;
  • There are models with a peak from the sun, arches for toys;
  • A special container for the necessary things is attached to the side wall during daily care of the baby. A very convenient device for mom, everything necessary for hygiene and feeding will be constantly at hand;
  • Mosquito net protects the baby from annoying insects;
  • In some arenas, an audio system is installed, on it recorded lullabies, soothing melodies. There are models with a recording function, mommy can record her voice, and the baby will fall asleep to his native sounds;
  • Special rings, belts mounted on the side walls will help the baby learn to roll over, sit on their own and rise to their legs;
  • It is important to monitor the quality of fastening in order to protect the baby. These arena accessories can be purchased separately;
  • Another useful device is a side net with a zipper. When the baby learns to walk, he will be able to climb independently through a special hole in the net;
  • A crib equipped with a vibrating unit will help your baby fall asleep. But warm mechanic’s hands, gentle voice and native heartbeat will not be replaced by any mechanics. Do not get used to such innovations.

When choosing a model, think carefully about what is really needed. The presence of such devices requires additional expenses. Many of the above can be purchased separately.

Manege bed with high sides

Playpen cot for an adult child

Age restrictions

Typically, the manufacturer indicates the age category, sometimes weight restrictions. The cradle and upper bottom are designed for children from birth. In the future, pay attention to the weight category. All children are different and in 3-4 years you can outgrow the permissible weight. Strong constructions with cloth sides allow up to 13-15 kg.

Playpen bed made of wood more durable. And the models that are being rebuilt into a crib are designed for children 12-13 years old.

Kinds Age category
1 Wooden bed playpen From 0-5 years
2 Transformers rectangular wooden From 0-12 years old
3 Manege covered with material From 0-3 years
4 Folding playpen From 0-1.5 years

Whatever the modernized playpen, you should not leave the baby alone for a long time. Communicate more with him, play, pay maximum attention and the baby will always be happy and truly happy.

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Playpen for a child from 0 to 12 years old
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Beautiful and practical playpen for children
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Foldable crib designs with playpen
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Oval bed for a child

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Furniture for the smallest


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