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Popular models of cots for boys of different ages

Popular models of cots for boys of different ages

The choice of modern furniture for children is so great that it is easy to get confused. Consider important factors such as design features, reliability, environmental friendliness of the material, cost. Before purchasing children's beds for boys, it is important to learn all the details, get acquainted with the manufacturers, compare different models. You should not save, because a healthy baby sleep is a guarantee of its proper development and growth.


Choosing a bed for a boy, you need to get acquainted with the main varieties of children's furniture:

  1. By design features: classic, playpens, lullabies and transformers. Each species is designed not only for a certain age of the child, but also for the living conditions of the family.
  2. By design, children's furniture for sleeping can be divided into classic and stylized. For boys, they often purchase products in the form of cars, ships, planes, and animal figures.
  3. By the number of tiers, there can be either standard single-tier or two-tier products. The latter are suitable for families with two children, since such a design will save more free space in the room.

By size, children's furniture for sleeping is divided depending on the age of the sleeping person:

  • up to three years - 120 x 60 cm;
  • from three years - 140 x 70, 160 x 70 or 80 x 190 cm;
  • for teenagers - 90 x 200 cm.

Now in the furniture store you can find more extravagant models, for example, a ship bed for a boy or a tent bed for a girl.

Classic version
Manege for a boy under 3 years old
Cradle for newborn
Convertible bed
Air bed
Single bed
Single tier
Bunk bed


Single children's beds for boys are a profitable and practical solution when arranging a room for one child or for two same-sex children. Products will look harmonious in the interior, will not take up much space, and will save the family budget.

Single models for boys have several main varieties:

  • classic
  • with additional shelves and drawers;
  • with a lifting mattress, under which there is a niche for storing bedding;
  • the podium can be equipped with another roll-out berth.

Modern single models are often produced in the form of original designs. For example, an air bed or a truck bed. Furniture has a high price, but the child certainly will not remain indifferent to such a gift. The only drawback is the short operational period. This is due to the fact that children grow quickly. Therefore, after a few years, it becomes necessary to replace the sleeping bed with a more spacious one.

Single Classic Bed
Single Classic
Model with drawers
With drawers
With lifting mattress
With a niche for linen
Podium bed
Pirates' ship
In the form of a pirate ship

Toy bed

Models made in the style of your favorite cartoons or just in the form of cars, steam locomotives, airplanes, are very popular today. An interesting fact is that beds in the form of a car are bought for both girls and boys. It can be a simple bus or a real racing car. The fantasy of manufacturers of thematic cots is endless.

The advantages of stylized models:

  1. Attractive appearance. The product can be selected for any interior. They are produced in a wide range of colors.
  2. Big choice. As an idea, manufacturers use images of cartoon characters, animals and even fantastic creatures.

The disadvantages of such models are as follows:

  1. High price. Products are expensive, so when choosing, you must be prepared for significant expenses.
  2. The complexity of the assembly. Unusual bed-machine or boat, has additional mounting elements, various mounts and consumables. Not many parents can cope with the assembly themselves, even with instructions. I have to turn to professionals.
  3. The need to purchase a special mattress. Models of toy beds are not universal, each of them differs in individual dimensions.

Before buying a toy bed, you must read the assembly instructions. A specialist call may be required.

Car bed

Hut bed

Bunk bed car

Bed tank



A small bed for a small room, made in 2 tiers, is suitable not only for kids from 3 to 5 years old, but also for children of school age. When choosing this model, you should pay attention to the safety of the bed, the reliability of the frame and the absence of defects. The main advantage of a bunk bed is the saving of free space, but there are also certain disadvantages:

  1. The cost of a bunk bed is always higher than the classic, so when a second child appears, you should consider buying an add-on - this will save some of the money.
  2. Original beds with two "floors" require careful assembly, because the safety of such products is in the first place.
  3. Sometimes a marriage occurs that can lead to an unexpected breakdown. Therefore, when buying furniture, you should carefully inspect and check the main components and parts for malfunctions.

Modern two-tier products are equipped with additional elements designed to create the necessary reliability of the structure. It is best to choose just such a model.

For two

Toy bunk bed

Fortress Bed

For two boys

With slide and play area

Bunk bed


One wooden children's bed accommodates the second, located below. The lower berth leaves if necessary, and in the morning it can be refilled and pushed back. Such models look very neat and aesthetically pleasing, but they do not differ too much in cost from two-tier structures. The beds are nearby, and not one below the other. Such products are additionally equipped with convenient drawers and shelves, which makes it possible to use the roll-out model as a small cabinet for storing things.

Roll-out bed in the nursery

Roll-out podium bed

Rollout Model


Roll-out option


The attic bed is suitable for boys aged 6 years and above. The design of such a product is as follows: the sleeping bed is located on top, a bit like a superstructure, and a desk, a bedside table with drawers or a children's sofa can be placed below.

The advantages of such models:

  1. Save space. If the children's room is small, such furniture will help to divide it into several main areas: for sleep, for study and for games.
  2. Maximum functionality. When purchasing an attic bed for a boy, parents receive several interior items at the same time.

Such furniture for sleeping is made in pleasant colors and is original in design decisions. For example, it can be a bed-house - a unique bed with a real wooden staircase, or a berth in a marine style for a boy.

Bed attic to the nursery

Loft bed in the form of a ship

Loft bed

Original model

Loft bed for a boy


An important feature of the model is ease of execution.The couch is a small berth with a side (sometimes without it) and several additional compartments in the lower part. The product is very practical and affordable, it is convenient to refuel or lay out when the child is preparing for bed. If necessary, you can purchase couches, which are transformed into compact children's sofas. The disadvantage is the insufficient width of the berth.


Bed with soft sides

Couch in the boy's room

Couch to the nursery

Couch for the boy

Sofa bed

The sofa bed also belongs to the category of transformers: initially it is a corner where you can sit down and relax, but after a few simple manipulations it turns into a sleeping place. It takes up a little free space and looks harmonious in a room with any interior. These products are suitable for both 8 years old and older children.

Advantages of similar furniture:

  1. Versatility - on the couch a child can play with friends or just watch cartoons on TV, and in the evening make a comfortable bed out of it, spending only one minute.
  2. Simplicity - the design of the models is designed for the child to cope with it. The moving parts are carefully adjusted, all elements of the bed are lightweight.
  3. Compactness. A sofa bed takes up minimal space in the room.

When choosing a sofa bed, you should pay attention to the lifting mechanism. Too tight design will not allow the child to independently transform the product.

Sofa bed for a boy

Sofa bed in the nursery

Sofa bed

Sofa bed in boy's room

Selection tips

The choice of a children's bed is influenced by many factors, including the age of the child, his taste preferences, features of the interior of the room, furniture safety requirements.

Taking into account age

When buying a bed for a boy, it is necessary to be guided by such an important factor as age. After all, the older the child, the larger sizes it is necessary to purchase furniture.

Kids under 3 years old are advised to pick up classic single models or pull-out options. Preschool children will love toy beds, attics, catwalks, couches and bunk structures. The hardest thing is to choose a bed for a teenager, since the preferences and tastes of the future owner of furniture should be taken into account. The sleeping bed should have a reliable design, as often children use it as a springboard for games.

Bed for a boy under 3 years old
Up to 3 years
Option for a child 4-6 years old
For a child 4-6 years old
Bed for preschool boy
For preschool child
Option for the student
For a schoolboy
Teen bed


The design of children's furniture is diverse, the choice of colors and configurations is very wide. Many designers consider beds made from natural wood to be the most acceptable and practical. In this case, it is best to leave the natural shade unchanged, covering the surface with high-quality varnish.

For boys, beds of cold shades made in a related color scheme, for example, blue, are most suitable. For children over 5 years old, you can choose more stringent colors: brown or gray. It should be remembered that too bright surfaces do not very well affect the baby's sleep.

If it is possible to place the child in a separate room, then the choice of model and design will depend solely on the taste preferences and dimensions of the room. If the children share several children, it is better to give preference to universal options. When the boy is forced to huddle in the room with his parents, they choose a classic concept that fits perfectly into the decoration of the living room.

Classic furniture
Classic furniture granite
Teenage option
Bunk Bed Option for Teenagers
Playpen in the parents bedroom
In the parents bedroom
In the interior of the nursery
Stylized bed in a children's room
Simple wooden model
Simple wooden bed

Material Requirements

When choosing a bed for a boy, you should pay attention to the material of manufacture.

  1. Natural wood. Most preferred option. Differs in durability, environmental friendliness and durability. The downside can be considered high cost.
  2. Metal products have a long service life, but they do not always harmonize with the interior of the room.Moreover, such beds are cold and heavy.
  3. MDF is the most budget option. Manufacturers offer a wide variety of models, textures and colors. But such furniture will not last long.
  4. The chipboard is much better than MDF, but it is necessary to analyze the composition of the raw material to make sure that it does not contain toxic substances harmful to the health of the child.

Choosing a bed with leather inserts, you should require a certificate of quality. Such material often causes allergies, so it is important to protect the child from unpleasant consequences. You should also pay attention to the protective coating (varnishes, enamels), which may have a certain degree of toxicity.

Going to the store, you need to familiarize yourself with all the nuances of choosing beds for boys. After all, furniture for children must comply with increased safety requirements and age characteristics. Better to devote some time to data analysis than later regret the acquisition.

Wood bed
Natural wood
From chipboard
Metal bed
From MDF


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