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Modern models of beds for teenage boys, their pros, cons

When the children are small, parents choose the decor for their room on their own. In the process of growing up the child, the formation of the interior of the room must be treated more carefully. This is especially important when a bed is selected for a teenage boy, because after 12 years, the tastes, attitudes, worldview of the child change. To reach a compromise solution, just consult with your son. To design an ideal bed, you need to consider the varieties, materials, design and other characteristics of the products.

Popular models

Teenage beds for a boy are distinguished by a variety of original design ideas. Among the most popular models are classic beds, transformers, lofts, bunk beds, and catwalks. Each of them has its own characteristics, advantages and disadvantages.


Familiar beds harmonize with traditional and modern interiors. The furniture has a simple concise design, no frills. A variety of colors, exquisite headboards and legs give originality. The base at the beds of lamellas or flat solid. Orthopedic options are used to ensure a healthy sleep and well-being of the child.. As an additional element under the bed are linen boxes.

The classic teenage bed is practically no different from adult models, it allows you to get rid of the excessive decor and brightness that are characteristic of children's rooms. The current decoration will be the LED backlight. The only drawback is that many teenagers do not like the classic design too much because of its mediocrity and rigor. Boys prefer multifunctional beds, combined with shelves, chests of drawers, wardrobes or sports equipment.

Wardrobe bed

It is a standard model, which is located inside a special cabinet. In the daytime, the sleeping place is hidden behind the furniture facade, in the evenings the bed reclines thanks to the lifting mechanism. The main advantage of the model is the tangible savings in the free space of the room.

It is easy to control the structure, just pull it down and slowly lower it to a distinctive click. Modern manufacturers create products with a remote control, thanks to which the transformation of the bed occurs at the touch of a button. There are more practical models combined with a sofa, a desk, an extra bed.

The disadvantages of wardrobe-beds include a high cost. Not everyone can afford fashionable furniture. In addition, you have to raise the bed daily in the mornings and lower in the evenings.When compared with a stationary berth, it is not always convenient.

Loft bed

Such a bed consists of two tiers, a berth, as a rule, is located on the second. Depending on the model, there may be various elements on the ground floor: a storage closet, a work area, and sports equipment. Placing a bed on top allows you to save space below, place a training area there, for example. Today low (120-150 cm) and high (above 160 cm) models are made. For teens, it is recommended to choose the second option.

The disadvantages of loft beds include the inconvenience of changing linens and their filling, restrictions on height and weight. If the child tosses and turns a lot in a dream, there is a risk of falling and injuring. Such a model is not suitable for those who are afraid of heights.


In various photos you can see how such a bed looks for a teenage boy. The design consists of two levels, on each of which there is a berth. The model is ideal for rooms designed for two children. The height can vary between 160-200 cm. There are products designed for rooms with low ceilings in the form of a retractable lower berth.

Bunk beds can be supplemented with a wardrobe, shelves, bedside tables, a sports corner, a table. The lower tier of some models consists of a closet, desk or small sofa.

The disadvantages of bunk beds include the fact that the second level is often hot and stuffy. Sometimes children quarrel over sleeping places, some are afraid of heights. According to psychologists, a child sleeping on top suppresses the one resting at the bottom. The version is controversial, so you do not need to trust it 100%.


An effective and practical solution for decorating a boy’s room. The bed-podium can be either retractable or traditional. The latter option is suitable for large rooms with a high ceiling. The berth is located on an elevated site.

The bed is built into the podium, put forward in the evenings. This arrangement helps to save space and divide the room into zones. Any furniture is placed on a raised platform: a desk, bookshelves, racks, cabinets.

The podium bed is not suitable for rooms with low ceilings.. For the construction, only high-quality, expensive materials are used that can withstand the daily drawer advancement. The berth is quite low, it is not too comfortable to lie on it and get up.

Teenage beds for boys today are made in a variety of variations. When choosing, the opinion of the child and the characteristics of each model are necessarily taken into account.


Experts recommend considering products from well-known manufacturers with a good reputation. These beds have safety, durability and durability. In the manufacturing process, only environmentally friendly hypoallergenic materials should be used:

  1. Tree. Natural raw materials are ideal for making furniture. It breathes, which helps create a healthy atmosphere. Products are distinguished by a variety of models and designs. Often, pine and oak are used for manufacturing. Items from the array will have to be regularly treated with protective equipment. Large changes in temperature and high humidity can damage furniture.
  2. Metal. Beds made of this material are practical to use, last a long time, but are quite expensive and cannot boast of a variety of design.
  3. Chipboard. It is used to create various models, which allows you to choose a bed in harmony with any interior. By production safe materials and coloring compounds should be used. Only in this case, the products are durable and high quality.
Metal bed
Wood bed
Particleboard bunk bed

Sofa bed for a teenager is selected taking into account the type of base located under the mattress.Convenience and comfort during rest depend on this detail. There are 3 varieties in total:

  1. Solid. It is a one-piece shield made of chipboard, plywood or boards. The mattress lying on it quickly loses elasticity, crumpled. There is no ventilation of the bed, which creates a favorable environment for the propagation of microbes and fungi.
  2. Rack and pinion. It is made in the form of a frame with wooden, plastic or metal battens. Plastic does not have high reliability, so it will not last long. Metal and wood provide airflow to the mattress, but under its weight they will soon bend and break.
  3. Lamellar. The frame is fixed strips of birch or beech. Thanks to their curved shape, the load is distributed evenly, and the orthopedic properties of the mattress are increased.

Experts recommend choosing the last option for teens - the lamella base of the bed. It will last longer and will be beneficial for the health of the child.

Lamella base
Rack base
Solid base


The quality of the boy’s sleep largely depends on the characteristics of the mattress. The main goal of this product is to maintain the spinal column in the correct position during rest. Depending on the filling, there are models with a spring or springless block made of soft fillers.

Options with dependent springs are not suitable for teenagers. If at least one element breaks, then the whole product becomes unsuitable for further use. This mattress is not able to maintain the spine in proper position. Independent springs, on the contrary, will be a great option for a boy. Each element is in a special case, which allows the mattress to repeat the shape of the human body.

Springless products are made from latex, polyurethane foam, memorials. They do not accumulate dust, do not absorb moisture, therefore they are hygienic and durable. The stiffness should be high or medium, soft mattresses will not provide the necessary support for the spine.

The anatomical mattress is perfect for a healthy body. If there are problems with the spine, an orthopedic model is required.

From latex and memorial
Polyurethane foam
With dependent springs
With independent springs

Design options

Before proceeding with the design of the room, it is necessary to consult with its owner, try to maximize all his ideas. Colorful bright shades are more suitable for girls; neutral colors are recommended for guys. A great option - teenage bed sofas for boys, decorated in pastel or dark colors. The design is complemented by decorative elements, suitable textiles.

Classic is always relevant, so a traditional wooden bed may appeal to a child. For high-tech style, models with straight, strict lines, metal details are suitable. Upholstery is made from smooth materials in white, black or silver.

Romantic natures will like the Art Nouveau style with flowing shapes, asymmetrical elements. Suitable colors are beige, gray, brown, metallic. The modern model will be the main focus of the stylish interior. Properly selected furniture will transform the design of the room, make it comfortable and cozy.

To diversify the monochrome interior will help the bedspread, curtains, pillows, painted in contrasting colors. In the guy’s room, the Scandinavian-style decor looks especially attractive. 

Hi-tech bed
Classic style
Art Nouveau
Scandinavian style bed

Criterias of choice

When choosing a bed for a teenager, it is necessary to take into account all the requirements that apply to such furniture. You can not be guided only by appearance. Other criteria are important:

  1. Functionality. In addition to the berth, structures may include chests of drawers, a built-in table or a wardrobe.A bed with drawers for a teenager will help to save free space, get a convenient place to store bedding.
  2. Reliability. A growing child quickly adds to growth and weight, so you need to take a bed with a margin in length. Quality materials are safe and durable, will last a long time.
  3. Design and colors. Design affects the psychological state of the child, which is necessarily taken into account when choosing. Shades and decor should harmoniously fit into the overall decor of the room.
  4. The size. Dimensions will be the same as for adult products. If all the members of the family are tall, then the bed for a boy of 15 years can reach 190 cm. If the teenager is very long, then it is necessary to make a berth under the order, taking into account individual characteristics. The width of the single model is 80-90 cm, double - 160 cm.

As for the form, the most popular are standard rectangular beds. But sometimes you want something unusual, for example, a round or square model - it all depends on the financial capabilities of the parents. Some guys feel great on a small ottoman, and many dream of sleeping on the upper tier, looking down on their own “possessions”.

In his room, the child not only rests, but also performs homework, plays sports, makes friends. Here is his personal space, which has a strong influence on attitude, mood. Bed selection criteria for teenage boys are necessarily discussed with them. Usually they are only interested in the appearance of the furniture, and parents should take care of the quality of the products.


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