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Features of choosing a car bed, an overview of popular models

A variety of cots with bumpers, age restrictions

A variety of cots with bumpers, age restrictions

If the family is preparing for the birth of a child, a whirlwind of pleasant troubles covers the household. They do not dry out, and when the baby has grown up. The first thing that parents care about is the safety of the child. A children's bed with sides is one of the most important items in the house. The calm of adults and the comfort of the baby largely depend on it. It is important to know all the subtleties in order to make the right choice.

Design options

The first thing to decide on is the design option for the bed for children. To make an objective decision, it is necessary to study the basic types available on the market.

A classic children's bed - a simple design, time-tested, is an excellent solution for those who value reliability and simplicity. The children's bed with a side depicted in the old photo, at first glance, does not differ much from modern models. But due to the use of high-quality new materials, furniture acquires new qualities.

White (or made in another traditional color) bed, organically fits into various interior styles. Strength is provided by four legs. A special children's mattress is laid on a rectangular base of lamellas. High grilles on the sides, at the head and on the foot are the guarantee of safety for the child. On them it is convenient to fasten soft sides for a crib or hanging pockets.

Some models are equipped with castors. In others, the front and rear legs are connected in pairs by runners, turning the crib into a rocking chair. Proponents of motion sickness will appreciate the presence of a pendulum mechanism. They are:

  • Longitudinal (swinging from side to side);
  • Cross (moves back and forth).

Sometimes in the kit there are several options, and the choice depends on the method of assembly. Children's bed with drawers - traditionally they are placed under the bottom. They are suitable for storing bedding, books, toys, designers. In models that are designed for children from 4 years old, the berth can be located quite high. This allows you to mount vertical drawers on the side of the mattress or under it (from 3 to 5 pcs). A similar arrangement of drawers often have teenage beds with sides.

After 2.5-3 years, children need a personal space where they can hide especially valuable objects. Boxes will help from an early age to accustom the child to order. If they reach the floor, this prevents the accumulation of dust under the bed. One of the drawbacks is that the additions make the piece of furniture more bulky. This minus is easily compensated for by a competent choice of color. It should be remembered that light shades visually expand the space.

Attic bed - from the name it is clear that a ladder is supposed to exist. The berth is located high. Level depends on age.The older the child, the higher the "attic" can be. The attic beds have particularly stringent requirements:

  1. The protective barrier should be high;
  2. Swing resistant design;
  3. All fasteners are simple and reliable;
  4. Comfortable staircase with non-slip steps;
  5. Large space between the mattress and the ceiling.

Under the berth you can arrange a play area. Children like to hide in a secluded corner under the stairs, imagining that this is a small house. Rational parents place several drawers, a chest of drawers, shelves for small things under such a bed. Particularly inventive manufacturers suggest using box handles as steps leading up.

For schoolchildren and adolescents in the lower tier, you can organize a workplace. This is a very ergonomic way to use the available space. The child will appreciate if you add elements of a sports complex to the design. If in the nursery it is necessary to allocate zones for two or three tomboys, another berth is located below.

Children's beds with sides

Plug-in side for modern furniture

Wooden pieces of furniture for a child’s room

Chair bed for a small child

Children's beds with sides with original design

Children's sliding beds - the rapid growth of the child is fraught with a number of tasks for material support. On average, you have to change the mattress once every 3 years, but the rapid growth of some children forces them to do this more often. A children's sliding bed (or a growing one, as it is also called) is a good way to get rid of excess spending.

  • It helps to solve the issue of organizing baby sleep for at least 10 years;
  • Enlarging an existing bed is much easier than looking for a new one. No need to think about how it fits into the interior, to work on delivery and assembly;
  • The long service life makes manufacturers especially carefully select materials, take care of the strength of the hardware. These beds are designed for more serious loads.

The use of chipboard in the manufacture of growing cots is permissible only as a material for boxes. Composite is not suitable for the case. Reliable are constructions made of solid birch, beech, oak.

According to the age of the child, beds are divided into types:

  • For children from 0 to 10 years old - it combines a bed with high sides, a chest of drawers and a changing table. The sleeping place is initially located rather high. As the motor skills develop, the crumbs, the mattress is gradually lowered. The side for a crib is removed completely or several racks are removed from it. The next transformation is to get rid of the chest of drawers and the changing table located above it. Due to the freed surface, the berth increases from 120 by 60 cm to 140 by 70 cm. Some models grow to 160 by 70 cm. Despite the impressive length, a bed with a removable side for teenagers will not work because of the modest width;
  • For children from 3 to 15 years - the initial dimensions are 80, and sometimes 90 cm. The berth can be increased using a pull-out system. Depending on the complexity of the design, it may include drawers, a chest of drawers. The sides in the models of this type are always removable.

Transformer bed - the famous round cradle, which has up to 8 modifications, belongs to this category. In the first version of the assembly, its diameter is only 70 cm. No other model can boast such a modest size. With a width of 0.7 m, some cribs can “grow” in length up to 1.6 m. The bottom can be fixed in 5-6 positions. Depending on the needs, this piece of furniture can be transformed into a changing table, playpen or railing for a large play area. Sometimes a door with a lock is included. The most technological designs are transformed into a table with two semicircular chairs.

Another option for the non-standard use of space is fixing the bed to the wall. This sleeping place is reminiscent of technology from a movie about super agents. Hidden mechanisms ensure smooth lowering of the mattress. Sides can be used as needed. This type is rarely used for preschoolers. It is more suitable for older children.Teenagers are delighted with such developments. A bed built into the podium. A thick podium is built from thick plywood. A soft coating is laid on top. And the sleeping place hides inside and leaves on special runners when it comes time to get ready for bed. This model involves the use of bumpers, which must be fixed every time the baby goes to bed. Then they are removed. This is not always convenient.

Children's sofa bed with sides - such children's furniture as sofas, fills any room with comfort and warmth. Smooth lines exclude the possibility of hitting a corner during active games:

  • When folded, such a sofa is the most compact of all options for furniture for sleeping;
  • Most models are covered with sides on all sides. Only a small area free of fencing remains;
  • All parts of the body are covered with soft upholstery. The risk of injury tends to zero;
  • Small height allows the baby to climb the sofa with ease;
  • A folded sofa turns into a place for games. An elastic filler will allow jumping on such a site without harm to it;
  • The sofa resembles a huge soft toy. Such pieces of furniture look incredibly cute.
  • When unfolding, a spacious place for sleeping is formed;
  • A sofa bed from a trusted manufacturer will last for many years due to the simplicity and stability of the design.

Different items of furniture for a child’s room

Teen room

Removable bed sides

Children's sofa bed

Cot for baby

Basic furniture requirements

The first thing you should pay attention to is the material from which the body is made:

  • A wooden bed is great for a child of any age. Wood is an affordable, lightweight and durable material that meets environmental standards. It remains warm at any temperature in the room. Most often use pine, oak, birch, maple, alder, beech. A children's bed from the massif of a tree, will serve not one year;
  • Large furniture factories also use metal for cribs. This material has increased strength. Allows you to perform thin, elegant elements, without losing the reliability of the design. On such beds dust settles less. Due to the use of technological alloys, the weight of the product remains small;
  • Particleboard beds are significantly inferior in strength to other types. But they have a record low weight and low price;
  • Sometimes in the manufacture of the crib several materials are used at once. This allows you to achieve maximum practicality.

Find out which coating was used for surface treatment. Only organic dyes should be used. Aggressive paints and varnishes emit toxic substances, which threatens the health of the child. It is necessary to check the quality of the fittings. The most vulnerable sliding systems. They suffer more than others from wear. Mounts are often damaged during active games, so it’s good if there are spare ones in the kit.


Plastic beds with sides for the child
Upholstered furniture from chipboard
Choosing wood furniture
Convenient removable furniture sides

Bunk bed for children with sides

Side constructions

One of the important criteria when choosing is the type of side for a crib. There are several basic design options:

  • A bed with soft sides is suitable for children who toss and turn during sleep and prefer unrestrained fun during the day. The disadvantage of this type is poor ventilation of the bed. In such sides dust quickly accumulates;
  • The sides of plastic or wood can be solid or trellised. They reliably insure against a fall. The wooden limiter sometimes acts as an element of decor. It is easy to clean and wear resistant;
  • The removable edge is best suited for growing structures. When a child grows up, this element can be easily disposed of. It can also be removed during daytime activities to reduce the risk of injury.

The stationary sides made of metal serve as a guarantee of the safety of the child. They provide excellent air circulation.

Choosing a design for a child’s room

Functional furniture design

Rules for arranging a child's room

Why do I need bed sides

Children's bed from the massif

Dimensions and parameters

For ease of selection and subsequent bedding, there are clear standards for cribs.An ordinary crib has a length of 118 and a width of 58 cm. Less and less often in stores you can find these miniature items of children's furniture. They are being replaced by the new European standard. Its characteristics: length 120, width 60. Most manufacturers of bed linen and accessories are focused on European standards today. Some babies are larger than their peers from birth. For such heroes, large cots with a length of 127 and a width of 63 cm were created. Teenage beds are also produced in two versions: small - 160x80 and large - 140x70.

Type of crib Size (cm)
Standard 118 on 58
European 120 to 60
Big 127 by 63
Teenage small 140 by 70
Teenage big 160 to 80

Children's handmade

Furniture with soft blue headboard

Children's bed with a protective side

Single bed for a child

Blue bed with drawers

Selection rules

Following the general recommendations, parents will make a choice that will please not only themselves, but also the baby:

  1. The use of many additional options is not always justified. It is important to clearly understand what features you really need;
  2. Furniture must be sustainable. Children are very fond of rocking the crib, jumping. It is important to protect the child from the possibility of turning it over;
  3. It is recommended that you familiarize yourself with the documentation. This will make sure that the product is certified and environmentally friendly materials were used in its manufacture;
  4. The distance between the gratings should be 5-6 cm. If it is smaller, this will disrupt the ventilation of the berth. Large gaps increase the risk of being stuck between grates. If the child is actively moving in a dream, it is recommended to close the sides with a soft bumper;
  5. The sides should be securely fixed, preventing falling from the bed;
  6. Too narrow designs should be avoided. A child in a dream can hit a fence;
  7. It is necessary to think in advance what dimensions wisely fit into the space of the room. Calculate the number of drawers, shelves and other items you need for storage. This will avoid unnecessarily massive structures.

Avoid models where the bottom of the crib is made of plywood. Absolutely flat sleeping surface is harmful to the back. The rack basis orthopedists recognize more pertinent. Lack of ventilation prevents the mattress from breathing. If the baby did not have time to restrain the urge of his body, the mattress will be difficult to dry.

Furniture with sides for a child

Why you should choose furniture with sides for children

Cabinet bed selection

How to practically arrange a child’s room

How to practically arrange a child’s room

A. For a girl

The child will be happy to go to bed if she has an attractive appearance. Therefore, decor plays a very important role in choosing furniture for a children's room. If the baby will live in the room, you can install a canopy bed. The young lady will be able to imagine that she lives in a wonderful castle. If it is an attic bed, then the lower tier can be turned into a tea room.

Popular models are those that recreate the plot of cartoons about the little mermaid Ariel, Rapunzel, Alice in Wonderland. Curly sides can imitate Cinderella's magic carriage. The loft bed may look like a beautiful lady’s balcony, under which serenades are sung, or the tower of the enchanted princess. Comfort is created by farm-style cots, houses, where all kinds of birds and animals live. The girl will like a bed made in gentle colors, decorated with butterflies and flowers.

Bed from 3 years from particleboard

Crib for girls

B. For a boy

Sometimes boys are so stubborn that it’s difficult to please their taste. Any tomboy will be delighted with the bed, a racing car with sides in the form of wheels. In the nursery, you can anchor a real pirate ship or build a bungalow in the tropical jungle. Even a simple bed, decorated with portraits of your favorite characters, will delight the fidget. Of particular interest are various ladders and ropes, rotating parts and toy compasses. In such a bed, the child will not only be happy to fall asleep, but also spend a significant part of the day in exciting adventures.

Designers of children's furniture offer incredible solutions to recreate plots on any topic in the interior. But if imagination is played out in earnest, it is not difficult to perform decorative details with your own hands.To do this, beautiful fabrics, colored paper or plywood coated with paint will do. The advantage of such creativity is that annoying attributes can be replaced periodically.

Teenage bed with a side for boys

Boy's room

Sides of a modern bed

B. How does age affect

Each age has its own psychological and physiological characteristics. It is important to consider them when choosing furniture.

  • For a newborn, a limited space is suitable, for example, a small cradle. Well, if it is equipped with a pendulum mechanism that simulates swaying in my mother’s tummy. It is desirable to place the mattress high, and set the sides to a height of 15-20 cm. It will be easier for a mother who is experiencing a recovery period after childbirth to take care of the baby. As new skills appear, the height of the sides is gradually increased, and the mattress is lowered. After two months, when the baby began to roll over, be sure to close the sides with a soft bumper;
  • For babies from 1 year, the sides should be installed at a level above the chest. This is done so that he who knows how to stand, and sometimes walk, the child does not get over them. Removing the protective bumper is not yet recommended, because the child often falls and can hit the walls;
  • At the age of 2 years, many children already know how to sit on the pot yourself. It is recommended to provide this opportunity by lowering the berth and arranging the passage. The optimal size of the mattress for this age is 0.7 by 1.3 m. The soft bumper can be removed if desired;
  • Children's beds from three years are not protected by boards around the entire perimeter. It's time to remove one of the walls. It is assumed that the child has completely mastered the skills of self-care. He can leave the bed and return to it. Given the rapid growth of babies, it is recommended to increase the length of the berth by 10-20 cm;
  • For preschoolers and primary school children, the minimum height of the sides does not exceed 20 cm. The length is from 1/3 to 2/3 of the total length of the berth;
  • A teenage bed with sides is necessary if the berth is on a raised platform. Sometimes sleep at this age is quite restless. Therefore, sometimes fencing does not hurt, even if the growth of the child already exceeds the parent. It is convenient to use removable sides, which are easy to get rid of when the need disappears.

A happy childhood does not require as much material wealth as it might seem to young parents. And yet, without some of them, it is difficult to establish a comfortable life. A children's bed with sides is a piece of furniture that cannot be dispensed with in a house with a child.

Cot for a child from 3 years

Furniture with prints for a nursery

Children's bed from 3 years

Green baby crib

Children's bed based on natural wood

A photo

White furniture with a nice decor

What material is better to choose a bed

Children's beds with sides for ages from three to eight years

Wooden pieces of furniture for sleeping baby

Original furniture sides

Furnishing a small child's room

Arrangement of a nursery

Bed with a side car

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