Main parameters of chipboard furniture, possible options and selection criteria
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Main parameters of chipboard furniture, possible options and selection criteria
Features of furniture from chipboard, selection tips
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Overview of furniture on a metal frame, features and scope

Overview of furniture on a metal frame, features and scope

A wide variety of furniture allows you to create sophisticated or austere interiors. But any products should be first of all comfortable and reliable. The furniture on the metal frame is particularly strong and can organically complement the cozy atmosphere of the kitchen or the strict atmosphere of the reception in the institution.

Advantages and disadvantages

Furniture on a metal frame is in demand not only in residential premises, but also in organizations, since it has many advantages:

  • Durability of products - kitchen tables, thanks to a reliable durable metal base, can last several decades. Even if a wooden or glass countertop collapses, an experienced craftsman will replace it in half an hour;
  • Assembling furniture does not take much time. If you often have to assemble / disassemble the structure, then this does not affect the general condition of the furniture, unlike wooden models;
  • Increased impact resistance allows you not to worry about furniture during transportation;
  • Due to its resistance to temperature and humidity changes, it is possible to furnish country and country houses with such products that are not heated in the winter season;
  • Universality of furniture - some models look equally good even at home, at least at work;
  • The combination of various materials (metal, leather, wood, glass, plastic) allows you to create interesting and non-standard items.

Furniture on a metal frame is not without some drawbacks:

  • Significant weight - it is natural that a small office chair does not weigh very much, but with constant rearrangements, the mass of the object will already matter;
  • If the legs of the products do not have special overlays, then over time the floor covering can seriously suffer. Especially if the furniture will be often rearranged.

Thanks to modern technologies, products are produced that are not only durable, but also organically fit into rooms of different styles. For the Provence style, tables, chairs with wrought iron frames are suitable. And the industrial character of the loft-style room will be emphasized by furniture with a frame made of bent tubes.

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Similar furniture models appeared in the 20s of the last century. The first chairs were based on water and gas pipes. Today, metal bases serve as a support for various pieces of furniture:

  • Chairs are available for institutions (cafes, offices, hospitals), for residential premises (kitchen, bar). The metal frame can be folding. Chairs are available with hard (wooden, plastic) or soft seats. Natural and artificial fabrics are used as upholstery. More durable and unpretentious care are models with artificial leather upholstery. Such chairs are most often used in cafes or other public places;
  • Tables are made for kitchen, office, workers.The metal base may have a different shape. For non-standard interiors, it is possible to choose a table even with a cast-iron base. Of great importance when choosing models is the shape and material of the countertop;
  • Sofas on a metal frame is appropriate to put in the office or in the country. Uncomplicated designs are reliable and can be two or triple. Upholstery is selected fabric or leatherette. Often such products are installed in the buildings of train stations and airports;
  • Beds and couches are made mainly for public institutions (kindergartens, hospitals). As a rule, the base is made completely welded and coated with a gray powder polymer powder paint;
  • Armchairs on the metal frame are often installed in assembly and session halls, cinemas, and waiting rooms for vehicles. usually equipped with soft leatherette upholstery;
  • Benches are another popular type of furniture for public buildings. Most often installed in the corridors of clinics, schools.

Metal frames for furniture are made of different materials. Chrome steel is particularly hard, durable and reliable.

Moreover, the coating can be of different thicknesses and have a shiny (mirror) or matte surface. Furniture, which is often rearranged (sun loungers, garden chairs), is made from durable aluminum alloys.

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Selection rules

Before purchasing furniture, you should take into account some of the features of products that will help make the right choice:

  • Be sure to verify the environmental friendliness of the alloy of which the structure is made;
  • On the metal parts of the frame there should be no scratches, chips or nicks, rust sections;
  • It is preferable to choose products coated with a double layer of chromium;
  • The frames of furniture items should have rounded corners (this should be noted especially when choosing furniture for a children's room);
  • It is worth paying attention to the upholstery of the seats, the material of the countertop. Upholstery from washable non-marking materials is preferable for kitchen chairs. The countertop should be made of tempered glass;
  • All frame elements must be firmly fixed. Furniture should be secure, not loose.

Thanks to modern technology and design fantasies, furniture on metal frames is increasingly found in residential and office buildings.

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