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Why softs creak, how to fix the situation on your own

Why softs creak, how to fix the situation on your own

Upholstered furniture is a piece of furniture designed to give coziness and a sense of comfort. The main guarantee of this is serviceable and high-quality elements. But even the most reliable products begin to show signs of aging over time, not to mention budget models and assembly flaws. All this leads to the fact that often the sofa creaks - not everyone knows how to fix it, because the algorithm of actions directly depends on the type of breakdown and the type of construction. All restoration work can be done at home.

The reasons for squeaking depending on the type of construction

Products are made from two types of frame: metal and wooden. The reasons for the creak of the sofa in each case may be different. To solve the problem as quickly as possible, you need to get some knowledge about the design.

Wooden sofas

Extraneous sounds in wooden products appear for the following reasons:

  • occurrence of cracks;
  • drying of parts;
  • soft filler wear;
  • loosening of fasteners;
  • too tight mounts;
  • damage to the filler, which is why the springs creak in the couch.

Cracks form from loads, but their root cause is usually:

  • the presence of knots in the tree;
  • poor build quality;
  • use in the manufacture of the sofa poorly dried materials;
  • illiterate weight distribution.

A common cause of lack of balance is the small number of jumpers. Plywood in some areas is forced through and begins to make characteristic sounds. If the sofa creaks, how to fix the situation - many people ask this question. To eliminate the problem, it is necessary to install additional jumpers that will take on part of the load, make the design more reliable and durable.

cracks in the couch
Defect in a wooden frame
filler in the sofa
Soft filler wear
mounts in wooden sofas
Loosening Fasteners
replacing polorona on the couch
Filler damage


A metal sofa creaks for the following reasons:

  • loosening of fasteners (bolts and nuts);
  • the appearance of rust on the parts;
  • wear of the transformation mechanism;
  • subsidence of springs (due to poor quality, improper installation or lack of cushioning material);
  • breakdown of one of the connection sections, the spring block, ring links;
  • deformation of the supporting structure;
  • low amount of grease at the attachment points.

Usually, creaking in metal products is easier to fix than in wood, because such a defect is most often caused not by damage to the structure, but by loosening of the joints, for example, in the transformation mechanism. From this, some elements begin to rub against each other, causing an unpleasant sound. To solve the problem, you usually just need to tighten the mounts.

fasteners in a metal sofa
Loosening Fasteners
rust in a metal sofa
The appearance of rust
folding sofa
Depreciation of the transformation mechanism
subsidence of springs
Spring defect
sofa on springs
Spring block failure
sofa with metal casing
Body deformation

What will be needed for repair

If you need to repair the sofa with a creak, before starting all work at home, you need to prepare the necessary material and tools:

  • upholstery fabric;
  • gasket (e.g. foam rubber);
  • springs or one-piece block;
  • PVA glue;
  • plywood;
  • plates and corners (preferably made of metal);
  • self-tapping screws;
  • nuts, bolts, brackets and so on;
  • screwdrivers of various types (or universal with several nozzles);
  • construction stapler;
  • pliers.

The list of accessories required may vary by model. Only the core set is listed above. With more serious breakdowns, the list of tools can be expanded.

Often the cause of the creak may not be in the sofa at all, but in the surface on which it is installed. Therefore, before starting to disassemble the structure, as well as prepare the necessary materials and tools, it is advisable to check the evenness of the floor.

If you can’t set the furniture according to the level, you can move the sofa to another place. If the problem persists, it’s worth trying to adjust the geometry of the furniture itself by putting something under its legs. To do this, you can use felt fabric, ordinary sheets of paper folded several times.

Sofa Repair Tools

necessary materials

upholstery for sofas

plywood sheets

compression springs


Universal instructions for eliminating squeaks sofa

Those who do not know what to do if the sofa creaks should read the detailed instructions. It is necessary:

  1. Unscrew bolts and other connections, disassemble the structure into components. Assess whether there is rust on metal products (replace them if necessary). If the spring block is corroded, it must also be replaced with a new one.
  2. If the creak remains, the cause may not be corrosion, but loosening of the joints of the spring block. It is necessary to tighten the fasteners on the sides of the module, but not too tight so as not to damage the threads. Such preventive measures are recommended to be performed a couple of times a year. This will prevent not only creaking, but also accidental structural damage from heavy loads.
  3. If the seat sags and therefore there is a creak, it is necessary to replace the filler (this requires removing the upholstery). The structure must be filled with a layer carefully so that the elements do not come into contact with each other. For installation under springs, multilayer plywood is excellent. As a soft filler, foam rubber, batting or other materials can be used. Then lay the new upholstery and fix it with brackets using a stapler.
  4. If the spring is damaged (cracked), the entire module changes. You can replace a separate structural element, but usually it gives only a temporary result, since others crack as well (after all, they experience approximately equal loads). In order not to return to the question of why the sofa creaks, it’s better to do everything right away.
  5. If the cause of the creak is subsidence of the spring, the foam is laid between the parts and inside the elements themselves. The surface then becomes softer and stops making extraneous sounds.
  6. If there is a small crack in the part, you can reinforce it to eliminate the creaking of the sofa. An additional piece of plywood is attached to the deformation site (using self-tapping screws and PVA glue). You can use not a board, but metal elements (corners, plates). If the part is badly damaged, it is replaced. It is quite difficult to install some elements, therefore, repair should be carried out by professionals.
  7. In cases where an extraneous sound causes friction of the bars and fiberboard, the areas of contact are treated with wax or paraffin.
  8. If the furniture is folding, the transformation mechanism can make sounds. In this case, it is important to figure out how to lubricate the sofa so that it does not creak.This will require machine oil (it is first important to remove dust and grease from the elements, and then drip the liquid at the joints of the mounts). If parts are badly damaged, they need to be replaced.
  9. Also, furniture may make sounds due to improperly installed supports. It is important to align them in height, for example, using plastic plugs.

In cases where a new sofa creaks under warranty, you should always contact the seller. If the defect is caused by design features, the manufacturer must replace the product or offer a different model.

If a corner sofa or a model consisting of separate modules creaks, the reason may be their incorrect fastening. To fix the problem, you need to inspect the junction of the blocks. The connections may be loose or too tight. It is necessary to see if there is rust on the parts, whether they are deformed (in both cases the element will need to be replaced). It is also possible that the sofa was previously disassembled, and the modules were fixed incorrectly. In this case, you need to unscrew the bolts and tighten them again.

how to fix a sofa
Check for corrosion in the spring unit
disassembling the sofa
Tighten fasteners
DIY sofa
Replace filler
sofa repair
Replace spring unit
how to fix a sofa with sagging springs
Pave foam between parts
sofa screed
Strengthen the housing
cheap squeak elimination sofas
Handle connections
elimination of creaking sliding mechanisms
Lubricate the transformation mechanism
furniture legs
Level sofa

Breakdown prevention

It is important not only to know how to eliminate creaking in sofas, but also to understand how to operate them so that extraneous sounds do not appear. After all, proper care of furniture will significantly extend its service life. To prevent the sofa from creaking, you must adhere to the following rules:

  1. Metal fasteners are processed twice a year by special means. Lack of lubrication is a common reason if an accordion sofa or other folding structures with steel mechanisms creaks.
  2. With constant operation, it is important not to overload the product, it should be carefully mounted (the problem is relevant for children's rooms, when a child or several children like active games on upholstered furniture).
  3. When rearranging, you need to move the sofa gently, removing unnecessary things from it (including from the laundry compartment, if any). It is recommended not to move furniture alone, but together, so as not to disturb its geometry, not to damage the structure, and not to scratch the floor.

If the sofa creaks, fixing the problem is quite simple. All work can be done at home if you follow the instructions. Professional repair is required only for significant structural damage.

kids jumping on the couch
Don't jump
how to move the sofa
Move together
sliding sofa grease
Handle with special tools


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