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Detailed instructions for assembling and disassembling an accordion sofa
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Detailed instructions for assembling and disassembling an accordion sofa

Guide for disassembling the sofa depending on the type of design

Guide for disassembling the sofa depending on the type of design

People often face the need to dismantle furniture on their own. Every master should know how to disassemble a sofa, this information is useful during moving or repairing. In order to carry out dismantling without damaging a single part, you will need special skills and basic knowledge about the design of the product.

Necessary tools

If you have a leather sofa at home, how to disassemble it, you can find out from specialized literature or video instructions posted in the public domain. The structural elements of the product are interconnected using various fasteners. Their number and variety are determined by the features of a particular model. As a rule, in factory production are used:

  • bolts
  • nuts
  • screws;
  • screws;
  • Euroscrews (threaded, as with self-tapping screws).

In Russia, corners and dowels are most often used. To dismantle most models of domestic production, it is enough to have a simple open-end wrench. Its diameter may vary depending on the dimensions of the product (10, 12, 14). You should also stock up in advance with an angular key.

To give the product an aesthetic appearance, many manufacturers of upholstered furniture intentionally hide fasteners under the upholstery. When working with such sofas, the master will definitely need pliers and a flat screwdriver to pry the staples and pull out the nails. You can also use an ordinary nail clipper.

Before starting work on disassembling the product, it is necessary to prepare several containers for fasteners in advance: nuts are put in one, bolts in the other, screws in the third. For this, large round tin cans of tea or cookies are well suited.


Model-specific work steps

Step-by-step instructions for dismantling upholstered furniture depend on the design of the product. Sofas of domestic production are of two types - straight and corner. The first option is a rectangular product with a horizontally oriented seat and a vertical back. Popular transformation mechanisms are a book, a eurobook, an accordion. The second model has the shape of the letter G or P, and is decomposed as follows: if you pull the lower part of the seat, it leaves, and the berth increases. Given these features, these two varieties require an individual approach to dismantling.


Before dismantling the sofas for transportation, the furniture is folded and carefully inspected from behind. If fasteners are hidden under the cover, carefully remove the edges of the fabric. Using a flat screwdriver, staples, nails and other parts are removed. Then you need to:

  1. Give the seat a vertical position, place it on the back.
  2. Unscrew sidewalls if fasteners are present.
  3. Remove the hardware that is used to secure the seat.
  4. Remove backrest locks.

The easiest way is to disassemble a product with a Eurobook transformation mechanism. In this model, the back and seat are a single monolithic block. You just need to remove the sidewalls and disconnect the lower part, which leaves on wheels.

In preparation for transporting the disassembled sofa-accordion, you need to carefully remove the headboard and roll out the triple frame on the box. To do this, the seat rises, the fasteners are unscrewed, connecting it with the rest of the structural elements. On some models, the box is fixed with clamps, in which case they are removed. As a result, the sofa needs to be disassembled into three parts: paired sidewalls, a folded transformation mechanism and a retractable linen box. The last stage of work is the dismantling of legs equipped with rollers. They, like the sidewalls, are preferably folded in pairs.


Before disassembling the sofa, it is necessary to free the furniture from the protective cover and remove the pillows away so that they do not get dust and dirt during operation. After that, the product carefully rolls out to the middle of the room so that it can be freely approached from either side. Next, the seat rises so that the inner frame is visible. Then you need to:

  1. Unscrew side sections.
  2. Separate the corner element with short and long.
  3. Remove soft parts.
  4. If the short part has a back, unscrew it.
  5. Disconnect the drawer for bedding.

If the sofa is disassembled for moving, and not for repair, each part is separately packed in polyethylene. Both sides are stacked together. After that, you can easily transport the product. If the sofa was disassembled with the upholstery removed, it can be returned to its place using the construction stapler.

Some elite models have polished wood armrests. In this case, they must be protected from mechanical damage with a corrugated cardboard, which is fixed with construction tape.

Thus, the layout of the corner sofa for transportation is quite simple. In the process, the master will need a flat screwdriver and several open-end wrenches. To remove branded mounts, it is better to consult a specialist. It is advisable to transport the corner only in disassembled form, because of the design features sofas of this type often get stuck in doorways, especially on narrow stairwells.

Precautionary measures

Costly models often have proprietary hardware. It is recommended to disassemble it only with special tools, otherwise there is a risk of harming the frame or upholstery. You should not try to separate complex mechanisms on your own, otherwise you will not be able to reassemble them later.

Model Recommended precautions during dismantling.
Accordion If the design of the product requires clamps, you must very carefully disconnect the box for bedding.
Book, Eurobook In order not to lose the nuts during parsing, they can be screwed back to the bolts of the dismantled elements.
Angular Do not try to disassemble the corner block. It must be left as is.

It is strictly forbidden to use brute force during dismantling at home. Fasteners need to be immediately folded into one place so that it is easy to find them later. Observing these simple rules, you can significantly speed up the process of subsequent assembly of the product and easily transport it to a new apartment or move it to another room.

If you need to dismantle furniture with an old base, then you should remember that chipboard is more difficult to repair than furniture with a wooden frame. However, the condition of the frame also plays a role. The age of the product matters, the older it is, the more tightly the fastenings fit together. Disassembling corner sofas is a bit more complicated than straight models. During transportation, parts must be reliably protected from moisture. For this, each structural element is wrapped in a waterproof polymer film.

Models with a retractable built-in laundry niche pose a great danger to pets. Before you push the box into place, you need to make sure that, for example, a cat has not climbed into it, otherwise it may get seriously injured.

When dismantling, one should take into account not only the design of the product (straight or angular), but also the dimensions, features of the transformation mechanism and the properties of the material of which the furniture is made. To disassemble a sofa, you need to use only those tools that are suitable for a particular model. Dismantling should be carried out in stages, in a strictly defined sequence. If everything is done correctly, the product will be easy to assemble and bring in proper form.

Do not use brute force
Put the fasteners in a separate package, mark and securely fasten with adhesive tape to one of the parts of the sofa
Pack all parts in a waterproof polymer film.
To pack each element of the dismantled corner sofa separately (sidewalls - in pairs)


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