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Guide for disassembling the sofa depending on the type of design
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Detailed instructions for assembling and disassembling an accordion sofa

Detailed instructions for assembling and disassembling an accordion sofa

Due to its compact dimensions and high performance, the sofa with an accordion mechanism is very popular. This model is transformed into a spacious berth, therefore, it is great for both living rooms and children's rooms. If necessary, upholstered furniture can be moved from one room to another. Knowing how to assemble an accordion sofa, it will not be difficult to do this. The model has a simple design, which every man can cope with without effort.

Features of the transformation mechanism

According to the principle of the mechanism, the folding sofa accordion can be compared with stretching a button accordion or accordion. Its design has three blocks, which consist of a metal or wooden frame. It is filled with wooden armor, spaced apart from each other.

The berth consists of two blocks. The plates in them have a maximum removal in relation to each other. The third frame serves as a seat. At the same time, it makes the resting place longer when the sofa is laid out. This piece of furniture gets a lot of work, so the armor is placed as close as possible.

When folded, the two main blocks are tightly adjacent to each other, forming a back. In relation to the seat, they are perpendicular. To quickly unfold the sofa accordion, you need to extend the seat. It will pull along the entire structure. When folded, the sofa does not take up much space and looks miniature.

The accordion mechanism can be found in the following options:

  1. Direct sofa. It has 3 seats and 2 berths. Suitable for rooms with a small area. Folds forward.
  2. Chair bed. Takes up little space, designed for one person. Used as a permanent or temporary place to sleep.
  3. Corner sofa. When unfolded, it has a large berth due to the structure, which consists of direct and stationary blocks. Most suitable for spacious living rooms.
Chair bed for one person

How the sofa with the accordion mechanism unfolds: first you need to slightly raise the seat until it clicks, which indicates a fuse lock. Further, the seat is pulled with an effort on itself until the blocks create a smooth surface.

Folding an accordion sofa is also easy. To do this, do the steps in the reverse order:

  1. The seat slides into place. This makes the sleeping place rise and turn into a back.
  2. The lower block is lifted slightly until a click sounds. After that, the sofa will be completely folded.

With a properly assembled design, the process is very fast and easy. If the sofa accordion does not unfold or fold, then this indicates that the product was not assembled correctly.

Materials and tools for assembly

In the public domain there are many diagrams and drawings with which assembling a sofa with an accordion transformation mechanism will become much easier. You only need to substitute your sizes, which are determined depending on the area of ​​the room and the space allocated for the product. In addition, the dimensions of the berth are taken into account. Before choosing a scheme, it is recommended to determine the design of the product.

The mattress support can be a metal frame equipped with lamellas or made of fiberboard and timber. It is difficult to create a DIY accordion sofa with a metal frame without certain skills. Therefore, most often home craftsmen choose an option from a tree. A product made with a wooden frame has the following details:

  • soft mattress, consisting of 3 elements: front and back of the back, seats;
  • 2 armrests;
  • stiffeners that connect the sidewalls to the rear;
  • a box for storing bedding, pillows, blankets;
  • wheels
  • guides that allow you to extend the structure.

Creating a scheme of future furniture, the master must take into account a number of points:

  1. Armrest shape: straight or complex. In addition, it is important to decide whether this element is soft or hard.
  2. The height of the backrest when unfolded.
  3. The presence or absence of a laundry box on wheels.

Based on the diagram, a drawing is created. It indicates the dimensions of each part. Also at this stage, the characteristics of the material and its quantity are determined.

For standard size furniture you will need:

  • armrests - chipboard (2.5 cm) or plywood (1 cm) for the frame, timber with a cross section of 2.5 x 5 cm, hardboard;
  • plywood for the facade;
  • frame for a berth - fiberboard or timber;
  • boards for the frame of the linen box and fiberboard for the bottom;
  • foam rubber;
  • stiffeners - fiberboard or plywood;
  • self-tapping screws;
  • boards for guides;
  • transformation mechanism, the size of which should correspond to the height of the mattress;
  • nuts and bolts;
  • upholstery material;
  • universal or furniture glue;
  • wheel and hinge supports.

You will also need a flat screwdriver, keys for 10, 12, 13, 14, a screwdriver, a drill, a ruler, a pencil, a tape measure, a hammer, scissors and staples. To create covers you will need a sewing machine.

Fittings and materials
Transformation mechanism

Step-by-step instruction

If we compare several types of products, we can conclude that making this model is much easier than others. It is not difficult to assemble a factory product. Along with it, the kit provides instructions for assembling an accordion-type sofa, as well as all the necessary details. Following step by step, a beginner can easily assemble furniture. The whole process is divided into two stages: designing a berth and assembling the frame.

It is better to assemble furniture with a partner. This will speed up the process and simplify it.

Step-by-step instructions for assembling an accordion sofa:

  1. The purchased product is brought from the warehouse in a disassembled form into several parts. Separately, there is a frame with a transformation mechanism, a mattress, armrests. All details must be prepared by removing the elements of the packaging material.
  2. The frame is fully extended.
  3. A mattress is laid on top of the frame. It has special Velcro tapes that secure it to the base.
  4. The mattress is fixed with ribbons along the edges of the frame and in places of bends, which are formed in the folded state of the sofa. The soft part is important to fix well, so it is recommended to use all the tapes that are in the kit.
  5. The next step is preparation for the installation of the armrests. First, all the elements for adjusting and fixing the armrests are removed from the frame. Then release the accessories from the packaging, and also prepare a key for 10.
  6. At predetermined points on the armrests, the holders are reliably installed in special grooves that are in the transformation mechanism.
  7. The armrests are equipped with plastic connectors. They are designed to securely fasten parts to the back of the sofa.
  8. The accordion sofa is moved to a position where you can reach the adjustment lamb. It is located between the sleeping unit and the armrest.
  9. The lamb is tightened to the end. At this point, the sofa accordion is fully operational. It remains only to test the mechanism for the ability to unfold, and also put the furniture in the right place in the apartment.
Brought from stock
Prepared the details
Spread the frame and lay the mattress
We fix the mattress with ribbons to the frame
Armrest fittings
We fasten the holders with the wing to the armrest
Insert holders into the grooves of the transformation
Dress the back of the sofa with plastic connectors
Put the sofa in a position where you can reach the lamb
Tighten the adjustment lamb
Assembled sofa accordion

Before disassembling the sofa-accordion for transportation, you need to prepare: a flat screwdriver, keys for 10, 12, 13 and 14, bags, film or tape for packaging. First, furniture is pushed from the wall to the center of the room, covers are removed. Using the keys, unscrew the screws that connect the side parts to the back.

Next, the head is disconnected, taking it out of the grooves and rolling out the frame on the box. The seat is lifted, unscrew the mount or clamps and remove the linen box. After it was possible to disassemble the sofa accordion for transportation, the packaging stage begins. Side parts, a box for linen, a transformation mechanism and a mattress are wrapped in a film separately from each other. Bolts and fasteners are sent in a package.

The accordion sofa has a comfortable design that is very compact and easy to fold out. Having laid it out, you can get a comfortable berth, which will allow you to fully relax.

Move the sofa away from the wall
We remove pillows and covers
Disconnect the head
We untie the mattress tape from the structure
We remove the mattress
We unscrew the screws of the fasteners with the keys
Turn off the fasteners
We remove the linen box
Disassembled parts wrap with foil
We put bolts and fasteners in bags



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