Furniture decorative film options and recommendations
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Furniture decorative film options and recommendations

What are pvc films for decorating a furniture facade

What are pvc films for decorating a furniture facade

Beautiful functional furniture is an indispensable attribute of a house, office and apartment. Cabinet products in furniture production are decorated with facades treated with film material. A coating such as PVC film for furniture facades protects elements from moisture, scratches, damage and has an important decorative function. Coverage allows you to implement many interesting ideas, design projects.

Material characteristics

What is a film in furniture design? Facades from MDF and particleboard are coated with PVC film using special technology. For the restoration and decoration of furniture, manufacturers produce a wide range of self-adhesive films by the method of calendering or molding. In the first case, the heated PVC is passed through the rollers using high-quality polymer, multidimensional plastic. The result is a thin layer deposited on a smooth surface.

For structural decoration of furniture elements using the casting method. After shrinkage, the film coating protects the facade from negative effects. Polyvinyl chloride polymer film has a long service life. In the market of recyclables, PVC furniture film wastes are widely used, using them for the manufacture of linings for window and door openings, and the production of floor skirting boards. Technical characteristics of the front film:

  • material thickness - from 0.15 to 0.8 mm;
  • width per roll is 1400 mm;
  • length of rolled PVC - from 100 to 500 m;
  • coatings - glossy, matte, texture;
  • effect decors - 3D, hologram, patina, embossing;
  • imitation - wood, stone, marble chips;
  • color filling - a wide range of shades.

Thanks to modern application technology, the coating has optimal strength, rigidity, elasticity. Service life depends on the quality of PVC used in the manufacturing process, from two to ten years.

With prolonged use, the appearance of the facades of kitchen sets and furniture for a children's room loses its appeal. At home, a self-adhesive PVC film helps to return aesthetic beauty to products.

Beautiful facade of furniture with PVC film

High-quality facade of furniture with PVC film

How to choose a furniture facade with PVC film

Protected furniture facade with PVC film

Furniture option with PVC film


The combination of decorative and protective functions is the main advantage of a polyvinyl chloride coating. After processing, furniture facades acquire an interesting design in a rich color palette. The film protects products from damage, negative factors. The main advantages of PVC films for furniture facades:

  • chemical, physical stability;
  • high temperature stability;
  • moisture resistance, low absorption;
  • resistance to ultraviolet rays;
  • the presence of antibacterial treatment;
  • low thermal conductivity, environmental friendliness;
  • durability, protection against scratches, abrasion;
  • variability of structure and choice of shades;
  • high aesthetic and decorative properties.

The material has absorbent properties (does not absorb moisture). When cleaning and washing compounds get on the surface, damage is not formed. It is allowed to use PVC material for decoration of furniture intended for rooms with unstable humidity, temperature - kitchens and bathrooms. The coating does not contain toxic substances, protects the wood from burnout, moisture and mold.

For design purposes, PVC film is ideal. Furniture facades can be artificially aged, give the surface a metallization effect, apply a multilayer decorative coating.

Practical furniture facade with PVC film

Facade of furniture with PVC film

Comfortable furniture facade with PVC film

Modern furniture facade with PVC film

Attractive furniture facade with PVC film


Processing elements of various configurations and structures requires the use of a certain type of coating. The film for finishing furniture facades is classified according to the texture. There are such types of products:

  • PVC texture films imitating natural materials. Options for wood, natural stone, marble, as well as coverings with designer patterns, abstract drawings are in great demand. Especially effective film look in the design of kitchen sets and countertops from MDF;
  • glossy coating - reliably protects the facade from external influences, prevents the formation of scratches. Glossy film does not peel off during prolonged use, is resistant to moisture. The gloss applied to the facade gives the furniture set a beautiful shine;
  • matte material - does not differ in technical characteristics from a glossy coating, but has important advantages - spots and dirt are invisible on the matte surface. The furniture does not sparkle and does not shine, which avoids glare from the lighting of the room;
  • an extensive group of decorative materials for independent design of furniture. Self-gluing is perfect for restoration of facades or designing products in a new way. The self-adhesive film is treated with a composition that provides reliable fixation of the coating on the furniture surface.

Additionally, the film is decorated with embossed patterns, patination, holographic effects and 3D images are applied. Thanks to a variety of colors in the production of furniture, you can implement unusual projects, use combined facades and elements of contrasting shades.

Bright glossy PVC film
PVC color matte film
PVC adhesive film
Self adhesive
Beautiful PVC texture film

Application technology

Polymer coatings - the main option for finishing furniture facades. Depending on the complexity of the processed surface and the type of material, there are three options for applying a decorative protective coating for furniture - lamination, lamination and post-formatting.


The process of coating the base surface with facing materials in order to improve the aesthetic characteristics of the finished product is called lamination. Application technology is carried out at different temperatures on special equipment:

  • cold lamination - cold-treatment with PVC film for furniture facades is suitable for smooth surfaces. The part is covered with glue and a film is rolled under pressure;
  • warm lamination - before applying a decorative coating, the adhesive is heated to release excess moisture. The material is pressed to the surface until the glue polymerizes;
  • hot laminating - the technology of applying the film is performed at a temperature of 120-160 ° C by hot rollers of machine equipment.

In the production process, waste furniture PVC film is formed if the material is deformed under heavy load. There are restrictions on the use of laminating when processing chipboard and MDF - the surface must be flat. Glue reliably fixes PVC, is evenly distributed on the base of the part due to temperature heating and the use of vacuum-pressing equipment.

Lamination of furniture with PVC foil

White lamination of furniture with PVC foil

Practical lamination of furniture with PVC foil

Nice looking lamination of furniture with PVC film

Convenient lamination of furniture with PVC film

What is lamination of furniture with PVC film


During lamination, the workpiece is wrapped with a film without applying glue. A strong protective coating is obtained under the influence of high temperature and pressure.Lamination technology allows you to process structurally complex elements and uneven surfaces. The process features are as follows:

  • at high temperature the furniture film becomes plastic;
  • under pressure, the material is firmly fixed on the base of the facade;
  • the technology is suitable for processing elements from MDF and particleboard;
  • rolling film material on radial facades;
  • for crimping use films coated with synthetic resins.

In the process of lamination receive a single web, not prone to delamination. Finished products do not leak moisture, have chemical stability. If factory production forms during the production process, waste furniture PVC film can be used for recycling.

Lamination of furniture with PVC film

Bright lamination of furniture with PVC film

How to laminate furniture with PVC film

What is lamination of furniture with PVC film

Beautiful lamination of furniture with PVC film


The most effective way of processing MDF facades in furniture production is postforming. The essence of the process is the application of a layered coating on a base base. The material must withstand the dynamic load of the pressing equipment. The main differences of the technology:

  • for postforming use even polyvinyl chloride;
  • process straight, curved, bent, radial facades;
  • the coating is applied to glue, mainly on positioning machines;
  • the material is pressed with a press with a raised surface;
  • an impression remains on the facade, giving the product an original texture.

Postforming technology allows you to process complex parts coated with a film material of high strength and moisture resistance.

Using various techniques for applying PVC to furniture facades, products can be given an original design. The material is presented in a wide assortment - there are options in restrained colors that strictly imitate natural materials, and films of bright and variegated colors for complex design compositions.

Postforming of furniture with PVC foil

Postforming furniture with PVC foil

We carry out postforming of furniture with PVC film

What is postforming furniture PVC film

Beautiful postforming furniture PVC film


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