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How to adjust the hinges on the cabinet door, detailed instructions

How to adjust the hinges on the cabinet door, detailed instructions

When arranging a room, it’s worth not only thinking over a competent environment and stylish decoration, but also choosing comfortable furniture. When choosing furniture elements, especially cabinets, it is worth paying special attention to door hinges. It is important that structures can open and close with ease. When assembling the cabinets, it is worthwhile to carefully examine all the constituent elements, and the hinges should be adjusted independently to the required level. Such a process as adjusting the hinges on the cabinet doors is not at all complicated, the main thing is that you need to carefully study all its features.

Adjustment options

Regulation of the cabinet of any kind - wardrobe, kitchen, hallway, bathroom, provides convenient use of this furniture. Usually required when purchasing new furniture or when transporting old furniture to a new location. It may also be required if the cabinet doors become old, loose.

To tighten the loop, you do not need to have special skills, extensive experience. Everything can be done independently, quickly and without much difficulty. The main thing is that a curly screwdriver is at hand.

Doors are usually adjusted in several ways. There are three options:

  • vertical;
  • Doing door height adjustment
  • on the plane.

But in order to understand how to adjust correctly, it is worth considering carefully the features of each type.

Adjustment options


Vertical adjustment is the process that usually starts setting up furniture fittings. Adjusting the hinges using this method is required when the door is in the wrong, crooked position, stands out from the general view of the furniture structure, or if there are two doors, while one is higher than the other.

So how to adjust the doors in a vertical way. This adjustment option is done in 4 steps:

  • First, open the door leaf. We find loops, if there are plugs, then they need to be removed;
  • on the areas of two loops we tighten the bolts that are near the edge of the sidewall. These fasteners provide a vertical arrangement of the facade. At the very beginning, two bolts must be put at the same level, this will help to carry out their correct adjustment;
  • then the door of the front of the cabinet closes. Carefully inspect the entire structure in space, this will help to identify irregularities. If there is a level of inclination of the upper corner to the right, then on the upper loop you need to tighten the adjustment bolt strongly, but on the lower one you should loosen it;
  • Be sure to carefully check the steps numbered 2 and 3. This must be done until there is a normal position of the facade.

Once the vertical adjustment is completed, you can proceed to the next step - adjusting the height of the door. This process needs to be done correctly, first you need to study all its features.

Vertical clearance
Vertical clearance adjustment

Door height adjustment

The height of the doors is controlled by two screws, which are mounted on two ears with an oblong shape. It is through these ears that a loop is stretched. So how do you adjust the doors with this option? The whole process is performed as follows:

  • on installed loops, self-tapping screws with an adjustment design are loosened;
  • if necessary, raise or lower the front of the structure. Next tighten it;
  • tighten the screws, it is better not much, almost to the limit, without breaking the thread.

Before starting the adjustment of the position of the doors in height, it is necessary to select self-tapping screws with fine thread. These fasteners will be able to provide the necessary settings for the position of the front of the furniture.

Door height
Height adjustment by two screws

On the plane

Adjusting the hinges allows you to change the location of the front of the furniture on a plane. This is required when there is a slight pressing of the door to the cabinet part of the furniture or if during pressing the door surface moves away in the opposite direction.

This regulatory step is performed as follows:

  • if there is a slight pressing of the door or its bounce, then it is necessary to turn the second adjustment bolt, which is located in the hinge area;
  • you need to tighten the bolts in relation to yourself (2-3 mm is enough);
  • it is necessary to check whether there is a gap between the front part or the doors;
  • if necessary, you can further adjust the loops.

When performing this step, it is better to tighten the bolt harder. The fact is that it is on this fastener that a large mass of furniture is held. When tightening, it is recommended to use a Phillips screwdriver. But the work must be done carefully, it is important not to tear and not damage the thread of the bolt.

Plane adjustment
Door leaf adjustment on a plane

Hardware Care

We already understood how to install, adjust the loops, but it’s important to keep these elements for a long time. Be sure to be able to adjust, lubricate these components, this will help protect them from rapid wear.

The following are general guidelines for loop care:

  • the first adjustment of the loop elements must be performed after they are screwed into place;
  • the amount and frequency of subsequent care will depend on the intensity of the use of furniture designs. If the doors do not open so often, it will be enough to adjust the hinges 2-3 times a year, with frequent use, even 4 times may be small;
  • be sure to inspect regularly the appearance of the facade of the cabinets, if distortions are suddenly detected, a low level of vestibule, then it is necessary to make precise regulation;
  • so that furniture fittings can retain their qualities for a long time, it is necessary to lubricate the hinges. It can be lubricated with engine oil with a mineral or synthetic composition;
  • In order not to hear noise, and also not to feel difficulties during the opening and closing of cabinet doors, it is required to lubricate all the hinges with engine oil once a year.

When adjusting, try to adjust three main parameters at once - indicators of height, plane and vertical. This will help prevent imbalances that can cause a strong, uneven load on the loops.

Setting loops is not such a difficult matter, the whole process on average will take no more than 10 minutes. But at the same time, it will help to maintain the quality of the hinges and the entire structure for a long time. The main thing is when adjusting the hinges, do not forget about the recommendations and the proper care of the fittings.

WD-40 is suitable for greasing loops


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