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Making furniture from PVC pipes, how to do it yourself

Making furniture from PVC pipes, how to do it yourself

After repair or construction work, a lot of materials remain. Lovers of DIY items will no doubt find use for them. After repairs in the bathroom, you can easily make furniture from PVC pipes with your own hands, using leftover materials.

Tools and materials required for work

Depending on the type of furniture that is planned to be manufactured, the set of materials and tools may vary. But basically, the following tools will be required to work:

  • hammer drill;
  • screwdriver;
  • hacksaw;
  • scissors or knife.

Materials required for work:

  • pipe cutting;
  • glue;
  • connecting elements of various shapes;
  • stubs.

To make the furniture look more beautiful, paint is useful. Beds, tables, shelving can be painted in your favorite color. For beds, a delicate pink, blue, bright orange, yellow shade is selected in the nursery.

Necessary materials for creating furniture from PVC pipes
PVC materials
Soldering iron
Soldering iron for welding plastic pipes
Types of pipes
A variety of types of plastic pipes
Pipe connection
Types of plastic pipe joints
How to weld plastic pipes
Stages of the process of welding plastic pipes

Manufacturing and assembly process

Below are the diagrams, drawings necessary for the manufacture of furniture from pipes. With their help, you can make chairs, chairs, beds, racks, tables, a huge number of decorative elements. Products are interesting, durable and safe.


An original way to use plastic pipes is to make a chair out of them. There are many options for its manufacture. It all depends on the desire, capabilities and imagination of the master. Plastic piping can be the material for making a chair. You can make it with the help of PVC pipes, a knife and glue.

To get an unusual chair, you must do the following:

  • segments of different lengths are first cut. The main thing is that the longest segments should be the same length. They will act as supports;
  • long ones will be needed for the back, armrests;
  • then the segments are glued together so that the surface of the armrests and backrest is at the same level. To the bottom, the length of the segments changes.

Thus, it turns out an interesting chair that will decorate any room in the house. To make it even more comfortable, pillows are placed on it or sheathed with a foam cloth. In such an armchair it is pleasant to spend time, read a book, watch TV.

Assembly steps
Details under the letter “A” determine the width and depth of the seat. The length of the pipes "B" determines the height of the seat from the ground. Details under the number "C" the height of the armrests, and under the number "D" the height of the backrest.

White pipes for making a chair

Water pipe armchair

DIY PVC pipe chair


In the above way, make a table, bed. Different segments are glued together - the base of the bed is obtained. On top of it you need to put a comfortable mattress, pillows, blanket.This is a good place to sleep and relax.

In addition, cribs are made from this material. To do this, you need to study the diagrams and drawings. Then prepare the desired size segments. They are connected using fittings. If you fasten the parts together with glue, they will be very strong and durable. Without the use of glue, the structure will turn out to be collapsible and can be removed at any time. The crib for the baby will be unusual, reliable and durable. If the family has more than one child, you can make several beds.

Another option for a sleeping place for two children from PVC pipes is a bunk bed made of polyvinyl chloride, photo. Make it easy, you only need a drawing, a diagram. Following the instructions, you can create a variety of bed options: single or double, bunk.

Bunk bed

How to make useful furniture from polypropylene pipes with your own hands


Furniture and products for a summer residence


You can make such furniture from polypropylene pipes with your own hands, like a table. Its frame will be of pipes, and the countertop of any other material. In this case, it must be remembered that PVC pipes are not suitable for heavy loads. The lighter the countertop, the better.

The size of the countertops in this case will be equal to 91.5 x 203 cm. The following materials, tools will be required:

  • door leaf as a countertop;
  • fasteners for connecting parts;
  • drill;
  • saw.

You will also need segments of size:

  • 30 cm - 10 pcs;
  • 7.5 cm - 5 pcs;
  • 50 cm - 4 pcs;
  • 75 cm - 4 pcs.

To assemble the frame, prepare:

  • t-shaped fittings - 4 pcs;
  • plugs for pipes, fittings - 10 pcs;
  • 4-sided fitting - 4 pcs;
  • cross fitting - 2 pcs.

According to the scheme, first collect the side elements. Then proceed to the back of the table. Pay attention to the stability of the structure. All parts must be the same.

To make the table more stable, it is recommended to make an additional third leg.

Last thing, assemble all the elements in one design. Inspect the product for bumps, sharp parts. Carefully process everything, glue the joints. In such a simple way the table is made.

Necessary tools
Necessary materials
We cut the details of the required size
Preparation of parts of the right size

Rear side assembly Assembly steps Second Step Assembly Steps

Fragment Mount

Tabletop mount

Tabletop mount

Ready table



Armchairs, beds, tables - not the whole list of products that can be made from this material. Another useful piece of furniture is the shelving unit. Design parameters can be very different. It all depends on the size of the room where it will be installed, and the wishes of the master.

The first step is to make a drawing, a diagram of the future product. Next, prepare the necessary amount of a certain size of parts on them. Connect everything together. The base of the shelves may be plywood or other material. The only thing that should not be forgotten, the materials are not suitable for heavy loads.

Such racks are used for flowers, toys in the children's room. Shelving can be installed in the garage. There, products will be a great place to store tools and other things. You can place garden tools on the shelves: pots, tools. PVC products look unusual, neat, do not require additional decoration. Plastic shelves, shelving do not harm the health of others, they are durable and environmentally friendly.

Another rack

Pvc pipe shelves

Do-it-yourself pipe shelves


Nuances of working with material

Models from water pipes turn out unusual, original. They decorate the room, garden plot. Do-it-yourself plastic furniture will add a twist to the interior and attract the attention of guests.

Furniture is made of plastic pipes. Two types of material are used in the production: polypropylene (PP) and polyvinyl chloride (PVC). Each of them has its own characteristics and is suitable for the production of different products. Polyvinyl chloride is a cheaper material. It is more often used for sewer pipes. Its advantages include:

  • strength and durability;
  • ease of installation;
  • low cost.

The disadvantage of pvc is that when exposed to high temperature water, pipes begin to deform.In contrast, polypropylene products are not subject to change in shape at high water temperatures. They are able to withstand fluid heating up to 60 degrees, and if the pipe is reinforced, even more.

Both materials are equally suitable for the manufacture of furniture. In addition, there are a huge number of items that are made from scraps. These are shelves, coasters, a frame for a mirror and more. Furniture is easy to assemble. The design consists of pipes and fittings, the elements are also glued together. Even a beginner can make furniture from PVC pipes with his own hands.

From unnecessary sections of PVC pipes, you can build a lot of useful items for the home

Furniture made of plastic pipes

DIY swing swing

Deck chair

How to bend a pipe

Products from this material look unusual. They will look even more interesting if they consist of curved parts. For example, a table with curved legs. In addition, various decorative elements are made of pipes, which come in different shapes. In such cases, bending the pipe is simply necessary.

To do this, you will need:

  • funnel;
  • sand;
  • Scotch;
  • plate;
  • metal packaging;
  • gloves
  • saw (hacksaw);
  • knife (scissors);
  • sandpaper;
  • a device for bending pipes (it can be different, mostly improvised materials are used).

The process is as follows:

  • cut a piece of the required length;
  • tape one end with tape;
  • pour as much sand with the funnel as it enters;
  • Warm up a measured amount of sand in a metal container;
  • put on protective gloves for safety, carefully pour sand into the pipe through the funnel;
  • seal the other end with tape, then the sand will not spill out during the bending process;
  • leave for a while, it will warm up from the inside;
  • when it is warm, proceed to bend;
  • give the pipe the desired shape;
  • at the end of the work, tear off the adhesive tape, pour out sand;
  • when the pipe cools down, it will be of the necessary shape.
The edges are sealed
One edge of the pipe is sealed with tape
Fall asleep sand
With the help of a funnel in the pipe you need to fill the sand
Sand warms up
Having measured the required volume of sand, pour it into a metal bowl and warm it well
Sand returns to the chimney
Using the same funnel, pour the prepared sand back into the pipe.
Glue the second end
Cover the other end of the pipe with tape. This is necessary so that the sand does not spill out during work.
Let the pipe warm up
Leave the pipe as it is for a couple of minutes. During this time, it will warm up from the inside. The material will become soft and pliable.
Get to work
While the sand is still hot, you can give the cut piece of pipe the bend or shape you want. After that, remove the adhesive tape and pour the sand back.


One of the options for decorating furniture from pipes is to use a different color of material. A table with blue legs will become a bright element in the room. Products come in different colors: white, black, blue, blue, yellow. The connecting elements also come in different shades. Thus, the pipes will be of one color, and the fasteners of another. Combinations of white with blue or black with red look beautiful.

When it comes to armchairs, chairs, they are decorated with decorative pillows. The foam pad on the back and seat is trimmed with a beautiful bright fabric. Decorative pillows adorn the product, make it cozy, comfortable, original. They come with embroidery, buttons or tassels. The color scheme of pillows is diverse. When choosing it, it is necessary to take into account the overall design of the entire room.

Children's furniture should be interesting, colorful. It is recommended to tighten the chair and high chair with a strong fabric with a bright pattern. This can be a cartoon character, toy cars, dolls, stars and much more. Pay special attention to furniture made of PVC pipes for children, it must be safe, without sharp elements. Otherwise, the kids may get hurt.

Making furniture from pvc pipes is easy. It will become a highlight in the room, will attract the attention of guests. Plastic pipes are inexpensive, so you can save a lot of money, as new furniture is expensive.


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