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Overview of metal locker rooms, selection rules

Overview of metal locker rooms, selection rules

In public organizations where changing clothes is required, metal locker rooms are installed without fail. Such constructions can be found in gyms, shops, cultural centers - they are reliable and have high strength.

Advantages and disadvantages

Before the appearance of individual metal structures for storing clothes, workers at the factory placed their interchangeable things on common hangers or wardrobes. It was inconvenient, but today lockers help to solve this problem. Here you can place not only a robe, sportswear, but shoes, bags and other accessories necessary for work.

The production of products involves the use of metal sheets and special reliable fittings that allow you to carefully store things. Such products are often installed in places of rest - sanatoriums and boarding houses, pools, saunas. A metal locker for locker rooms can often be found in educational institutions, in hospitals, shopping and entertainment centers, and fitness clubs.

Consider the main advantages of using metal lockers for locker rooms:

  • do not require special treatment with disinfectants;
  • easy to clean;
  • a wide variety of configurations of metal products will make the best choice;
  • the strength of the material allows it to withstand repeated transportation without loss of quality and functionality of the products;
  • all designs are equipped with mechanical or electronic locks, so it is safe to store things inside;
  • easy to assemble design allows you to install the product yourself;
  • the material from which the dressing cabinets are made is resistant to external factors.

Among the minuses, it is necessary to highlight the installation on a flat surface, since clothes are contained inside. In addition, the appearance of the products usually has a solid color, which does not always fit into the surrounding interior.

Practical metal locker rooms help organize the work process efficiently, so if a lot of people work at the enterprise, such products are necessary.

Ventilated Cabinets

Wardrobe metal wardrobes for clothes

Iron locker rooms


According to the design features, modern cabinets for installation in locker rooms are divided into several types:

  • welded - characterized by strength, practicality and durability. The difference between the other product options is the assembly method. In order for the cabinet to acquire a holistic look, spot-type welding is used. Due to this, locker rooms, metal products are delivered immediately assembled. That is why they have enhanced strength characteristics;
  • prefabricated - these models are transported both assembled and disassembled.The latter option is convenient for transporting products over long distances in order to save shipping costs. Initially assembled options require immediate use immediately after installation. Lockers are mounted on site using rivets and self-tapping screws;
  • modular - are transported only in unassembled form. They are designed to form a continuous line of products. If it is a two-section cabinet, the first section is assembled first, then the second part is connected. To assemble products, metal rivets are required.

According to the number of flaps, the models are divided into bivalves and variants with one metal door. The double-leaf cabinet is well suited for use by two people. Each individual section has its own lock, sometimes manufacturers equip the product with one leaf for one person.

A cabinet with one door is available in a modular and stationary type. They are relevant for schools, where a large number of people use the storage place daily. Each student must have his own locker key.

Modular cabinet
Prefabricated metal cabinet
Welded cabinet


The doors of a standard cabinet allow you to open at an angle of 180 degrees. At the top of the structure there is a special ventilation hole that provides a natural flow of air from the outside. This is advantageous if the product is installed in production or in sports organizations when clothes should not be left in enclosed spaces.

Traditionally, metal locker rooms have the following internal content:

  • upper compartment for accessories or shoes;
  • the middle compartment, where a small bar for hangers and hooks is located;
  • strong bottom on which to place heavy objects;
  • in some models, hooks can be found on the inside of the doors.

It is important to immediately divide the closet into 2 zones: for outerwear and basic clothing. Two-section models make this easy to implement. Outerwear is better to hang on the bar hangers, the main things to place on the top shelf or below. An iron door is usually made with increased strength properties, so towels are recommended to be hung on hooks.

The metal stripping cabinet is designed for the safe and secure storage of clothes, so it’s worthwhile to rationally distribute the areas for the placement of individual things and accessories.

If the designs will be installed at the production sites, when ordering products, it is worth additionally equipping them with special boxes to make it easier for workers to store changeable shoes. In addition, it is worth paying attention to the perforation of doors: for locker rooms, a metal cabinet with holes in some institutions is simply necessary.

Metal cabinet filling option

ShR metal cases

The advantages of metal cabinets

Welded Cabinets

Locker room

Shape and size

Iron lockers for locker rooms are made in a standard oblong form. They can have various sizes, but most often these are the following parameters:

  • height 1860 mm;
  • width - from 300 to 900 mm, depending on the number of sections;
  • depth - 500 mm.
  • weight - from 20 to 70 kg.

The weight of the product is determined by the type of material: a metal door will be heavier than its counterpart in solid iron. The double-wing cabinet has a width of 600 mm, since the width of one section is conceived as standard, it is 30 cm. The optimal height of the products allows you to fit in outerwear full height.

The school, where kids and teenagers study, does not need high-class lockers. For this case, lower models are provided that allow the child to reach the upper compartment.

When choosing cabinets for a school or kindergarten, pay attention to the colors of the products. It will be nice if each cabinet is a different shade. This makes it easier for children to navigate. Additionally, number stickers can be attached to the doors outside.

What cabinet sizes

Metal wardrobe

Small cupboard

Size of locker rooms

Dimensions of the metal cabinet

Door closing systems

Manufacturers of metal locker rooms offer several types of locks:

  • electronic;
  • mortise;
  • mounted.
Mortise lock
The padlock
Electronic lock

The latter type of device is rarely used: it is necessary when the cabinet closes for a long time. But if we are talking about manufacturing enterprises or sports facilities, then this option is not suitable.

Mechanical locks are presented by the type most popular today - the crossbar option which opens with the help of a suitable key. The principle of operation of the crossbar device is to move the metal bar behind the rack of the cabinet, thereby closing it. Using this lock is not difficult, but the degree of protection will be low.

Widespread use of electronic protection options. They differ in that they are completely autonomous - products can be removed and installed on other devices. These options work on batteries or rechargeable batteries. To open the electronic lock, you need to bring a special key card to the indicator. The reliability of these devices is high, since each card is unique and it will not work to open another cabinet.

When choosing metal cabinets for the enterprise, do not forget about the specified parameters. Pay attention to the dimensions, interior design, fittings and degree of protection. Properly selected cabinet will ensure the complete organization of the labor process.


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Small lockers

Design of metal wardrobes for clothes

Design of metal wardrobes for clothes

Colored metal cabinets

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Metal cabinet

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