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What are metal wardrobes for clothes, an overview of models

What are metal wardrobes for clothes, an overview of models

A cabinet is an integral piece of furniture for any building. Today, there are several types of cabinets that differ from each other in their intended use. Some of them are used to store things, others - for household items. But if earlier, only wood was used as a raw material for equipment construction, nowadays metal products are increasingly found in the consumer market. And this is not surprising, in comparison with wooden furniture, a metal wardrobe has more positive operational qualities.


Every year there are more and more production places where you need to remove outer clothing or change clothes for workers. Therefore, for the convenience of people, appropriate furniture is installed here. But from heavy use, a wooden wardrobe is often deformed. In addition, the tree is very sensitive to changes in temperature and humidity, from which yellow spots on clothes eventually appear. That is why this furniture is not rational to install in buildings with an aggressive environment. Metal products have a solid, all-welded steel structure. They are reliable and safe. Each product is made of environmentally friendly material, which does not allow the appearance of moldy spots on the equipment design.

Due to such performance, wardrobe metal furniture is ideal for places such as:

  • medical institutions;
  • plants;
  • Offices
  • preschool and school institutions;
  • pools;
  • training halls.

Also, each equipment has a metal door, which is locked with a key, which prevents the theft of clothing and personal items. In addition, due to the developed design, when storing clothes and hats, the possibility of the appearance of yellow spots and other contaminants is excluded.

Types of Cabinets


Locker room furniture

Metal wardrobe for outerwear

Metal locker rooms


Despite the fact that metal products are designed to preserve the clothes of a worker or his client, they have different modifications. Conventionally, they can be divided into the following types.

Full body

A distinctive feature of these metal products is that the fastening of the structure is carried out not by rivets and self-tapping screws, but by spot welding. This assembly method guarantees the strength and durability of the cabinets. Such products are delivered in an individual box made of corrugated cardboard, assembled. All cabinets of this series are coated with a wear-resistant, fire-resistant coating. However, the equipment is heavy.Because of this, the cabinet must be installed in medical or other facilities immediately in a permanent place.

Metal wardrobes for clothes

Especially in great demand is a metal wardrobe

Welded wardrobe


This is one of the most popular types of wardrobe products. Cabinets of this series are often used in offices, factories, warehouses and other industrial premises where space is required for the safety of employees' outer clothing. This purpose is due to the fact that the cabinets of this series have a large capacity and have an attractive design. In addition, they are made of high-strength material, which guarantees a long operational period. Wardrobes of this series can be single or double. They are disassembled, so they can be rearranged without any difficulties in a convenient place.

Metal wardrobe collapsible

The case is metal folding two-section



Modular-type wardrobes are mainly used as dressing rooms in kindergartens, medical facilities and pools. This choice is explained by the fact that the product in its design can be connected with additional sections and elements of cabinets of this series. Such an indicator is convenient enough for free meters to appear in a small room, with an increase in the number of equipment. In addition, a children's or medical wardrobe for clothes from the modular series can have different shapes and colors, custom-made.

Not so long ago, new metal cabinets began to appear for the simultaneous storage of clothing and documentation. Such products are produced with centresol, which is locked with a key.

Modular designs

Modular metal wardrobes for clothes


Shape and size

Due to the fact that metal wardrobes for clothes are gaining more and more popularity every year, manufacturers are trying to meet the requirements of customers by creating and selling equipment of various shapes and sizes. The most popular models for work clothes and removable items can be found on the following table.

Metal Cabinet Series general characteristics Dimensions in cm Weight in kg
SHRM-11 collapsible, single-leaf

single section



21 / 25
SHRM-21 collapsible, single-section type, with two compartments for clothes 186x40x50 29
SHRM-24 demountable

2 sections, with four sections for clothes

186x60x50 32
SHRM-33 collapsible, three-section 186x90x50 52
TM22 demountable

2 section



48 / 55
SHR-22-600 welded

2 section

185x60x50 30
SHRS-11 modular, four-section 185x50x30


17 / 19,5

All metal wardrobes have a standard elongated 4-corner frame. The weight of the product often depends on the type of manufacturing material. As practice has shown, metal furniture has a heavier weight than solid iron. The width of the equipment is determined by the number of sections. According to standard values, a metal single-section cabinet has a width of 30 cm. Accordingly, if the equipment consists of two or three sections, its width will be 60 and 90 cm.


Production of metal wardrobes for clothes

Small metal wardrobe

Dimensions of the metal cabinet

Metal cabinet drawing

Interior fittings and features

The metal wardrobe has the most comfortable design. Its doors open at an angle of 180 degrees, and the top of the product is equipped with a ventilation opening through which the flow of external air flows naturally. This indicator is convenient enough for storing clothes in sports buildings and the pool, where wet things are not recommended to be kept in closed spaces.

Standard iron wardrobe has the following internal equipment:

  • top shelf - for the location of hats, accessories and bags;
  • a middle compartment equipped with a metal bar for clothes hanger;
  • strong base - for the location of shoes and storage of heavy bags and items.

In addition, some manufacturers provide such additional elements in wardrobes as:

  • fabric cover made of thick material, to protect clothes from dust, dirt and moisture;
  • hooks in the cabinet on the inside of the doors, which are designed for towels and other light clothing.

Also, in some sectional cabinets, a lower shelf is installed, due to which dust from contaminated shoes will not appear on clothes.

Children's wardrobe metal

Metal wardrobes for clothes

Metal cabinet for clothes and tools

Cabinet filling

Office wardrobe

Criterias of choice

Before you get an iron metal cabinet, you need to have a clear idea of ​​what things will be in it. In addition, you need to take into account the dimensions of rooms or buildings, for its location. Let us cite as an example several main criteria for choosing wardrobes for each building separately.

For a medical facility

The choice of medical device must be approached very carefully. This is due to the fact that medical institutions daily disinfect the cabinet and equipment with chemical agents. Therefore, so that medical furniture does not deform under the influence of aggressive environments, it must be made of durable material. As practice has shown, for this institution it is better to purchase sectional titanium cabinets, coated with epoxy enamel.

In hospitals, most often clothing is covered with yellow dirt in the wardrobe. To prevent things from becoming stained, it is recommended to choose furniture with a rubber gasket, which prevents the penetration of aggressive media into single-wing or double-wing products.

Metal construction

Metal wardrobes for clothes

Medical cabinet

For office

Typically, in small offices, single-cabinet furniture with mezzanines is used. Such wardrobes, as a rule, are a four-section cabinet, where the sections are located one above the other. Employees use the lower compartments to store clothes, and the upper ones as an archive for small documentation. When choosing this equipment, you need to pay attention to its appearance. In order for the cabinet to fit into the strict interior of the room, it should not have combined spots of different colors or other decoration.

The use of metal cabinets in the office interior

Metal office cabinet

Office cabinet

For enterprises

For staff of large factories it is better to purchase modular cabinets. During their operation, it will be possible to change sections, and create symmetrical structures of any shape. Four-section products are initially selected, with subsequent connection to similar equipment. Considering that stains from the working robe appear on these replaceable clothes in these places, each section of the cabinet should be divided into two compartments.

Durable metal cabinets

Wardrobes for clothes

Drying cases for clothes and shoes

For preschool and school institutions

In order for children to quickly remember their dressing rooms, it is better for these institutions to purchase three-piece furniture of different colors. In addition, for each child for the first time, it is better to sign lockers or mark them with an individual pattern.

For convenient and easy independent location of clothes, three-section wardrobes are selected in small sizes, with the obligatory presence of hooks and an upper shelf for hats.

Furniture for kindergartens and schools

Metal cabinets, cells, racks

Closet to school

For training rooms and pools

In these rooms, due to high humidity, yellow spots very often appear on clothes. To prevent this, a four-section cabinet, which is ideally suited for these buildings in terms of size, must have a ventilation vent. Also, so that wet cloth does not come into contact with dry ones, the equipment design should have small hooks for towels and bathing accessories.

So, having familiarized yourself with the characteristics of metal wardrobes, you can come to the independent conclusion that this is the best option for furniture for buildings with aggressive environments. When using them, you can not only prevent the appearance of yellow pollution on clothing, but also ensure that it is safe from theft. And knowledge of design features will help the consumer to make the right choice for a medical clinic, factories and other industrial buildings.

Lockers and Cell Cabinets

Furniture for the pool

Gym locker room


A photo

Clothes storage

Store clothes correctly

Sliding wardrobe for clothes

Metal cabinet with rivets

Sectional cabinet

Drying cabinet

Three-section bunker cabinet

Cases for clothes metal

Locker rooms


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