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What are the cabinets for clothes metal 2 x sectional, an overview of models

What are the cabinets for clothes metal 2 x sectional, an overview of models

For those cases when you want to combine reliability, classics and modern design in your interior, a metal 2-section wardrobe is best suited. Such furniture performs all its functions, while adding personality to the room.

Purpose and features

Two-door metal cabinets are firmly established in residential and industrial premises. This is due to their convenience, combined with the ability to transform the space around thanks to the design. There are many varieties of such furniture, but a double-wing wardrobe still attracts people involved in the decor of their home. Moreover, the creation of various configurations is allowed, which means its design and assembly method will vary.

Many believe that wardrobe systems and sliding wardrobes are favorites of the furniture market. However, wardrobes with two doors are still not losing ground. Their design consists of the following functional elements:

  • two doors (one of them may have additional inclusions);
  • horizontal shelves (can be used to place casual and work clothes);
  • a bar designed for hangers with dresses (which is why the wardrobe is called a wardrobe);
  • mezzanine (a place for hats, handbags).

Hooks, shelves for shoes and special compartments for valuables are also possible. In some cases, the inner surface of the metal model is complemented by mirrors. This is convenient because it allows you to evaluate your appearance immediately after changing clothes.

In their external design, metal two-section cabinets almost do not differ from ordinary cabinet ones. They also have two sidewalls, a bottom and a roof, and the elements of the internal filling can vary, taking into account the characteristics of specific models.

Metal wardrobes can be combined with each other in roomy blocks. Typically, this option is used in production in the form of cabinets for clothes with built-in dressing rooms.

Metal cabinet option

How to store clothes

Furniture made of metal


Office metal cabinets


Several decades ago, a 2-case wardrobe was standard in design: behind one of the leaves was a bar for hangers, and behind the other were shelves and drawers. Today, types of metal furniture are performed in a larger number of options, but among the entire abundance, the main types of products can be distinguished:

  • simple two-section - in such cabinets there are compartments not only for everyday clothes and personal items, but also for work clothes. This separation option is in many cases simply necessary;
  • modular - in this case, each user of the cabinet is allocated a pair of cells, and if there is not enough space, an additional module is attached to the existing module, which forms a single whole with it.Such a building can be carried out as necessary and the only limitation is only the size of the occupied space. Such a 2 x case can easily fit into any dressing room.

Some models can be equipped with electric heaters that allow you to quickly dry clothes and shoes of a worker. In addition, they have a hood or the ability to connect to an exhaust system. Such drying cabinets are often installed in locker rooms of large enterprises where it is necessary to regularly dry work clothes.

Modular cabinet
Simple wardrobe

Materials of manufacture

For a long time, wood was considered the most suitable material for the construction of double-wing cabinets, but now the metal furniture greatly shook the prevailing stereotype. This is due to the fact that now it is often required to place sectional cabinets in common areas, and to make them of wood would be extremely impractical, because in this case there is a huge load on the doors.

People empty the shelves, and then re-fill them with things. In addition, the operating conditions of 2-casement closets for clothes are usually far from ideal, since wooden elements, unlike metal ones, are too unstable to changes in temperature and humidity.

Given these points, it becomes clear that such furniture should have high wear resistance, so using wood is extremely impractical. The same applies to other "home" materials. For example, chipboard with high humidity begins to swell, crumble, almost does not cope with deforming influences. Similar problems are typical for fiberboard and MDF.

Another advantage that metal models of cabinets possess is their relatively low cost. Elements from this material are easy to process, they can be given any desired shape.

The metal used to create the furniture is resistant to rust, and if there is a reliable lock, such a double-wing cabinet can be used to store things of almost any value.

Metal cabinets

2-section metal cabinet


Shape and size

Most often, the internal space of a rectangular product is divided into two approximately equal parts:

  • compartment with shelves;
  • compartment with a bar for hangers.
Cabinet with shelves
With shelves
Bar cabinet
With a barbell

As for forms, lockers can be:

  • rectangular - moreover, the appearance of the rectangle can be both vertical and horizontal;
  • square - such models are often multi-sectional, and individual sections can be either long narrow or represented by numerous square cells.

The external dimensions of such models are very variable:

  • height - 180-200 cm;
  • width - 53-82 cm;
  • depth - 49-50 cm.

In addition, cabinets can be made to order, taking into account the individual requirements of the future owner. Their assembly and disassembly is not difficult, so many people value such furniture as convenient and mobile. The use of two-section cabinets provides maximum one-time access to all compartments with clothes.

The internal filling that metal models have can always be adjusted to your liking. Even the availability of a complete set does not limit the user who can remove unnecessary parts or swap some elements.The only drawback that distinguishes the two-door cabinet is the need for additional space to open the doors. This point must be taken into account during installation.

Metal cabinet drawing

Metal wardrobe

Locker room

Case metal for clothes

Rules for selection and placement

Cases for clothes metal 2-section almost not similar to retro models. The materials used and the set of elements are significantly different from previously existing ones. This allows you to show greater freedom of choice, choosing exactly those products that will suit your taste.

To select high quality products, the following parameters should be considered:

  • dimensions - this indicator should be comparable with the size of the room in which the cabinet will be located. Products with a depth of not more than 45 centimeters “fit” into the small bedroom. In rooms of a larger area, models of a greater depth will be appropriate;
  • material - do not save on the quality of the furniture, then it will last a long time and will not require a quick replacement;
  • assembly strength - this indicator is as important as the quality of the material used. If the installation is carried out independently, then you need to carefully examine the used fasteners and hinges for integrity and reliability;
  • spaciousness - the assessment of this parameter directly depends on the number of people who will use it and on their individual requirements.

Incorrectly placed two-piece cabinet negatively affects the entire interior as a whole. To avoid this, you should adhere to certain rules for the placement of such furniture:

  • it is most reasonable to place a metal wardrobe in the corner of the room or against the wall (this will reduce the loss of space associated with opening the doors);
  • to ensure zoning of the bedroom or the nursery, you can install the closet with the front side to the wall;
  • in rooms of a small area to install the same compact, cabinets (they should have a small depth);
  • use cabinet portals, the design of which is suitable for framing a doorway and covers a significant area, which is not suitable for small rooms.

It is always necessary to remember that it is impossible to have a 2-wing cabinet next to heating elements (batteries), but it would be wise to try combining it with cabinets, sofas or beds. Based on these tips, it will be possible to make a good choice and complement the interior of the room with a stylish and functional piece of furniture.


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Cabinet blue

Case for clothes 2 section

Case for clothes and shoes

The case is metal two-section

Case is folding metal

Cabinet with two wings

Cabinet with lock

Cabinet with many shelves

Cabinet with blue doors

Sectional cabinet



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