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Purpose of medical metal cabinets, selection tips

Purpose of medical metal cabinets, selection tips

Medical institutions, laboratories, doctors' offices in kindergartens and schools are often equipped with special furniture, which allows us to solve the issue of storage of things, medicines. But picking up wmedical metal cafe, it is worth remembering that it must meet certain requirements.

Purpose and features

Wmedical cafe represents a specialized piece of furniture, which is designed taking into account the rules for storing medicines in medical institutions, rooms for pre-medical care. They are actively used in hospitals, laboratories, pharmacies, where the storage of medicines, medical equipment, clothing of workers, devices, hospital documentation is necessary.

Medical cabinet differs from ordinary furniture in the presence of strong walls made of sheet steel, which are coated with a special hygienically safe, resistant to mechanical damage, rust composition. Such a coating reliably protects the metal from the dangerous effects of moisture, disinfectants and detergents.

Moreover, the composition covers not only the body of the product, but also all the fasteners present in it.

The frame of such products is also made of metal, and the process of its assembly is not particularly difficult. Often, models have one or two doors, strong glass and / or metal shelves, stable supports, reliable locking mechanisms. On some models, you can change the height of the support legs.

If you wish, you can choose a model with two compartments, the lower of which is locked with metal doors, a reliable lock, and the upper one has glass doors. Glass can be transparent, translucent, frosted depending on the taste preferences of the buyer.

Pharmacy cabinet


Furniture Options

Types of Cabinets


Wmedical metal cafe established itself as a reliable specialized furniture, which is relevant for the storage of various kinds of medical equipment, drugs, clothes. At the same time, the internal contents of the cabinet provide a high degree of protection against external factors.

Depending on the purpose, the following types of similar products are distinguished:

  • metal cabinets for the tool. Selected for offices in which medical manipulation. Inside the product is placed medical tools that ensure cleanliness, sterile storage conditions. Modern models have special devices that fix tools in an upright position. Also, many models have compartments for dressings, equipment;
  • metal double leaf wardrobe. It is actual for storage of personal clothing of medical staff: bathrobes, slippers, suits. The contents of the cabinet are well ventilated.Clothes can be folded on shelves or hung on a hanger or shoulders;
  • special cabinets for storing medicines for pharmacies. These are the most complex models in their design, since they are distinguished by the presence of many shelves, racks, drawers of different sizes and even a safe for strict reporting preparations. Basically, such furniture is selected for pharmacies, where quantity and variety medicines huge, and their storage requires a clear systematization.
Medical wardrobe
For clothes
Cabinet for tools and medicines
For tools
Medicine cabinet
For medication

Based on the material for the manufacture of doors, the following models are distinguished:

  • with metal facades - furniture of this plan is optimal for those cases when its contents are of high cost or it must be hidden from the eyes of strangers. It is also necessary for medical institutions where strict reporting drugs are used. For example, a dull metal facade and lock restricts patients' access to drugs of a narcotic nature;
  • with glazed facades - such structures look more attractive, so they are perfect for doctors' offices, pharmacies, laboratories;
  • with combined facades - these are the most practical models that combine reliability with an attractive design.
Metal facade
Glass facade
Combined cabinet

Shape and size

Manufacturers of medical metal cabinets give them standard rectangle shapes. The higher the cabinet, the more spacious it is. However, it is worth remembering that tall and narrow models may not be stable enough, therefore, they require a perfectly even base.

The standard depth of such furniture is 40 cm. Although it is possible to find designs with a more substantial depth, which are suitable for placing large equipment or large quantities of medicines.

The width of models with one door is 50-800 cm, with two - 60-100 cm. If the room does not differ in large area, it is better to choose a cabinet that is compact in width. The capacity of the model will not suffer if, with a small width, it will differ in decent height.

The height of the metal cabinets ranges from 165-173 cm, while many models have two compartments with a height of 80-85 cm each. Some better and more expensive models are equipped with four supports with the ability to correct their height. This is convenient when the base has irregularities. By adjusting the height of the legs, you can increase the stability of the cabinet. This will increase furniture safety and reduce the risk of the cabinet tipping over.


Medical cabinet layout

Narrow medical cabinet

Medical cabinets


Often medical classrooms in schools, kindergartens, laboratories, emergency rooms do not differ in large sizes. For this reason metal two-section two-door option is a good solution for the storage of medical worker clothes, equipment, devices, medicines. These are capacious, but at the same time very compact models that do not take up much free space. And to maximize the functionality of the furniture, you need to think about what kind of filling is necessary in a particular case.

Appointment Characteristic
For pharmacies It is extremely important for pharmacies to place a huge number of drugs as rationally as possible, so the cabinet should have many racks, drawers, shelves, a strict reporting compartment for medicines with locks. Such filling of furniture will allow the pharmacist at any time to get to a specific drug without spending too much time searching for it.
To store the clothes of a health worker The product should have one or two shelves for shoes, bags, as well as a compartment for storing bathrobes on the shoulders. Then clothes and shoes will be provided with reliable protection against dust, dirt, sunlight, unauthorized persons.
For equipment Cabinet shelves should be high and wide so that the equipment with which they are held medical manipulations could fit on them.The design itself must certainly have four support legs for reliable fixation on the floor

The higher the functionality of the selected product, the more expensive it will be. This is important to remember when choosing a medical cabinet. Overly cheap options should beware, as unscrupulous manufacturers often violate the technology of manufacturing such products for the sake of economy.

How to store medicines

Medical furniture


Furniture made of metal

Medical furniture

Selection requirements

There are basic requirements for the selection of such products and one of them is the high reliability of materials used in the manufacture of furniture. Wcafe for medicines should be made from corrosion-resistant material, which will allow him to serve for several decades without losing the original qualities. Environmental friendliness is mandatory, only then it will be possible to claim the safety of the structure hmm for human health. No harmful substances should be present in the protective layer of paint on the surface of the model.

Also, the product should be equipped with reliable locks, which will guarantee the safety of its contents. This item is especially important when choosing metal cabinet first aid kit that applies for storing medicines inSome ampoules are stored according to strict rules, according to a special storage mode. Access to them should be restricted to outsiders.

If the design is used to store personal belongings and shoes of medical personnel, it is important that it be endowed with shelves, a tripod for a coat hanger, and a shoe compartment. Such filling will completely satisfy the needs of the medical worker and will allow you to keep order in the office.

If more than one person is working in the office, it’s worth picking up metal two-section two-door option with high capacity. It will allow you to place everything you need.

Regarding the price category of such products, you should not pay attention to too cheap offers. Often, unscrupulous manufacturers tend to save on materials used in pursuit of low cost. As a result, the quality of the furniture suffers, its service life is reduced.


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Furniture filling

Small cupboard

Medical hinged cabinet

Hinged wardrobe

Glass door

Drug storage

Furniture color

Medical metal cabinets


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