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Features of a combination of a throne chair with modern interiors

Features of a combination of a throne chair with modern interiors

Although minimalism rules today, royal luxury furniture does not cease to be popular. But if in the past centuries only one throne could exist - the royal one, which was a symbol of greatness and power, in the 21st century any family can even place a throne chair in an apartment. Such a magnificent and luxurious piece of furniture can also be used in offices or beauty salons. The main thing is to comply with the mandatory conditions: the product must correspond to the interior of the room, organically fit into its style and furniture.

Design features

The royal chair can be recognized without even knowing its features. In the interior, it is used both functionally and as a decoration. The distinctive features of this model include:

  1. Impressive dimensions. The seat is wide, immersed in a frame of massive carved armrests. The back is quite high and has a complex geometry.
  2. Bent legs. As a rule, these elements have a small height, but in some cases it can reach 30–40 cm.
  3. Majestic execution. A lot of carved details and curls, a gilded coating, expensive quality fabrics, draped in an ideal way. The ability to emphasize the status of the owner is limited only by the imagination of the designer.
  4. Expensive materials. For manufacturing, only high-quality, “status” raw materials are used.
  5. High price. Luxurious and unique furniture is expensive. Often, such models are superior in cost to designer products, the more so the serial production of “thrones” is not practiced today.

You can use this furniture only in designs that are inherent in luxury, splendor. An important requirement is also the availability of free space. If these two conditions are not met, the chair-throne will look ridiculous.

The throne chair is always performed manually. The demand for such furniture is not so great, besides, the carved parts are so small and elegant that only an experienced craftsman can handle the work.

Grand execution
Expensive materials
Impressive dimensions


In the production of status furniture, only the best materials are used. The frame and legs are made exclusively of wood, the throne chair in this design looks massive, expensive, aristocratic. Of course, elite varieties of red and black wood are used: cherry, walnut, oak, cedar, ash, Karelian birch, as well as exotic species, for example, wenge, zebrano. The choice falls precisely on them for a reason: expensive wood not only looks more spectacular, it is also extremely strong and durable.Masters love it for its flexibility in molding and decorating: paint and varnish will fall even more than on a pine tree, and a thin layer of gilding will not “fly off” after a few years.

Initially, the throne chair was completely made of wood, but over time, the craftsmen began to create instances with soft seats and backs.

The upholstery, for which dense, expensive materials are used, is not inferior in beauty:

  1. Jacquard. This coarse fabric, which combines dense matte fabric and a pattern embroidered on it with silk thread. Of the minuses - jacquard is prone to puffs. To maintain the perfect look for upholstery, you need to look for material in a special treatment that prevents the formation of defects.
  2. Velvet. The name speaks for itself. Soft, pleasant to the touch fabric, with a characteristic pearl overflow. It looks expensive, exquisite.
  3. Genuine Leather. The most durable material of natural origin. Emphasizes the status of the owner of the throne chair, often complemented by natural fur trim.
  4. Leatherette. Armchairs made of such material are quite rare. The skin substitute has a presentable appearance, but inferior in practicality and durability to natural raw materials.
  5. Chinese silk. Although in appearance this material is quite fragile and impractical, natural fabric has a high density, is resistant to creasing.
  6. Tapestry. A fabric with a variety of patterns, obtained by complex weaving of woolen, cotton, silk, silver or gold threads. It features high wear resistance, a large selection of ornament. Such material does not require special care, has antistatic properties.

Often the upholstery of the throne is made out with a carriage screed and is additionally decorated with rhinestones, precious stones, buttons made of precious metals. That is why the density of the material and its texture are of no small importance, and in the manufacture of chairs natural cotton and flock are not used.

Chinese silk
Genuine Leather

Color options

The color of the throne chair is designed to perform several functions at once. Furniture is part of the design of the entire room, should echo it and blend in harmoniously. In parallel with this, with the help of coloring, the master emphasizes the high cost, uniqueness, grandeur of decoration. Such a massive object cannot stand modestly in a corner; its very appearance should emphasize the status of the owner. Wood is often treated with varnish, dark paints, which increases the effect of solemnity. Gold and silver plating, as well as a patina finish, add pomposity.

The shade of the drapery directly depends on the color palette of the room. The most popular is red, dark, deep and saturated colors are also used. Noble demand emerald, solemn white. The owner can also give preference to non-standard colors.

Velvet upholstery emphasizes the long fringe on the armrests. The back is decorated with the initials of the owner, a family coat of arms or just a special symbol for the owner. Embroidery will look sophisticated: this option is more suitable for the fair sex.

What interiors are worth using

The throne chair is a special piece of furniture, so it is not suitable for modern interiors based on a minimalist concept, clear geometry or thin lines. The chair-throne will have a harmonious look in such styles as:

  1. Rococo, baroque, renaissance. All those styles that are characterized by high arches, an abundance of curls, carved details, solemnity and grandeur.
  2. Timeless classic. For this style, a low armchair with rounded shapes, restrained colors. The number of bends, curls, carved elements is better to reduce.
  3. Classicism, neoclassicism. An elegant interior that uses symmetry, light colors, and correct shapes as the basis.Here, the lavish finish should look harmonious, otherwise you can achieve the opposite effect - pomp and facelessness.
  4. Gothic style. High thrones organically look here with a minimal amount of upholstery, simple wood trim. No artificial aging, gold or silver plating. Coarse simplicity, clarity of form are welcome. Effectiveness of furniture will give processing glossy varnish.
  5. Colonial style. In this case, the royal seat should look as heavy as possible. Bulkyness will give a high back, an abundance of wooden carved elements. Wood is treated with dark varnishes, less often with shades of dark red. Finishing should fade into the background, in the first place - the high cost of drapery.

The interior design in the above styles should be designed only in spacious rooms, with high arches and good natural light. A low ceiling, a small room will distort the idea of ​​greatness, make the situation ridiculous, cumbersome. An ideal option would be a living room or a dining room in a private house, where a large number of people can be at the same time, but the room will not look crowded.

In an apartment, a hall can be decorated in one of the indicated styles by connecting two or more rooms. For example, the kitchen and the living room are often combined, delimiting the space with furniture. Skillfully selected decor and colors will help to avoid the feeling of bulkiness, and the presence of mirrors will visually expand the space. An interesting decoration of the boudoir bedroom will be a light-colored throne chair with a low back, an average number of curls. Men welcome the placement of such furniture in their account. In such cases, the upholstery is made of leather, and the chair itself provides a minimum of carved elements.

Gothic style
Colonial style


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