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Shapes and sizes of floor mats, basic selection criteria

Shapes and sizes of floor mats, basic selection criteria

People who spend a lot of time at the computer need to take care of the safety of the floors, because as a result of the constant movement of the legs or wheels of the chair, even the highest quality flooring tends to collapse. To protect surfaces from scratches, scuffs, grooves and other negative effects of mechanical effects of office furniture, designers have developed a chair mat, a functional accessory, which is a durable sheet of silicone or plastic. Original products are offered in a wide assortment, each of them has a stylish appearance, so it organically fits into any interior of the room.


The main function of protective mats for a computer chair is to prevent abrasion, scratches and mechanical damage to floor coverings that form during the operation of furniture. It is much easier and cheaper to purchase special accessories than to do expensive repairs. If parquet is used for decoration, similar products are purchased without fail.

The underlay under the chair has a stylish appearance. Of course, if necessary, a piece of plywood or other materials can be adapted to protect the floors, but homemade work will not be very attractive. The ideal solution will be the selection of a suitable substrate, which performs not only a practical, but also a decorative function.

Due to the special relief surface, the wheels of the chair will not slip. The back side, which is attached to the floor, is always smooth to ensure a secure fit. Some products are complemented by small protrusions for installation on carpets.

Other advantages of rugs include wear resistance, durability, affordable cost. The overlay neutralizes minor irregularities, improves sound insulation characteristics. Such products fit perfectly into a variety of interior styles.

Where is used

Mats for chairs can be used everywhere: in offices, offices, apartments and private homes. Protective substrates are used in post offices, banks, hotels and other institutions where there are computers and appropriate furniture for working behind them. Covers are also selected for children's rooms, because today every second child uses a PC, and many fidgets gladly use chair wheels to ride on furniture, like on a carousel.

Protective mats can be divided into office and home. The first should be in harmony with the interior, the color of the floor. Transparent and monophonic overlays are widespread.They are made from reliable materials, as they are subjected to intensive use. For home use, models with a simple design, as well as decorated with patterns, photo printing, are suitable. Often the backing is used in tandem with a rocking chair and other pieces of furniture that can spoil the floors. Protection is easy to fold, so it can be taken on trips and trips. 

Rugs can be safely used on floors with a heating function. Modern materials withstand high temperatures, do not deteriorate and do not lose shape.

Shapes and size of products

Safety mats are classified according to a number of criteria. The following varieties are distinguished depending on the configuration:

  1. Rectangular The most popular option is quite large, so the chair can be freely moved during operation, without fear of damaging the floors.
  2. Square. Suitable for users who do not move too much at the table. Product parameters allow you to conveniently turn to the side to perform current work tasks.
  3. Round. Compact models are designed to protect flooring directly under the chair. Suitable for use at home.
  4. Oval. They differ in a wide variety of sizes and configurations, so they are selected based on individual preferences. Products are optimal for placement near corner tables when the working surface is placed on two sides at a right angle.

Square and rectangular floor mats can be complemented by leg protrusions. They prevent surface abrasion due to friction with shoes.

Standard sizes for oval and rectangular models: 40 x 60, 60 x 80, 80 x 120 cm. The width of the enlarged options can reach 160 cm, but they are rarely satisfied, they are often made to order. Square rugs for the chair are available with parameters of 90 x 90, 120 x 120, 150 x 150 cm. The diameter of round products varies from 90-120 cm.

Rectangular with foot protrusion

Production material

Modern materials are used to create substrates for an office chair. Among the most sought after:

  1. Polyvinyl chloride. It has good operational characteristics, in harmony with carpet and carpets, suitable for use on any surface. Pluses: softness, convenience, bright colors, unpretentiousness in leaving. Cons: in durability inferior to other materials.
  2. Polyester. Fibers imitate wool, so the surface is fluffy and soft. Products have high thermal characteristics. Pros: reliability, durability, the mat is ideal for use on tile and parquet floors. Cons: poor recovery after deformation, the ability to accumulate static electricity.
  3. Polyethylene terephthalate. It is a type of industrial thermoplastic suitable for laminate, parquet, ceramics. Pros: resilience, wear resistance, strength. Cons: low moisture absorption, the accumulation of static electricity, rigidity.
  4. Polycarbonate One of the most popular solutions is easy to use and reliable. Pros: attractive appearance, the possibility of application on any coatings, low cost. Cons: exposure to the negative effects of temperature extremes and mechanical damage, is destroyed by ultraviolet radiation.
  5. Silicone Transparent products hold well on the floor, do not bully and do not move out. Pros: softness, high performance. Cons: the substrate quickly gets dirty, not suitable for uneven surfaces.
  6. Macrolon. Material is a type of polycarbonate. Thanks to special additives, it has an extended service life, resistance to negative factors, including sunlight. Pros: flexibility, environmental safety, reliability.Cons: afraid of mechanical damage.

Based on the characteristics of each material, you can choose the best solution for office and home. Necessarily take into account all the advantages and disadvantages of products.

Polyvinyl chloride
Polyethylene terephthalate

Popular models

Modern protective mats for computer chairs are created from high-quality durable materials. But often for users, not only the operational characteristics of the models matter, but the design design is also important:

  1. Transparent rugs are distinguished by the fact that they are almost invisible on the floor, do not hide the floor covering. Suitable for use in rooms with a beautiful finish, which is pointless to hide. Recommended product thickness - 2 mm.
  2. Substrates imitating various materials are decorated with sand, natural wood, tile, brick. Depending on the interior and individual preferences, contrasting or maximum similar to the floor covering options are selected.
  3. The photo printing method allows you to decorate models with various images, drawings, pictures. Custom-made rugs will become a unique design attribute. Colorful bright linings are optimal for children's rooms.

The plain rug under the chair looks reserved and strict, therefore it is often used in office rooms. Colors can be very different, it all depends on the style of interior design. Options with ornaments and patterns organically fit into any design.

Choice of flooring

The range of floor mats is developed taking into account the use of a variety of finishing materials covering the floors. A correctly selected product not only protects surfaces from damage, but also provides safe, comfortable work at the computer.

For a laminate, ceramic tile, linoleum and other hard coatings, models made of polycarbonate are suitable. Care must be taken to ensure that the reverse side has anti-slip properties. Silicone substrates are optimal for parquet, carpet.

Pads made of polyester are universal, as they combine perfectly with a wide variety of coatings.

For the right choice, you should consult with the seller. Modern manufacturers are constantly improving their own technologies. One of the new products is a protective floor covering, complemented by small PET spikes.

Rugs designed to protect the floors when working at a computer are wide variety. Used in offices, various social institutions, as well as in the home environment. For the production of advanced materials that can withstand high loads. The presence of models with a transparent surface, patterns, photo printing, imitation of floor materials allows you to choose the best option for any interior.


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