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How to make a chair in a PVC boat with your own hands, step by step instructions

How to make a chair in a PVC boat with your own hands, step by step instructions

An important role in the fishing process is played not only by high-quality gear, but also by a comfortable body position. After all, this occupation cannot be called dynamic in any way - people sit for a long time in the same position, which is not very convenient and even harmful. It is possible to make the process more comfortable without spending a lot of money. To do this, it is worth making a chair in a PVC boat with your own hands, which will meet all the requirements of the owner. After all, only a convenient and high-quality product is able to prevent the appearance of painful sensations from prolonged loads on the back.

Types and Features

There are many models of seats in the boat, but according to the main features they can be divided into three groups:

  1. Tough. Made of plastic or plywood. They can be folding, as well as with a rotary mechanism, which will allow the fisherman to install the product in a way that is convenient for him - it rotates 360 degrees. Such a seat is mounted on movable plates, so it can rotate in a circle. But because of the stiffness on the chair, legs begin to numb quickly - sitting on it is not too comfortable. For convenience and space saving, the product folds, while the back is. This transformation is carried out using metal plates that are attached between the two specified elements.
  2. Soft. Convenient products that can be used on water and land. They are a rigid frame, covered with a soft cover. This technology greatly increases the comfort of the chair. Models can also be folding and mounted on a swivel mechanism. However, their minus is that they can jam at the most inopportune moment.
  3. Inflatable. This is the easiest seat option. The advantage of an inflatable chair or pillow is that it does not take up space when folded and it is convenient to take it with you everywhere: even on the shore you can get in and relax in comfort. However, it is worth remembering that such products are easy to pierce, therefore, sitting on them, sharp objects should be handled carefully. Inflatable chairs can also be equipped with a swivel mechanism.

Swivel seats are very comfortable, have a relatively low cost, but when rust appears, the mechanism starts to seize. Folding options are not subject to corrosion, are universal in terms of the used fasteners. Their disadvantage is the need to select the individual characteristics of a person, otherwise their use will not be convenient.

You can make your own chairs in the PVC boat of the first two types. The manufacture of such models will not take much time, and the result will please the owner with its practicality and comfort.


Product Requirements

Choosing a model of the future chair, it is necessary to focus on the permissible load that it can withstand. The fisherman's set must correspond to the dimensions of the product. You can, for example, make a seat out of a folding canvas chair, shorten its legs and, if necessary, sew a soft cloak. In this case, it is worth considering the maximum allowable weight for which the product is designed. Even if you convert a regular chair into a boat seat, you should not exceed the maximum load. The simplest folding products can withstand only 60 kg, but mostly models are designed for weight up to 90-120 kg.

For fishermen who do not fit the first option, it is better to craft a chair from scratch. The frame should be made stronger and tougher using chipboard or boards. A method of manufacturing such a seat is not complicated if you first deal with the instructions and take into account possible errors.

Also, when choosing a product, it should be borne in mind that rigid models of chairs have a solid frame. It is attached to the base with spacers. This installation method can significantly reduce the rigidity of the entire boat structure.

The fisherman's package must match the dimensions of the product
Take into account the method of fastening the chair

How to do it yourself

Making a chair is not difficult, but you need to consider all the features of the models for the boat. It is worth stocking up with the necessary materials and tools, taking measurements, preparing a drawing and getting started. It is important to keep in mind that you can use different designs of mounts for installation, depending on the model of the product.

Drawing creation

The drawing will help not to make a mistake with the dimensions and make the chair the necessary shape exactly to the size of the boat. For the lower part of the seat, measure the distance between the two cylinders when inflated. To create a drawing, you need to prepare:

  • pencil;
  • a ruler;
  • measuring tape;
  • a large piece of paper (the seat should be drawn in full size).

At various thematic forums you can find ready-made patterns of chairs, designed for different dimensions of boats. In this case, the drawing can not be printed, but simply transferred to paper in real size.

Necessary materials and tools

To make a seat with a rigid frame and soft top you will need:

  • finished drawing;
  • materials for the frame - chipboard or board;
  • varnish;
  • sanding or sandpaper;
  • durable fabric - PVC is ideal (from 850 grams to 1100 grams per square meter);
  • foam rubber;
  • scissors;
  • needle, strong thread;
  • glue or sealant;
  • fasteners;
  • nails or staples;
  • swivel mechanism.

The swivel mechanism can be purchased in a specialized department or made independently.

Step-by-step instruction

After preparing the drawing and tools, you can proceed to the main stage of manufacture. To make a DIY chair for a PVC boat, you must:

  1. Cut out the details of the drawing.
  2. Saw off the blanks for the frame from the boards (chipboard): seat and back.
  3. Assemble and secure the frame using nails and fasteners.
  4. It is recommended that the surface be sanded and then varnished. Let the product dry.
  5. Tighten the frame with cloth. It is better to do this in two layers, and put foam in the space between them. So that he does not move out, and also does not crumple during operation, it is necessary to fix the soft layer inside with glue.
  6. Tighten the edges of the casing, sweep with a double seam, try to make them airtight. If necessary, use special tools, for example, professional glue.
  7. To prevent the fabric from sliding off the frame, it is recommended to fasten it around the perimeter with studs or staples.

The product is ready for the final stage. As a rule, the manufacture of a chair according to the above algorithm takes several days. Most of the time it takes to dry the wood after varnishing.

Saw off the workpiece
Assemble frame
Sand the surface, varnish, allow the product to dry.
Fix the foam on the workpieces of the seat and back
Cover the frame with cloth
Fasten around the perimeter with studs or staples
Finished seat

Design installation

The final stage is the installation of a chair in the boat. During installation, proceed carefully and without rushing, otherwise you may damage the swimming tool. The chair should stand straight so as not to shift the center of gravity of the boat.

In order for the chair to stand securely in the boat, it must be fixed on the base. This applies not only to hard and soft products, but also to inflatable ones. The latest models are attached to the base with two straps.

To make the base, it is best to take a board soaked with moisture protection or varnished. Then measure the distance between the cylinders and saw off the necessary piece of material. For reliability, you should fix the base at the bottom of the boat. To do this, make holes in the tarpaulin from below and fix the board in the right place with the help of self-tapping screws. Then it is necessary to attach a rotary mechanism to this segment, check whether it works normally, and attach the resulting seat to it with the help of screws.

It should be noted that the rotary mechanisms must be lubricated on time. If this rule is not observed, they often fail and simply stop. Such an unexpected breakdown can ruin the whole fishing trip.

Make a foundation
Fasten the swivel mechanism
Attach the chair to the base
Fix the structure to the boat
Folded chair
Ready-made chair in a PVC boat


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